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Archive for 'Cod Liver Oil'

Oxygen Discussion

Fish Oil Oxidation

Dr. Jerome J. King, Dr. Randolph M. Howes, and Dr. Jie Zhang

Marine oils have long been recognized as having health benefits and that mind set is still true today. Modern consumers, in addition to recognizing health benefits, are also concerned about the overall safety of the oils both for themselves and for their loved ones. How does one know if oil is “safe” and does it contain chemicals or chemical breakdown products that may be detrimental? Modern day analytical methods and instrumentation can determine the type and amount of fatty acids in the oil and medical science has established certain health benefits with select fatty acids.

From a strictly biochemical aspect, fats are composed of fatty acids and glycerol. Fatty acids are long-chained organic molecules that can be classified as saturated, monounsaturated, or polyunsaturated. Saturated fatty acids are composed of carbon atoms bonded to the next carbon atom all with single bonds. A mono-unsaturated fatty acid is also composed of carbon atoms bonded together, but two of the carbon atoms have a double bond which is denoted as - C = C -. A polyunsaturated fatty acid has two or more sets of carbon atoms with double bonds and could be denoted as - C = C – C = C -. The number and location of the double bonds affect the physical composition of the fat. If fatty acids with multiple double bonds are present, the fatty acids result in liquid oil while if the fatty acids are all saturated, the material would be a solid. Plant or vegetable oils contain monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fatty acids and are liquid in nature while animal fats, which generally contain unsaturated fatty acids, are solid.

Gum Disease and Nutrient-Dense Food Supplements: Results of an In-Office Study


By Alvin Danenberg, D.D.S, Well Being Journal, Vol. 24, No, 2.

Today, there is a 47 percent prevalence rate of periodontitis among adults in the United States. Periodontitis is the advanced stage of gum disease, where not only are the gums infected but the bone surrounding the roots of the teeth is infected and breaking down. For those who are over 65 years old, the prevalence rate jumps to 70 percent.

I have been a periodontist (a dentist who specializes in gum disease) for forty years. For the first thirty-five years, I treated advanced gum diseases the way most periodontists do: by performing traditional gum surgery, which was somewhat successful but relatively uncomfortable for patients. Several years ago, I learned a better way for my patients. In 2010, I became licensed in a laser procedure called LANAP® (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) that kills harmful bacteria, helps grow new bone, and creates overall better results without the use of a scalpel or sutures. Most important, patients don’t experience the pain or swelling that has been part of traditional gum surgery.

In 2013, I started to become educated about the importance of ancestral nutrition and nutrient-dense foods, and how they affect dental and overall health. I attended a five-day nutrition course for health professionals, held at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and, several months later, a four-day Food As Medicine conference. This education was life changing for me and has been life changing for many of my patients. I personally became reenergized, and I reengineered my periodontal practice.

With all this new information pertaining to lifestyle, I also wanted to know what science had to say about nutrient-dense, unprocessed foods specifically for gum disease. I researched PubMed, which is the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s database of published medical research from around the world. I found one study regarding gum disease and Paleolithic nutrition and several recent studies involving nutrition and gum disease. However, I could find no studies on how specific nutrient-dense foods affected the progress of gum disease. So, in March of 2014, I decided to create a study using my own patients who wished to be a part of my research. I enlisted the help of Ramiel Nagel, researcher and author of Cure Tooth Decay, who designed the study with me. Now my research is completed, and the results are in.

Selection of Patients
The specific criteria for patient selection were:

• The patient could not have been on any antibiotic during the last three months.

• The patient had not undergone active gum treatment (including deep cleaning or a general cleaning by the hygienist) in the last three months.

• Infected gum pockets (the spaces between the gum and tooth) bled when a periodontal probe (a gum-pocket measuring instrument) was gently inserted into the gum space.

• The gum pockets had a depth of at least 4 mm (1-3 mm without any bleeding while being measured with a periodontal probe is considered healthy).

• No more than four individual teeth per patient who met the criteria were selected for the study.

• Participants were instructed not to change any habits, lifestyle activities, dietary regimens, or medications during the course of the thirty-day study.

We selected thirteen patients who met the criteria above for the study. They agreed to take a variety of nutrient-dense real food supplements for thirty days to find out if these supplements would be effective in reducing some of their manifestations of gum disease. I examined and measured 41 teeth within this group of thirteen patients.

I gave these patients three different nutrient-dense food supplements in capsule form, containing various micronutrients, which they took almost every day. The micronutrients are identified in websites referenced below. A synergistic effect exists from taking this combination of supplements.

