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By Green Pasture Products  December 8, 2016

We are excited to offer our customers a free copy of this book! We have 10 paperback copies to mail complimentary.

This introduction was provided to us by Dr. Amoruso, one of the authors: 

Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to treat your nagging health problems? Are you frustrated with going from doctor to doctor only to be rushed through an examination and handed a prescription? Look no further. With a combined 65+ years of practice in the field of holistic care, Dr. Angelo C. Rose and his son, Dr. Christopher Amoruso, have compiled their knowledge into A Legacy of Healing. Whether you are looking for straight-forward, tested natural protocols for a simple cold, or a blueprint to treat more serious issues, A Legacy of Healing can help. It offers a new paradigm on which to build a healthier lifestyle, guidance in avoiding the pitfalls of prescription medication, and holistic treatment suggestions for individual health challenges.

By treating the whole person as a unique individual with specific structural, emotional and lifestyle characteristics, lasting health can be achieved. The authors combine focused, condition-specific chiropractic treatment of the spine with alternative testing, nutritional intervention, and overall dietary and lifestyle changes to accomplish this.

A Legacy of Healing offers the reader:

  • Dietary guidelines to help one reach ideal weight and build a foundation of health
  • Recommendations for vitamins and supplements effective in specific conditions, and the protocols in which to use them
  • Appreciation of the importance of the digestive system and the intestinal barrier for overall health and for specific autoimmune conditions
  • Treatment protocols for intestinal/digestive disorders, the common cold,lung congestion and the flu, headaches, joint problems, cardiovascular disease and more
  • Extensive resources for expanding one’s journey through holistic healing toward abundant health
  • Whether you are looking for a resource to guide you through treating your health challenges, or just want simple, concise information on how to improveyour overall health, A Legacy of Healing can guide you on your quest.

Enter Giveaway

Books will be shipped to an address within the lower 48 United States only. 1 book per household. Enter by answering any or all of these questions with at least 5 sentences in the comments:

1. Why are you interested in this book?
2. What is your favorite product? 
3. Have you noticed any benefits from your use of our products?

10 qualified responses will be randomly chosen on Friday, December 16, 2016 at the end of our business day and you'll be notified via email!


The following individual’s with a qualifying response where randomly chosen to receive the book complimentary:

1. Jay Kneale
2. Natasha Simeon
3. John Daniels
4. Karen Morine
5. Karen Haman
6. Louise Winkler
7. Jeanne Kim
8. Geri Quintero
9. Jana Jones-Thalhofer
10. Billy Martinez

We encourage you who clearly have an interest in the book, to purchase it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble  or on Author House

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