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Archive for 'testimonial'

Friday Fun Video

I met a customer at a conference in Minnesota who told me of her children's love of one of our products. The product they like is one that I really do not like (Blue Ice Royal Butter/Cod Blend Chocolate). My kids do not eat these products, willingly, as hers do, and they prefer the cinnamon flavor. Share your stories on kids (big and small) taking the cod liver oil products.

(If you have problems viewing videos directly please go to full blog posting)

Two Testimonials. First one on our skin balm and the other on taste. Post your testimonial here if you would like to share with others

Hi, I just wanted to let you know how much I love your Beauty Balm. I use it for many things, but it has been like a miracle to me. You see, I've been suffering for almost 13 years of a chronic skin allergy on my legs. I have been to several dermatologists, nothing has worked. I don't know what is the exact name for my condition, my legs get extremely itchy if I shave them, wax them or use any products for hair removal, it gets so bad to the point I get a rash and it's very very uncomfortable. I've been suffering for the longest time. Other factors such as very cold weather and the air of the heater will affect my legs as well. Anyway, I've tried many things, and I've been using this balm on my legs after shaving for the past month, when I actually bought it to apply it on my face! But I thought, I will give this a try. I am just so thankful I found your product, since I started using it after shaving I haven't had any reaction... and you have NO idea what I've been through. I feel it's such an amazing product, I wish I found it before. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE never stop making it!!!! PLEASE!!!!! Thank you...

Patty, FL



Hello. I have been reading about your FCLO and how nasty it tastes but how good for you it is. Well, I bought some GP cinnamon tingle FCLO/butter oil from a local store and to my amazement, it was not offensive at all, I didn't even have to chase it with anything. It also was more liquid than gel even though the bottle said gel on it. My question is, have you changed the formulation of this item or are all the reviewers trying something different?




We have changed nothing in the manufacturing or formulation of our products. No two people are alike but you know how it is, a blogger writes and they become the expert.

Some lots are different from others. Let’s say you like X product, the next time the same product might have different texture, color, odor… this might be fine for you but the next person is a 'texture person' and can't get it down. Or the next lot smells like x…slightly different and …etc…

Feed back on using Oils with pets and farm animals

Please post your comments on using our oils with your pets and farm animals. Here is a note from Sharon, who is using human grade Blue Ice Skate Liver Oil on her Race Horses.


"We are absolutely in love with your product. Both for ourselves and our horses. The biggest improvement we have noticed with our horses is that it appears the Skate Liver oil put a stop to bleeding issues in the horses lungs while racing. It is my belief that the Activator X is what is lacking in the diet of our modern day racehorse. Furthermore it really settles them down so that they are not so nervous. As if this is not enough to encourage us to continue use of your product, we feel that it has made our horses stay sound and their overall health to improve. I want to make it clear, that I was warned that some fish oils have caused serious health issues in horses in the past. However these are not your product. We only trust your product and the integrity that goes into its production. Thank you again Green Pasture!"
Sharon is working with her veterinarian. Some flavors and oils can react different with different animals. Your veterinarian is your best source of information and guidance. Please consult with your veterinary before feeding any of our products to your animals.

Fish Fertilizer Tesimonial

Dear Dave,

fish-fertilizer-1I have had a love/hate relationship with gardening in AZ for years. Last year was the final straw! All I could grow were pea pods and everything else died or would not grow. However, being ever the optimist, I still planted a garden this year hoping at least to grow lettuce. I amended the soil and planted my seeds and waited. Slowly I started to see some buds and things started growing. I put a couple of tomato plants even though I knew they wouldn't grow because I can't ever grow tomatoes!

Cod Liver Oil Licks

"Our dairy cows absolutely love their cod liver oil lick. After milking, the first thing they do when they go into a field is drink water, then they amble over to their cod liver oil lick....

Flavor reviews from the WAPF conference

Over 700 taste testers gave their opinions of the FCLO flavors and here are the results.

1. The new gummy fish (available later this month) 85% good to excellent

2. Blue Ice Royal Cinnamon 79% good to excellent

3. Blue Ice Cinnamon FCLO 77% good to excellent

4. Mediterranean FCLO 60 % good to excellent

5. Non-Flavored FCLO 51% good to excellent

Feed Back From Diane,CA Children on the spectrum

Hi -the fclo is working great for our kids on the spectrum. This is the first CLO that has been without side effects - no stims or tics. Dr. McBride says that is because it does not create free radicals in our kids' bodies. Also after six weeks of nightly enemas with bifidus added into the h20 for chronic constipation with my son we began giving the fruit attack fclo with 2 oz of fresh pressed carrot juice sweetened with one apple as indicated in the GAPS book/site- Matt is stooling, formed twice a day now - wow. Thanks for your great product.

Take care. Diane CA

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