Here are the doses for each of the supplements:

• 8 capsules of Green Pasture’s blend of fermented cod liver oil with high vitamin butter oil

• 2 capsules of Green Pasture’s fermented skate liver oil

• 2 capsules of Oregon’s Wild Harvest organ

Friday Fun Video

I met a customer at a conference in Minnesota who told me of her children's love of one of our products. The product they like is one that I really do not like (Blue Ice Royal Butter/Cod Blend Chocolate). My kids do not eat these products, willingly, as hers do, and they prefer the cinnamon flavor. Share your stories on kids (big and small) taking the cod liver oil products.

(If you have problems viewing videos directly please go to full blog posting)

Are Your Children Thriving

Dear Green Pasture Customers,

Because increasing the health and happiness of our youth today is very important to me, I want to share this with all the parents I know.

You might have already seen a promotion for The Confident, Capable Kids Summit. What you might not have heard is that I have been asked to partner with this incredible team.

This unique summit has you in mind- to give you new tips and techniques for addressing your deepest parenting concerns, all while getting to the point quickly because we know you’ve got a lot to do.

To be very honest with you, I am blown away by the possibilities of this movement. As you listen to each interview, you will gather information you can apply immediately within your family.

Imagine getting real training from the world’s leading experts… for free. And what if you could literally extract exactly what you need to help you create the family life you’ve always dreamed possible?

Have you ever asked yourself:

Why is it some parents seem to “have it all together”? And why is it some children seem to thrive?

Is it possible to help my children achieve all I desire for them?

If you’re connecting with this in any way, keep reading.

I know that parents with a powerful, intentional network achieve greater parenting success. So, it is my desire to welcome you in to this growing community and set you on that path.

Wouldn’t it be incredible, and comforting, to be part of a movement, a revolution, that inspires parents and their children to their fullest potential?

This Summit is worth thousands of dollars in our experts’ time, the training you’ll receive, and the gifts we’re giving along the way. And we’re giving it to you free of charge. Why? Because we believe parenting is the most important job in the world and it’s time we increase the level of support around parents.

If you’re ready to be inspired by our experts AND inspire your children, I invite you and other parents in your life to join us for The Confident, Capable Kids Summit.

Get access here and get started today.

Green Pasture Products

David Wetzel

P.S. Here’s your opportunity to participate in the inspiration: Would you kindly share this link with other parents, soon-to-be parents, or want-to-be-parents that you know could benefit from such a movement?

Raw Milk As Soil Input?

Steward Culture Magazine

Recently Dan Grubbs, editor of, Stewardculture Magazine, published an article about using, "raw milk as a soil input," and how, "field trials show appyling milk to pasture is increasing Brix values, reducing compaction and increasing tonnage."

CEO of Green Pasture, David Wetzel, was interviewed for this aritcle, and we feel more than blessed that Dan has allowed our company to share the magazine and article with our customer base.

Please remember that you can call David for any questions in relation to raw milk or using our liquid fish soil rescue in fields/gardens at 402-858-4818 Ext. 9.

To view/follow Stewardculture Magazine click HERE.

(PDF of Stewardculture Magazine is listed in full blog article, please click title shown above)

Gum Disease and Nutrient-Dense Food Supplements: Results of my In-Office Study

Please see the PDF file listed below for the results of Dr. Alvin H. Danenberg, DDS's in-office study.

Fermented Food Study And Taste Test Video

Fermented Food Study and Taste Testing Video


By popular demand another video. Enclosed are part 1 and 2 video of fermented food taste testing followed by taste/odor study documents. Click on to start video and see documents. The documents will be a full amine, pH, TBA discussion on all the fermented foods brought in for tasting.

The study is a one point in time discussion and has no statistical significance. All markers reported have to do with industries attempt to describe the ferment and taste/odor experience. None of these markers are food safety discussion points. All these foods are not only food safe but are very likely as nutrient dense as any you will find on earth.

From my observation the flavor profile variations of our oils have been less pronounced the past two to three years compared to 3-6 years ago. I think the ferment starter we have developed overtime has assisted in the reduction of the products flavor profile. I guess similar to perfecting a cheese culture.

We did not include the wine/vinegar/balsamic vinegar in the video as we only had so much time. The report is included. Interesting, the oxidation marker for the balsamic vinegar is very high as a % of fat, 122-165 TBA. Dr. Jie shared with me that in China the very dark and thick vinegars are regularly consumed for health.

The rancid/toxic markers that are routinely checked for in the industry, as related to human health, are aldehydes and their conjugated hydroperoxydiene precursors. Our oils have been checked once and there are none, as expected. These products are a result of high heating of oils and our oils are not heated so these compounds are not a concern.

