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Archive for 'General Health Discussion'

Opinions of Craig Elding/ The Health Cloud. Report Analysis

My Thoughts In Looking Back Over Last Week’s Controversy

What Do the Scientists Say?

cGMP and Quality Statement from Final Product Manufacturing

REVISED - Response to Questions on Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Using the Sun's Energy

The Eye-Brain Connection

Eye parts


The Eye-Brain Connection

In Tips From the Traditional Cook by Maria Atwood, CNHP2 Comments

I’ve needed to wear glasses since my very early childhood, but I’ve never done anything for my eyes except obediently get my yearly exam and leave with a stronger prescription than the one before. That habit abruptly stopped last year when I was visited with a serious inflammation in my left eye. The sudden redness and severe pain in my eyeball sent me to a top specialist, and after the examination he prescribed steroid drops. He also suggested I’d need them for the rest of my life, as what I had was an incurable disorder—but since steroids are damaging in the long run, I’d need to use them cautiously.

Please see blog posting for full article or go here:

Gum Disease and Nutrient-Dense Food Supplements: Results of my In-Office Study

Dr. Randolph Howes "Free Radical Theory of Aging and Oxidative Stress"

Hello all,

Enjoy.  Dr. Howes is quickly becoming one of my hero's. He is passionate and right and speaks without regard to popular opinion.

New FAQ posting...thought others might appreciate

hi guys! I have been using your fermented butter/cod liver oil for the past year - especially for my kids who seem to have cavity prone teeth. Their teeth are doing MUCH better since they have been taking the cod liver oil (thank you!) I DO have a question, though. One of my three kiddos seems to have problems taking the oil - he takes it, and within 12 hours he has a stomach ache and sulfur smelling gas and burps (gross - sorry) It has happened with both batches of oil that we have purchased. I would really love for him to continue taking the oil! Do you have any suggestions or thoughts? thanks!



You will have to do some trial and error. Everyone is different and has different needs. My guess is there will be a issue within the gallbladder, liver, bile duct area. Some things to consider based on our families experience, we have 6 children and one of our children (number 5 Max) had issues that the oils did not fully address and below is what we learned.

1. Reduce the amount of oils and move very slow with the products. These are very nutrient dense and will challenge ones body especially when there are stresses.

2. Consider introducing kelp powder (minerals) or super green powder that is kelp based, brewers yeast (gut help..B vitamins) and maybe getting a juicer. My wife makes a small vegetable (beet based) juice several mornings per week for the family. She will put in 1/2 tsp of brewers yeast, 1/2 tsp of kelp based super green and depending on lunar cycle she will include some diatomaceous earth (parasites are a big deal that are not properly addressed in the overall discussion of health).

Good luck with your work


A Few Funny Quotes on ANTIOXIDANTS for your enjoyment. Good way to start off your wkend.

I'm reading a book titled Reactive Oxygen Species Vs Antioxidants.... The Oxypocalypse or the War That Never Was by Prof Randolph M. Howes M.D. Ph.D. You know that you are on the edge of radically wierd if you consider reading this book fun :).


The Quote that is imprinted in my mind and changed how I look at antioxidants was when I attended a Doctor Training Seminar several years ago..... "Why are we all afraid of oxygen, we need oxygen to live! If you think you need an antioxidant eat a blueberry, your body knows what to do with a blueberry!"

Here are some quotes publsihed in the book discussed by Dr. Howes


"Finding Your Inner Radical Self"

As the famous "Okie" Will Rogers once said there are three ways to learn how to do something. Some people will learn by reading books, some will learn by watching what others do and there will be those who just have to piss on the electric fence to figure it out.


Dr. Howes Quotes:

The magnanimous dance of the redox electron is the bona fide ballet of life.

Without educating the "radically" ignorant, convincing them of the dangers of antioxidant over use is an impossibility.

Resolving redox confusion has proven fiendishly difficult.

The most important of all rules is the rule that no rule is immitable or put it another way, the rule is that no rule remains the same rule...forever. Rules are progressive and not everlasting.

When the expanding universe collapses, we may experience reverse evolution or "devil-ution."

Two main quarries, oxidants and antioxidants, supply the major building blocks for electron and proton flow in living entities. Rock on!

Just about the entire time you begin to figure out life, it's time to die and you grasp just how little you have figured out.

Just when you figure out that you can not figure out life, is when you realize that we are all as dumb as a box of, rocks.

Antioxivores, gobble down your synthetic supplements to support billon dollar sales but so at your own peril.

Oxidants and antioxidants are like Wasabi or a bass player---i.e. they do not work well alone. They are co-dependent in their life-sustaining quest of promoting electron and proton flow.

