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I get a common Question, Raw Butter, Ghee, Butter Oil, Coconut Ghee

I get a common Question, Raw Butter, Ghee, Butter Oil, Coconut Ghee

By Dave Wetzel  November 14, 2010

In My Opinion, I would never discount real raw 100% grass fed butter . Eat as much as you can. There is no need to heat the raw butter to make ghee. I think raw butter is truly one of our whole sacred foods. If you don't mind the flavor, raw cultured butter is even better.

Butter oil is more controlled in what the cows eat, (speed of grass growth) and it is made without heat as Weston Price Made back in the 1930's with the centrifuge to consolidate the nutrients. I suspect the plant hormones and steroids to be of most importance in this class of nutrients that are collected in the High Vitamin Butter oil.

Our bodies can not digest plants like cows so eating plants directly we can not extract all the nutrients we need. We need the cow to digest the rapidly growing grass and condense these nutrients within the fat. GPP extracts/concentrates these nutrients without heat.

If you would like to have a wonderful cultured ghee we do blend a product called coconut ghee. It is 75% Raw Virgin Coconut oil and 25% Cultured grass fed Ghee. The price is right! Per gallon it is around 35-40.00 dollars. This comes out to .31 cents per ounce. Where can you find this quality of a whole food fat at this price. Most Ghee's sell for about 1.00 per ounce. and Raw Coconut oil typically sells for .40-.60 cents per ounce depedning on the brand you select.

The coconut ghee will have all the worderful attributes of ghee and Raw Coconut oil combined... and tastes great. You will find more uses for coconut ghee than either straight coconut oil or straight ghee at a fraction of the price.


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