For test results please view the following documents:

Fermented Seafood and Sauces
Vinegar and Wine
Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Wkend fun…Looking for other stories of Daughters taller than Fathers, Share in comments area. It is rare for this to occur

We have 6 children, 4 oldest girls. How many fathers out there have daughters who are taller than them. It does not feel right looking up to your number three daughter. Our family gene pool on the male side is 5'10-6'1" Grandfathers and myself (6'1'). The grandmothers are 5' nothing,,, maybe 5'2" on tippee toes.

We had an office discussion on natural retinol and oxidizes into retinoic acid. There are a 160 known types of vitamin A and in time we have measured maybe 12 of them. If I recall retinoic acid is one that is in Fermented Cod Liver Oil. I think Retinoic acid is responsible for growth... or cell division. I'll try to research and post.

Anyway, back to girls. The first two girls are the short girls. Neither had the opportunity to take Fermented Cod Liver Oil during their growing years. Addie (18) and Carlie (13) are pictured here. Addie started taking the Fermented Cod Liver Oil at around age 12 and Carlie Started taking around the age of 7 +/-. Addie is approaching 6'2" and Carlie is already 5'10" and still has several more years to grow. Both look down on their 21 and 23 year old sisters.  By the time Carlie stops growing I think she will be the tallest girl.    I suspect my boys will tower over me :).  I better be easy on them.

All 4 girls use the fermented cod liver oil for beauty, acne and hair, and they always know when they are not taking it as they will break out.



Dave & Daughters

Short Side bar to Short Video Clip Discussion on Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Fermentation

Had a conversation today and thought I would elaborate. When I was discussing squeezing oil from tissue I was referencing an ad I had seen long ago. Making Cod Liver Oil sound like fresh squeezed orange juice.

There are a variety of ways to move liquids from tissue and all of them are assisted by temperature and/or chemical. You can go on line and look up decanting, mechanical presses, grinding etc... and with these the additional steps that are required in fish oil processing. The warmer the temps the better job extracting the oil. I think freeze fracturing also will produce larger amounts of oil. This is fluctuating the tissue back and forth from freezing and heating.

Even fermenting the livers/fish is related to temps. If the temps are too cold it changes the fermentation and creates issue. The more suitable temps for bacteria growth the quicker to digest/ferment.

 Reading the historical way to make cod liver oil i understand the need to standardize their work. I don't think they could control ferment easily as the infrastructure and temperatures might not have allowed for this. So based on description of the traditional cod liver oil manufacturing method this could be called wild fermentation (if temps could allow for this) or as they describe below putrefacation. Either way it is not controlled and can create issues especially on a commercial scale.

"Provided that not more than two or three weeks have elapsed from the closing of the barrel to its being opened, and if during that time the weather has not been to mild, the oil is of light yellow......there is little of this oil and fishermen do not take trouble to collect.....The livers are left to undergo further putrefaction. When a sufficient quantity of oil has again risen to to the surface, the skimming is repeated, and this process is continued until the oil becomes a certain shade of brown....."

I think the lack of controlled fermentation and the continual decanting is what created the need to create the oil processing industry. This is my observation over time.

Wild Ferment without good bacteria activity can create issues and the continued decanting and adding livers to a vat will compound the problems. Based on the historical description of the oil and experiences I think this is what drove steam rendering of the livers and other refinements to the forefront of the industry. We understand that fermenting a food creates a product that is fuller in nutritional value than the raw product. There are hundreds of thousands of molecular compounds in our products, most are not understood. But efficacy and results are real!!!


Short Video Clip Discussion on Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Fermentation

Enjoy... leave comments in the comment area of the blog.  

Historical Discussion on Cod Liver Oil

I thought I would share a few documents on the topic of cod liver oil through history. I have seen internet discussion boards with a focus attempting to describe micro nutrient x or y molecule in cod liver oil for several years. The effort to understand is human. But our understanding does not change nature. One could even create an argument that when man does change/alter nature it is not always good. These questions of understanding  cod liver oil have been discussed for a very long time. Below are articles referencing fish oils long ago and excerpts from a couple books published on cod liver oil in the 1840's

The cod fish is as the cod fish has been and will always be short of man getting involved through such things as genetic manipulation or other efforts. The same with cod liver oil. It is as it is, no matter if there is agreement on this molecule, or this lab does a better job finding x nutrient, etc... These argumentative discussions do not change the fish nor the oil. It is as the fish provides assuming the effort to obtain the oil is within a natural system.


Safety of Cod Liver Oil



Attached are PDF's of a few recent test results that address the subject of oxidation products in cod liver oil. They were carried out by Mid West Labs, which is a leader in the US when it comes to testing, directing and working with US food safety, testing and labeling guidelines.

All our products are tested for other food safety markers such as PCB's, heavy metals, pathogens etc. All these tests come out negative and are  randomly posted on our website.