The half century of occurrance of the free radical theory will merely represent a moment of confusion in the overall history of redox thought, aerobiosis and oxygen appreciation.

Radicophobes can ignore the truth or they can reject the truth but they can not change the magnificent truths regarding the crucial role of EMOD's in the life process of all aerobes or the inherent splendor of oxygen.

Under abnormal conditions, elecronically modified oxygen derivatives may be toxic in excess but the same can be said for water and food.

Friends do not let friends injudiciously ingest antioxidants

Amused and annoyed in equal measure, I peruse the antioxidant vitamn ads. Quotes are inspired by the marketing and business milieu, which distort the facts to score a selling much for science. Let's hear it for sales.

I toil to reveal the deceptive profit-driven agenda of the antioxidant and radicophobes.

The best thing about free radical theory is theat you intuatively feel and instinctively know that it is wrong,.....just plain old wrong.

Antioxidants: Known harm for unknown benefit.

Comprehensive Rejuvenating Antioxidant Program: C.R.A.P. Yes, this is their antiaging plan. Their are CRAP creams, CRAP pills, CRAP supplements, CRAP shampoos etc... In short, it's all a lot of CRAP

Hydrogen and oxygen are two of the most flammable elements. Yet, combine them into water and they are the most effective extingusher of their own fire. The very essence of nature can be drastically altered by association and company we keep.

Oxygen is the biomarker for life on the planet Earth and used as such by those in the search of life throughout the universe. It is not the sentinel of death, as espoused by the ersatz free radi-crap theory.

Many faux theorist on aging subscribe to the free radical theory, which is like the theory of Bigfoot, only with less credibility or substance.

Faith is the capacity of accepting, without question, the incomprehensible as acknowledged and simplified facts.

Theorists propose a multiplicity of parallel universes. I have visited them many times. I sleep and enter via the dream-worm-hole portal. It is as real as all of the other unprovable universes. The dream dimension truely alters space and time in a remarkable, mysterious and inexplicable manner.

Humans are being rejected by the planet. I feel it.

At 65, I have entered a strange place. A place of looming questions and a place where i realize that I am nearer to death than I am to life. I am no longer all

[More >>]

Testing and efficacy

Below is a note from a customer and a post on random test data from this year. As most know, we do supply random test data on our website. The data does not pertain to any one jar and is for informational purposes only. I am tardy in keeping this list of data current. I'll will go sit in the corner for the next hour and promise to do a better job keeping this list updated. The Test data never changes as long as the lab/technician is constant. I don't put much faith into test data other than general information as I fully understand that labs and technicians can make a difference in a number, a number does not mean efficacy, and there are thousands of other molecular structures not discussed and not understood in these products.

The note from Diane below shows efficacy. It is the same type of efficacy identified through science earlier in the 20th century and it show the same type of results reported when we had our products tested using the traditional Vitamin D testing standard Rat Bio Assay. This type of test does not parallel counting molecules but rather the efficacy of Vitamin D as it relates to calcium absorption. This is real testing compared to molecule counting which is... well, i don't think it has deep meaning. I understand this view is contrary to typical societal view.


Diane J, Atlanta Georgia , January 23, 2013 at 3:09 PM | 

My 14-year-old granddaughter is a gymnast and competes at a very high level. At a practice at the gym she fell from the uneven bars and broke her elbow. Her parents and three doctors decided surgically inserting a screw to hold the elbow together was the only thing that would make her arm strong enough for her to return to such a high level of competition. And so it was done. At a five-week check up with the surgeon, an X-ray showed that the screw had come out and the elbow had not healed. The doctor was beside himself and asked the parents to get a second opinion, because the only thing he knew to do at that point was to surgically put a plate in her elbow. An appointment was made to see another doctor in 5 days. I had just received our first order of Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil capsules from Green Pasture the day they were told her elbow had not healed. I took them to her immediately and suggested at least 6 per day. When the second-opinion surgeon examined her arm after 5 days of BO/CLO, he told her the arm was healed and she could go do whatever she wanted, limited only by whatever hurts. She immediately went to the gym and experienced no pain during her light workout. All that is left to do is remove the screw! Yea Green Pasture!


These results are 5 random  FCLO lots from this year. We post random test data on our web site.. It has been awhile since I have done this but will do this today.

Lot C5101912 all units in iu’s per ml unless noted


Molecular isolates.....just does not seem right...too many unknowns




When you take vitamin supplements, they can interfere with the levels of different medications and substances that are absorbed by your body. Increased vitamin D levels appear to be linked with a decrease in the amount of vitamin K in your body, though it is not known if taking vitamin D directly affects vitamin K.


