Northern Leader Tour Report

By Green Pasture Products  October 17, 2016

In early September. we gave away a tour of the Northern Leader, the boat that catches the cod we use to make our cod liver oil. Tammy H. was randomly chosen to fly to Seattle, Washington, and we offered to have a companion join her.  David Wetzel and Dr. Jie Zhang of Green Pasture Products went as well. You may click twice on the photo above to see it larger. Additionally, here is another view of the participants in front of the boat. Tammy shares about the experience she and her husband had below. 

Nine years ago, when we decided for health benefits to take Cod Liver Oil daily, we spent many months researching the integrity of the various products. The Green Pasture brand was the only one we considered due to its quality control methodology as indicated on its website and confirmed by multiple sources. Within weeks of taking it consistently, we observed immense health changes in ourselves, and therefore began giving it to our family. We never had a doubt about Green Pasture’s integrity. However, when we saw the opportunity, even if remote, to see for ourselves who was providing our CLO, we submitted our free trip entry to Green Pasture.

We were the lucky winners of the trip to Seattle to tour the Northern Leader. The Northern Leader is the boat that voyages deep into the Bering Sea to fish the cod that Green Pasture uses to produce Cod Liver Oil.

Like many of the customers that purchase Green Pastures products, we care greatly about the sourcing and integrity of our supplements. Therefore, having the opportunity to gain access to first hand knowledge of the way the cod is obtained was extraordinary.

Dave Wetzel, the owner of Green Pasture, paid for our flight, our hotel, and arranged the tour of the Northern Leader. Dave met us in Seattle with Dr. Jie, his “right-hand-man”, and accompanied us on the tour of the boat conducted by the boat’s captain, Shaun Andrew.

Shaun guided us through the entire boat, leaving no part inaccessible. As we toured, he explained to us every step to baiting, catching, and preserving the cod. Shaun explained that the cod are line caught individually, and showed us the complex mechanisms that allow this to be accomplished.   Line-catching, rather than troll (net) fishing, prevents accidental fishing of other fish and is more environmentally friendly. He then explained, while showing us the freezing system, how the fish are immediately frozen to achieve optimal quality and preserve health benefits. All parts of the cod fish including the liver are used and sold to the various customers, thereby creating a no-waste system.

Spending several informative hours on the Northern Leader has confirmed the confidence I have in the quality of the Cod Liver Oil that our family consumes on a daily basis.

Our family chooses to be very informed about sourcing the most beneficial food/supplements that we ingest. We buy food from local farmers whose farms we have visited, and desired the same transparency of our CLO supplement. Touring the Northern Leader afforded us a unique educational experience as well as an opportunity to learn about the source of Green Pasture’s cod liver oil. Furthermore, we enjoyed meeting Dave and Dr. Jie in person and gained an appreciation to their commitment to Green Pasture and the quality of the products it produces.

Mighty Ships

As we've previously announced, the Northern Leader will be featured on Season 9 of the Discovery Channel's "Mighty Ships" show. We'll notify you of details when we have them! Note that even though it is a boat, at 184 feet long, and not a ship, which is over 300 feet long, Northern Leader is still being included in the Mighty Ships show!

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