The attached lab results were carried out when the lab was conducting standard pathogen tests and some amine tests. We run amine tests to better understand our fermentation process--these are not related to food safety testing.  Different concentration and types of bacteria can produce the variation of biogenic amine concentrations in different products. Due to the difference of bacteria involving the fermentation, sausage will have its own amine panel, and ripened beef products will also have their own unique amine panel that assist in defining the product, cheese, etc...

We were asked for oxidation markers to be run for discussion but we routinely do not run these as they are not related to food safety but rather are used by industry in an attempt to describe flavor and odor.

Industry needs these markers so they can correlate a desired outcome based on input. For example, the higher the free fatty acid number the more difficult it is to hydrogenate an oil. Industry will segregate these oils and may determine a price on this marking point. We know that free fatty acids are healthful as they are formed by a natural metabolic processes within your gut. Free fatty acids are important for a variety of metabolic processes including sugar metabolism. Many fats you buy and eat already have free fatty acids. FCLO is no different. We have tested for these in the past but do not routinely test as it is not a food safety concern. As we ferment the livers to extract the oil without preservatives, there will always be a certain amount of free fatty acids in our product.

There are many ways to manipulate an oil to reduce these flavor/taste markers. They include adding preservatives, and exposing product to a variety of absorbents and chemical processes. These are not necessary with our products.

Below are three tests. Two are composite tests based on raw material the lab had in house and a third lot we were running for amine tests when we asked them to pull some oxidative markers.

FREE FATTY ACIDS: This is not an oxidative marker. FCLO ranged from 19.2 to 25.3 in two tests. We did run a test on pale cod liver oil for comparison and it came in at 9.64  (Yellow/pale cod liver oil is brand x.  I had to buy one and test so there would be a reference point for discussion)

PV: This is a first stage oxidation marker. FCLO came in at from 3.9 to 4 . I have seen discussions on this marker and I think the aim in industry is under 10 for yellow clo. I have no test on pale cod liver oil to compare.

P ANISIDINE: This is a late stage marker. FCLO ranged from 9 to 16. The comparative pale cod liver oil tested 32.

TBA: This is another late stage marker. FCLO ranged from .49 to 1.59. The yellow cod liver oil tested 1.15.

The last stages of oxidation create sulfides. We have never tested as sulfides are so distinct in odor there is no doubt about it when they are there. Have any of you eaten a Chinese century egg? I have. You can call it fermented but in our society we call it rotten egg. If you can get over the odor it is quite good. I don't mind it. It is an egg that is buried and left to ferment in the ground for many months.


Please note that none of the oxidative discussion is relevant to food safety. I have talked with several food safety scientists over the years and they all have shared the same discussion points. These markers are for flavor and odor discussions only. They play no other role in food safety discussions. No one needs to be concerned about taking pale cod liver oil because they are afraid of the higher anisidine count. The reading is meaningless for safety discussions and a one-time test does not define anything. I'm sure each and every cod liver oil on the market today is perfectly safe for consumption when it comes to meeting food safety standards. You can buy each and any brand you would like without concern about food safety!

By the way, when wine oxidizes we call it vinegar. Good tasting vinegar will include certain strains of bacterial fermentation to assist in the flavor profile for vinegar. And for a special vinegar we might age it for 20-30 years and it turns a deep brown to almost black. This is a v

Omega-3s: Fishing for a Mechanism

Omega-3s: Fishing for a Mechanism

Despite abundant evidence supporting their ability to help prevent and treat cardiovascular disease, the therapeutic effectiveness of fish oil–derived fatty acids remains controversial.

By | November 1, 2012


Four decades ago, Danish medical students Jørn Dyerberg and Hans Olaf Bang traveled west across the Greenland ice sheet on dogsleds to test a theory. For many years prior to their journey, there had been anecdotal reports that Greenland Eskimos had an extremely low incidence of heart disease, and Dyerberg and Bang speculated that this was linked to the high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) in the fish the native people consumed on a daily basis. After collecting and analyzing scores of blood samples, their hypothesis was borne out, and ever since, the medical and scientific community has been on a quest to determine exactly how PUFAs impart protective effects, and what amount must be ingested in order to achieve such benefits. Nearly 40 years and thousands of published studies later, however, these questions remain largely unanswered.