Should We Avoid Fish Because of Mercury? Part 2

How much fish is safe to eat?
Joint recommendations for fish consumption from the EPA and FDA as of 2004 are as follows:

  • Eat up to 12 ounces (2 average meals) a week of a variety of commonly eaten fish and shellfish found consistently low in mercury, including shrimp, canned light tuna, salmon, pollock, and catfish

  • Limit albacore tuna to 6 oz. per week
  • Do not eat shark, swordfish, king mackerel, or tilefish because they contain high levels of mercury

Breast Cancer and Heart Attacks: A Deadly Side Effect of Calcium Supplements OR Could It Be The The Synthetic Vitamin D3?

Dr. Donald Weber has a good zinger from time to time... thought i would share his thoughts on the subject....

Breast Cancer and Heart Attacks: A Deadly Side Effect of Calcium Supplements OR Could It Be The The Synthetic Vitamin D3?

By Dr. Mercola - January 30 2012

In this article Dr. Mercola implies that taking elemental calcium supplements may actually increase your relative risk of heart attack and stroke.

However people have been taking calcium supplements for years, if not centuries (albeit the wrong form).

So why all of a sudden are calcium supplements causing these problems?

I submit to you that the problem is the addition of cholecalciferol, the synthetic form of D3 that Big Dharma is handing out by the bushel basket full, (It is also used in Rat Poisons).

What was cod liver oil like in the early 1800's? Was it brown? How did it taste?

I picked up a book that was originally published around 1840.  Here are a few quotes

Mercury Fearmongers

Mercury Fearmongers

  • Chicago Tribune reporters Michael Hawthorne and Sam Roe

    SCARE: Self-described as “one of the nation's most comprehensive studies of mercury in commercial fish,” a December 2005 Chicago Tribune report from Michael Hawthorne and Sam Roe claimed that a number of popular fish sold in Chicago markets and restaurants were “so tainted that federal regulators could confiscate the fish for violating food safety rules.” In a later editorial complaining about “Tuna Roulette,” the Tribune warned of “dangerous levels of mercury that can be found in many commonly consumed fish varieties” and called for an increase in FDA testing and food warning labels.

    FACT: This report completely ignored the reality of the safety margins that are built into the FDA’s consumer advice. Fish samples exceeding the FDA’s mercury Action Level are not inherently unsafe to eat. According to Hawthorne and Roe, the highest mercury reading in its survey was a swordfish whose concentration was 3.07 parts per million. Considering the Action Level’s built-in safety factor, this is less than one-third of the level that might be harmful. No other species averaged above 1.0 part per million.

    FACT: Despite their headline hyperbole, Hawthorne and Roe were unable to find a single sample of tuna that exceeded the mercury Action Level, which is itself just ten percent of what might be harmful.

Mercury Myths

Myth: The amount of mercury in our environment (and in the fish we eat) is dangerously increasing.

The truth: There's considerable evidence that the amount of mercury in fish has remained the same (or even decreased) during the past 100 years.

Vitamin D and Chronic Rhinitis

Recent findings Vitamin D has been shown to have an immunomodulatory effect with a significant impact on immune function. Specifically, vitamin D regulates the mechanisms which suppress the inflammatory response and direct the differentiation fate of immune cells. Vitamin D has been shown to play an important role in asthma, and the concept of the unified airway model allows the extrapolation of vitamin D as a critical player in chronic rhinitis and rhinosinusitis.
Summary Recent findings on the function of vitamin D may explain aspects of the pathophysiology of chronic rhinitis and CRS, and may help direct future treatment of these diseases.

Looking for feedback, comments, uses, reactions to the new Skin/Beauty and Muscle/Joint/Vapor balm products

Please add comments to this blog post if you wish to share how you use and other notes on the new Fermented Cod Liver Oil/ High Vitamin Butter Oil Skin/Beauty and Muscle/Joint/Vapor products. You can post comments by clicking the 'add a comment' icon .

The Marshall Protocol

I found this interesting article... Good for general discussion. The discussion about urine therapy in this type of article is encouraging.

In addition the discussion or debate about levels of vitamin D in blood samples is relevant for debate as the article points out. Real FCLO is different from other cod liver oils as there are many types of D and none of the types are made or extracted and added into the product as other supplements/foods are treated for labeling purposes.

I just don't think we have the knowledge to make conclusions about this molecule or that molecule in relation to natural medicine. So the debate goes on.....



While there are many taxonomies of alternative medicines, one thing almost all alternative therapies have in common is they are originally the de novo discovery of one lone individual. Working outside of the mainstream, they are the gadflies who see farther because those around them are midgets.

Hanneman conceives of homeopathy, the treatment of all disease.
Palmer conceives the cause of all disease and its treatment in chiropractic
Mikao Usui, while having a mid-life crisis, conceives Reiki.
Virgin births all. These pioneers boldly go where no man has gone before.

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