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How Much Fermented Cod Liver Oil to Take

How Much Fermented Cod Liver Oil to Take

By David Wetzel  November 30, 2011

To follow is a dialog I had with a customer on the topic of how much Fermented Cod liver Oil to take. The customer was attempting to define Fermented Cod Liver Oil and usefulness by choosing a couple molecular structures and defining their need in Iu's. This discussion is common so I though I would share my 'two cents' on the subject.


Repeating of these oils can be a symptom of liver/bile duct/gall bladder issues.
Most will find this will diminish, over time,  as they take the product.  Take
smaller amounts and take on a empty stomach or with very little food.

Most that take the capsules will take 3-6 caps per day. If you are taking the
liquid most common range is 1/2 to 1.5 tsp per day

 I do not hold much stock in the vitamin D testing that is going on today

1. labs will vary on same blood sample upto 400% in readings depending on
lab/technician per study released in 2009

2. I can test the fclo and get readings ranging from 0 to 25,000 iu's vitamin D per ML (5 ml per teaspoon) depending on lab, technique and whats in a number... plus what about all the other potential metabolite structures in the natural product that we do not understand?

3. This whole vitamin D (hormone D) study is in its infancy. I can assure you
that what ever we say we 'know' today 10-20 years from now it will be a
different set of rules we will claim we 'know'.

4. We need to better understand the Vitamin D pathway and what bodily , dietary and hygiene functions most effect Hormone D and how to treat these deficiencies (thyroid, kidney, liver health, trans fats damage to pathway, age, heredity, oils on the skin etc...),  how about all the other metabolites known and how they affect the body?   24,25 dihydroxy D3 has inverse relationship with 1,25 dihydroxy D3 in the liver and how this plays into calcification discussion etc...

5. In the old days we did not try to figure out or deduce fclo to one or two
molecular structures. We got the spoon out and took it. When under stress we
went and took out the bigger spoon.

To reduce fclo into a couple molecular structures for defining purposes i think
does disservice or dumbs down the product. there are thousands of molecular
structures within the fclo... 99% of which we do not understand how they work in
our bodies.

Anyway... my two cents on the subject....

  When discussing drugs and other supplements I understand why one would be most concerned with iu's of these ADDED bare ingredients.   All other supplements/drugs treat A/D etc as ingredients.  I think it
is important to understand added ingredients in products and drugs/supplements, but a real
food as such,  just take the fclo.   Take extra when under stress. I know some that take
3 tablespoons per day, others do well at 1/2 tsp.  All people are different in
needs and function.


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Denis  December 17, 2011

Since October & as we approach midwinter I have been taking 2 capsules per day (with food) & feel excellent. Take with food which contains saturated animal fat as vitamins A & D are fat soluble.

Your FCLO is fantastic.
Thanks Green Pastures from a very fit & healthy Brit.


Rob  December 4, 2011

Does it really make a difference if you take it with food or without?


most take on empty stomach or with just a small amount of food


robert  November 30, 2011

Thanks for your supplementary information it is useful; by the way, I found that if you stir the fclo well, the taste is more  tolerable. Thanks again, 


vicki  November 30, 2011

Love your article, could tell you that i have brought my daughter out of croup with your fclo.  have more testimonies.


Joey  December 12, 2011

Wonderful about your daughter!

I just got my fclo and pure butter oil today and hopeful
it will heal my damaged skin, adrenals and thyroid from
30+ years of topical steroid creme that I got addicted to.
I'm into my 9 1/2 month of withdrawals with burning, peeling
itching, oozing skin. If this helps, the online support group I am in would love to hear it!


Joey  December 12, 2011

That is wonderful about your daughter, since they are
saying the croup is resurfacing from a lack of parent's
vaccinating in Seattle.

I just got my fclo and pure butter oil to try heal my damaged
adrenal, thyroid and immune system from 30+ years of topical
steroid creme for eczema. I got addicted without knowing, and found other people going through the same thing, so now I am part of a support group online of steroid addicts who are going through withdrawals, which are terrible. Children are in this group, too. I healed my bowels with raw milk, fermented foods and Weston Price/Sally Fallon diet. I am hopeful for this to help e as I am 9 1/2 months into this burning, oozing, itching insane skin flares. I took some today and rubbed the butter oil on my face which did not itch and seems to be calming it down. I'm very hopeful!


Joy  November 30, 2011

Hi Green Pasture! HAD to send out an immediate THANK YOU for your two cents about taking FCLO! I appreciate how close to the issue you are, in your work (and passion) and THAT is someone I intend to listen to answer my questions! Really. Thanks.


Francie  November 30, 2011

Thanks, this is great! More people need to know this kind of basic info. This big picture is just not usually addressed when you are researching ways to improve your health, and it's so easy to get bogged down in IU's and such!!

I just bought my first couple of bottles of your products (I had been taking regular store-bought stuff), and I kind of had the same question, but no time to belly-ache about it. I took a regular spoonful of the old stuff, and the new stuff is expensive, so I just decided to start with the 1/2 tsp serving size on the label and see what happened. I'm generally healthy, so so far, so good!

Cheers, Francie


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