Cardiovascular disease continues to have an enormous impact on the world’s health and economy, making it all the more urgent that health-care practitioners find and implement low-cost prevention strategies. Dietary intake of PUFAs, specifically the n-3 PUFAs found in fish (commonly known as omega-3s), could serve as a perfect solution, but the lack of understanding of how PUFAs work—and continuing controversy over whether they really do work—has made it nearly impossible to properly implement their use in the clinic. Thus, a coordinated effort is needed to establish a mechanism for how n-3 PUFAs function in normal metabolism in order to develop proper therapeutic paradigms and to clarify their effectiveness in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Grey hair disappears, just one positive effect from the use of FCLO..share your observations

Received below note from Yvie. Thought I would share with the group. I receive many testimonials but as a manufacturing company we typically can not share. This one is different as it discusses an observation other than a specific disease. I think hair color change is hormonal effect..correct? I do receive other comments that surround hormonal discussion.


If you would like to share with the group on the topic of hormonal observations this is the blog... please click comment and post your notes. please do not use the names of diseases.


hello, since the end of october 2013 I am using every day! The weird and great thing is.... I feel good and happy but also.....and this is really true.....I am silver grey haired since like 10 years... my ginger hair color is returning... more and more every week .... It is now up to the point that others even notice it.... So weird, so good.... you should use that fact on your website!! Greetings Yvie (56) from Holland observation is everyone is unique and no two observations or reactions are the same. One can not conclude that if one person sees or feels this so will I. Some do better on skate liver oil rather than fclo etc...

Food Chain as Origin of Vitamin D in Fish

Here are a couple studies that show the prominence of vitamin D in the base of our food chain... grass and plankton. The study of the hormone we call vitamin D is in its infancy. The general conclusion of 'vitamin D is good for me' is a good conclusion but to draw deep meaning, or molecule counting like conclusion, is way too early. (Related study; chytochrome 450, health of the thyroid etc..)

I recall many years ago when I was attempting to understand our products a lab ran a Vitamin D test on our High Vitamin Butter Oil. The results came back with the HPLC graph. Circled on the graph with a hand note from the technician was a notation something like ' very unusual, have never seen this in dairy. Have seen a couple times in different fish oils'. The same type reaction from technicians is noted when testing our FCLO for vitamin D. Many unusual peaks within this graph that are not understood. The first study on the pathway of hormone D in fish was just completed a couple years ago. We are many years away from understanding the foods we eat as it relates to hormone D and how the introduction of D in our diet affects our bodies/health.

To follow is a study on grass showing high levels of vitamin D2 and a study on phytoplankton and zooplankton showing high levels of vitamin D2 and D3 metabolites:

Kindell's unexpected surprise

The Covey Family shared below... It brought joy to my heart and our staff. She is describing our new Blue Ice Infused Carob/Banana.  Do you have any experiences you would like to share with the community, post here in the comments.


I found this story in my 11 year old daughters English notebook. I thought you would appreciate it.

The New Fish Oil

One cool fall day in my cold dark room at 9:08am I was playing dolls. I heard my Mom yell, “Kindell.” I knew exactly what she wanted and I was terrified. I climbed under my bed covers and only my big bold eyes were showing. I guess she knew what I was doing because in 2 seconds my mom was in my room. She handed me the smelly, jelly, icky, sticky FISH OIL! My Mom said, “It is chocolate and banana flavored. It is new.”

The last flavor was gross. I would cry and carry on every time she made me take it. My mom told me to go downstairs so I wouldn't spill it. When I got downstairs to the freezing kitchen, my sister was sitting next to the island counter pouting.

I poured some chocolate milk to wash down the fish oil. It took me about 5 minutes to gain the courage to take a sip. It was icky, is not that bad. I held my breath and took another sip, then a gulp. I did not even need the chocolate milk. I can take it alone! WOW, the new sticky, gooey fish oil is not bad at all!

By Kindell Covey

Age: 11

Two Testimonials. First one on our skin balm and the other on taste. Post your testimonial here if you would like to share with others

Hi, I just wanted to let you know how much I love your Beauty Balm. I use it for many things, but it has been like a miracle to me. You see, I've been suffering for almost 13 years of a chronic skin allergy on my legs. I have been to several dermatologists, nothing has worked. I don't know what is the exact name for my condition, my legs get extremely itchy if I shave them, wax them or use any products for hair removal, it gets so bad to the point I get a rash and it's very very uncomfortable. I've been suffering for the longest time. Other factors such as very cold weather and the air of the heater will affect my legs as well. Anyway, I've tried many things, and I've been using this balm on my legs after shaving for the past month, when I actually bought it to apply it on my face! But I thought, I will give this a try. I am just so thankful I found your product, since I started using it after shaving I haven't had any reaction... and you have NO idea what I've been through. I feel it's such an amazing product, I wish I found it before. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE never stop making it!!!! PLEASE!!!!! Thank you...

