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FCLO product shortage through first part of May

There will be a shortage of FCLO products through the first part of May. One will typically point a finger at this or that to deflect the blame but in reality this shortage is my error. I did not plan for the degree of cool temps we have had this year.

As most know we do not use heat ect...(natural process) to do our work but fermentation does require vat temps above freezing. This year has been substantially cooler from December through current compared to previous years. The pace of the fermentation has reflected this natural temperature shortage.

We did react in February and built a insulated green house within the building to better maintain fermenting temps but it will be another 4+ wks b4 we catch up. This concept is working...yeah...

My apology to the community for my error in judgement. We are working hard to solve the interruption and anticipate all caught up by the first part of May. There will be stock interruptions for a short period...such as the blended Blue Ice Royal will be back in stock next wk.

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