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Babble’s List of the 10 Most Unhealthy Foods Marketed to Kids

May 4, 2012


Babble’s List of the 10 Most Unhealthy Foods Marketed to Kids

Do your kids eat pre-packaged, processed foods? If so, they may not be getting the nutrition they need to support their growth and development.

Last fall, Babble posted the 10 most unhealthy “health” foods marketed to kids. It’s encouraging to see mainstream web sites telling the truth about products from the food industry, and hopeful that more will be uncovered in the future. This is invaluable information all parents should have.

As parents, we are bombarded with information from companies about the products they sell. It can be overwhelming. What companies don’t tell us is that labeling is deceptive, and the claims made there usually don’t tell the truth about the food it represents.

Companies use terms such as “all natural” or “organic“, “low calorie“, “low-sodium“, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy for your child.

Besides lacking in nutrients, these foods also contain stabilizers, preservatives, emulsifiers, dyes, and neurotoxins which actually destroy cells in the brain. These additives allow foods to remain longer on the shelf and maintain consistency in the way foods appear in packages, boxes, or cans.

Here’s Babble’s list of 10 most unhealthy “health” foods marketed to kids:

  • Granola bars
  • Flavored organic yogurt
  • Apple juice
  • Rice milk
  • Fruit leather
  • Spaghetti sauce
  • Turkey breast deli meat
  • Dried fruit
  • Rice cakes
  • Multi-grain cereal

This list is a good start, but there are thousands more to watch out for too:

  • Crackers
  • Bread
  • Food bars
  • Cookies
  • Chips – even “organic”, “baked” and “no-trans fats” labeled
  • Pastas
  • Bagels
  • Canned “meal” foods like Chef-Boyardee, soups, chilis, stews (yes, even most organic varieties)
  • Low-fat dairy foods like milk, yogurt, sour cream, cream cheeses, spreadable cheeses, kefir, and others
  • Frozen pizzas, hot pockets, and meal entrees
  • Boxed cereals – which contain highly-processed, extruded grains
  • Frozen waffles, pancakes, muffins, biscuits, and other similar foods
  • Soda
  • Energy drinks
  • Spritzers
  • Juice
  • Nuts
  • Most deli meats – even the organic varieties have MSG or engineered flavorings – read the labels and you’ll see “natural flavors”, “celery root powder”, or “carageenan”

Isn’t it time let these food companies know we won’t support them and to stop buying their toxic, unhealthy products? Children need nutrients to grow and develop. They won’t get them from these “foods”. It’s not in the best interest of the food industry to ensure you get a quality product that’s good for your health. Their main goal is to make money. Very few of them are conscientious or ethical enough to produce a high-quality product that you could feel good about feeding to your child. Corporations in the food industry spend most of their budgets in marketing the product and making sure it will last on the shelf. If the product doesn’t last long enough to sell, money is lost.


Growing children need need fats, proteins, and carbohydrates that are whole and complete. That nutrition is simply absent from most foods marketed to kids as well as most food products on the market. These foods are modified, deodorized, subjected to high temperatures, extruded, irradiated, come from genetically-modified sources, are full of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones.

Low-calorie and low-fat foods are not real, whole foods. Most foods with this wording on the labels are modified and have sugar and/or chemicals added to them. Nature got it right the first time, why should we second-guess it and think we know better?

How to make sure your kids get the nutrition they need:

  • Eliminate processed and packaged foods
  • Serve your kids healthy fats and proteins every day to support their digestive tracts, brains, endocrine, and immune systems: grass-fed meats and poultry, eggs from hens on pasture, organ meats, raw milk and dairy foods from healthy cows on pasture such as milk, butter, cream, yogurt, kefir, cod liver oil, seafood, coconut, olive, and palm oil, and lard and tallow from healthy animals on pasture
  • Make lunches for your kids to take to school
  • As much as possible, make everything from scratch at home
  • Avoid buying conventional produce, grains, nuts, and legumes, choose organic and sustainable, and prepare them traditionally – with olive oil or coconut oil, cooked in butter, lard, or tallow, soaked,sprouted, or fermented/cultured. When foods are prepared traditionally, they are delicious and easier to digest.
  • Choose raw milk from healthy cows on pasture and make cultured dairy products from them
  • If your child will be going somewhere with or without you and there will be foods served you don’t want him or her to eat, pack something in advance. Minimize processed, sugary, treats and “food products” when your child is away from home by packing snacks or lunches for them. Have reasonable limits on what they eat, and feed them before leaving home.
  • Try fermented cod liver oil for superior nutritional support. FCLO contains natural Vitamins A & D that are not synthetic, and also Omega 3s and many other nutrients your child needs for digestive, brain and nervous system health, and immune support.

More information:

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