Patty, FL



Hello. I have been reading about your FCLO and how nasty it tastes but how good for you it is. Well, I bought some GP cinnamon tingle FCLO/butter oil from a local store and to my amazement, it was not offensive at all, I didn't even have to chase it with anything. It also was more liquid than gel even though the bottle said gel on it. My question is, have you changed the formulation of this item or are all the reviewers trying something different?




We have changed nothing in the manufacturing or formulation of our products. No two people are alike but you know how it is, a blogger writes and they become the expert.

Some lots are different from others. Let’s say you like X product, the next time the same product might have different texture, color, odor… this might be fine for you but the next person is a 'texture person' and can't get it down. Or the next lot smells like x…slightly different and …etc…

Another spot check for radiation detection

I have had this test performed previous along with Geiger count spot checks of inbound livers. We have never seen any issue to date. We will continue to run this type of test from time to time. This was very kind of Dr. Wendy to take the time and effort to run this test as she literally had to bring the product out and physically check 70 people to the product. This is time consuming work. I really appreciate her willingness to do the testing  and taking the time to write a report to share.


Neligh Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Wendy F. Meyer, DC

November 6, 2013

RE: Testing results of Green Pasture Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Blue Ice X-factor Infused Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

After Fukushima incident over two years ago, there has been a concern how the radiation is affecting various products from the Pacific Ocean. Testing performed on 70 people revealed no ill effects produced from these two products that have manufactured dates of July 2013.

Testing was performed on Spectravision equipment to assess the energetic effects of the products on acupuncture points related to toxicity and the thyroid. The thyroid was chosen, as it is the major tissue affected by radiation exposure.


Dr. Wendy Meyer

An Alternative Pathway Of Vitamin D2 Metabolism

Finalized Blue Ice Infused Survey Results

Enjoy browsing the attached survey results.

Thank you all for taking the time to try our new product and share your opinion. It is one thing for myself to describe an experience but another for a broad range discussion through the survey. The Blue Ice Infused is economical, effective and pleasant. Each Family size jar has approx 100 servings equal to 1/2+ teaspoon of the infused oils (Fermented Cod Liver Oil, High Vitamin Butter Oil, and Skate Liver Oil) plus 1 tsp +/- of Organic Virgin Coconut oil.


Blue Ice

Coconut oil is one of the best known carrier oils.Coconut Oil bypasses the gut and is absorbed/processed through the liver. Some people who struggle to digest fats will appreciate taking the infused oil pre-blended into a more digestion/absorption freindly form. Plus the blended taste experience will be a benefit for those households that struggle with the straight up oils.

FDA Response to the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Facility Incident

September 2013 Update

To date, FDA has no evidence that radionuclides from the Fukushima incident are present in the U.S. food supply at levels that would pose a public health concern. This is true for both FDA-regulated food products imported from Japan and U.S. domestic food products, including seafood caught off the coast of the United States. Consequently, FDA is not advising consumers to alter their consumption of specific foods imported from Japan or domestically produced foods, including seafood. FDA continues to closely monitor the situation at and around the Fukushima Dai-ichi facility, as it has since the start of the incident and will coordinate with other Federal and state agencies as necessary, standing ready to take action if needed, to ensure the safety of food in the U.S. marketplace.

Import Alert # 99-33 , which instructs FDA field personnel to detain foods shipments from Japan if the food is likely to contain radionuclide contamination, remains active. In addition, FDA tests for radionuclides as part of its routine surveillance, through the toxic elements in food and foodware monitoring program and through itsTotal Diet Study.

On top of the information obtained from its testing of imported and domestic foods, FDA stays current on radiation monitoring efforts by other U.S. Government agencies, including the environmental radiation monitoring program (RadNet) conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Additionally, the Agency consults on a formal and informal basis with experts from government, academia and the private sector on radiation safety issues. FDA scientists also keep abreast of scientific publications and reports from both private and public scientific institutions, including oceanographic research institutions. For example, a study published in 2012 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) reported finding very low levels of Cesium in Pacific Bluefin tuna caught by recreational fisherman off the coast of California in August 2011. FDA reviewed this study and determined that the levels of cesium were roughly 300 times lower than levels that would prompt FDA to investigate further to determine if there were a health concern.

FDA also closely monitors information and data from a number of foreign governments and international organizations. This includes monitoring;

  • the Japanese government’s food sample testing program
  • the import sample testing programs of nations geographically close to Japan that import significant amounts of food from Japan
  • Fukushima Dai-ichi incident related activities of international organizations such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

FDA continues to pay close attention to the situation at the Fukushima Dai-ichi facility and to use data, and information from the variety of sources described above, including the results of its own testing and surveillance efforts to ensure that any FDA-regulated food with harmful levels of radiation as a result of the Fukushima incident is kept out of the U.S. market.

Product Test Data

Many do not know, or maybe do not care, that we do post randomly selected live test data on our web site. The test data is posted for general discussion but does not relate to a specific jar. It is random based on when I have time and remember to post a purge of lab results.

click on products and browse down to 'test data'


The intro is:

Product Test Data

This information is provided for discussion purposes and the test results will not pertain to any specific product or lot. Many relate to the below molecule counting but from my years of experience I'm not sure the data below has much relevance other than discussion. Conclusions that can be drawn, such as a general point of nutrient rich and clean, are fair but the products that we make there is much more to the story beyond the below common societal discussions. There are hundreds of thousands of molecular structures within the natural products we provide. 99% of these structures we do not fully comprehend for a general discussion and counting. Example; I'm sure each and every cod liver oil on the market today will be clean of common measured contaminants. But if you bio-feedback test these products to an individual most processed products will show as toxic. This toxicity can not be quantified or related for molecule counting discussion but it does not make the test invalid. We are all individuals and what might be good for one person does not make it good for all, regardless of the molecule counts.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil: A Traditional Food

“Ron Schmid, ND, the author of “The Untold Story of Milk”, has kindly allowed us to post this article on our website. To learn more about Dr. Ron’s work, go to <> .

There is a lot of controversy and confusion about cod liver oil. Alison Birks, MS, AHG, CNS is a nutritionist and researcher who has looked into the issue of cod liver oil, fermented and otherwise. She has written an article for us that I have found very helpful in clarifying the confusion. We hope you will find it interesting and useful. - Ron Schmid, ND

Fermentation/Digestion of fats

Thought a few would appreciate a posting on the digestion of fats process. This is described to me as a partial view of how the FCLO works (lipase hydrolysis) and if so might help direct the conversation on why the FCLO works so well in ones gut even with those who have compromised gut issues.  The FCLO is a result of fermentation/digestion and is in a form that most understand to be more body user freindly.  Also might stir the discussion on why one should not add preservatives that prevent breakdown to the foods we consume... for discussion 


As cited from

Digestion and transport
Fatty acids are usually ingested as triglycerides , which cannot be absorbed by the intestine . They are broken down into free fatty acids and monoglycerides by pancreatic lipase , which forms a 1:1 complex with a protein called colipase , which is necessary for its activity. The activated complex can work only at a water-fat interface. Therefore, it is essential that fatty acids (FA) be emulsified by bile salts for optimal activity of these enzymes.

Another 'first' account of cod liver oil being used for health

All of you history buffs, enjoy below!


Below is the 5th or 6th story I have read on the 'first time' someone uses cod liver oil for health. There is a passage in the book of Tobit describing the Arch Angel Rafeal telling Tobias to save the heart, gall and liver of the fish as they make good medicine but it does not reference a species of fish or the oil extract specifically....

From The Perfect Protein by Andy Sharppless and Suzannah Evans

"The scientists didn't take into account one of the oldest uses of seafood-treatment of disease-because knowledge of the techniques had been lost to history for more than a century. In 1770, a woman suffering from severe rheumatism arrived at the Manchester Royal infiirmary in England. At the time, the standard treatment for rheumatism included "rubbing of her joints with cod liver oil," as reported by Maurice Stansby in the seminal text Fish Oil in Nutrition. She was a brave: In the 1700's......the oil was vile tasting liquid. "Although the hospital had no confidence that this would have any effect, she was allowed to (ingest the oil)," ... Her symptoms disappeared............

After that, the Manchester infirmary regulary perscribed 1 to 3 tablespoons pf cod liver oil taken up to 4 times per day to treat rheumatism. A Dr. Percival wrote up a case for the London Medical Journal in 1783. But the difficulty of obtaining the oil, coupled with the truely revolting flavor....., caused the fish oil to fall out of favor, and was forgotten."

Customer Comment on Skin,Sun and Oils

I couldn't find a recent blog thread that my comment would work best for, so ....
I have been taking both the FMCLO and the skate oil butter blends for nearly a year. (Use the CLO in the winter months and skate oil in the spring and summer.)
This year we bought a large above-ground swimming pool and I am loving the exercise and the fun! Of course, this means I am getting a TON more sun than I normally do - especially since my day job is in a big glass building downtown.
My tan this year has been extraordinary, even for me - a person who tans quite easily and rarely burns. I haven't tanned in years, but the pool beckons every afternoon in the Texas heat. I have gotten so many compliments all summer on how pretty my skin is, and how glowing my tan is

This sales is over....


Last Few Days of sale..... New runs of all flavors will be in soon. As you see from the comments some like the product solid and store in the fridge and others like the product more liquid and will store on the counter. If you like the unflavored FCLO then you probably will like the unflavored New Infused product.. this works great in the baby formula mix.

The New Blue Ice Infused is FCLO, HVBO, and Skate Liver Oil infused into the carrier oil, Organic Coconut oil. (65% min coconut oil). about 100 servings (1.5 tsp) per jar. Each Serving will have 1/2+ tsp of the infused oils

Problem solving and understanding our products

I'm always enthused when customers are willing to problem solve and share. Our product are not processed and are the real deal so natural variations are the norm. One common example is some lots warm to room temps then cool to temps in the 40's or lower slowly. If cooling is too slow the phytosterols/fats can conglomerate by electric charge attraction and create small little white fat crystals. There is no issue with this other than inconvenient. In liquid products they will sink to the bottom and in gel products they will suspend in the gel.

One can process this out of the product but then one changes the definition of the product that so many people depend. Thank you Sara for problem solving and sharing.

"I am a lover of the Green Pastures beauty balm! My favorite uses include lip balm, face cream, hand cream and for any stubborn itchy patches! I have had great relief from small eczema patches using this balm. I was puzzled when I opened my most recent jar to find that it was a bit grainy. I called Green Pastures and was transferred to the owner with my concern. In laments terms, he explained to me why this happened. Turns out when the balm gets heated during transit, and then slowly cools, these small grainy pieces form. I warmed some water, placed the balm in the bowl with the water and left it there for about ten minutes. After that I put the jar directly into the fridge. I took it out of the fridge the next morning and voila - just like I remembered. Silky and smooth! We're lucky to have small batch, high quality products from Green Pastures. These products vary batch to batch - be patient and there's usually a solution and always an answer!"

Sara O, NTP

Amines...are they scary as some bloggers would have you believe or natural and abundant

Click on this link to view a PDF of a Amine study on many common meats and fermented meats. You will want this reference prior to below

Over the past couple months we have had contacts / confusion on amines and anti-oxidants. Amines are common and are not poisonous etc... but you know bloggers, if they proclaim a scary fact as fact then it must be fact. Anti-oxidants I will post in general terms in another postings to follow.

Most in our community fully understand that fermenting foods is not new, and is a proven time stable tradition that has roots that go way back in human history. Fermented milk is yogurt then cheese, Sauer Kraut, kambucha, stink fish :), cured sausage, garum... etc are historical foods traditionally made in a way to naturally process/preserve a food into a stable form for use at a later date without the use of refridgeration.

Why do we not add anti-oxidants/rosemary oil..preservatives

I am asked on a regular basis why we do not add anti-oxidants.... We use to add anti-oxidants many years ago (rosemary oil) until I was challenged by a WAPF chapter leader. I spent several weeks researching the subject and could not justify the addition of anti-oxidants.

Studied stability of the product through peroxide study. The product is stable. Zero Benefit to added anti-oxidants

Studied enzyme cell break down vs temp and chemical breakdown.... the resulting molecular structures are completely different. Healthful vs harmful or toxic. Again, zero Benefit to added anti-oxidants

Studied the general topic of anti-oxidants and concluded something completely different than media medicine description of anti-oxidants....A big negative/harmful to health rather than healthful.

Studied natural anti-oxidants and found the fclo will naturally have protective structures within the product such as vitamin A..etc.....Zero benefit to added anti-oxidants.

Studied rosemary oil and the topic raised enough concern on the topic of fertility and other questions that I could simply not justify the risk for zero or negative benefits.

In general, my conclusion was the only way to justify adding anti-oxidants was to do it because everyone else was adding it and the addition would reduce the number of questions by the general public. My personal view of ADDED antioxidants is they are added to hide a problem in manufacturing. They might be as harmful or distasteful as this community view's preservatives. In a nutshell, I think they are added as a preservative to hide a problem.

I will publish another article on this subject in near future with more info for curious internet researchers. Most of what you will find on the internet will be selling the idea of extracted anti-oxidants are good. There is big business in these isolates and the products that require their use. As a result the anti-info is buried.

There are a couple books by doctors/researchers warning us about anti-oxidants additions but the people blowing this tune have a very small horn to work with.

Aceite de hĂ­gado de bacalao fermentado: Superalimento natural

20 mar, 2013

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The Three Kinds of Cod Liver Oil 1849

Previously i skimmed this book and reported small sections on this blog and in the FAQ area of the web site. If you would like to review some of the previous citations within the book please check out the FAQ area of the website where it is currently posted.

I was working tonight and i found another citation to share. The goal Dr. De Jongh's work was to study the 3 different types of Cod Liver Oil; Pale, Light Brown and Brown Cod Liver Oil, and make a detailed report. I don't know how i missed the conclusion to Dr. De Jongs work in the original post.

....The brown Cod Liver Oil has proven itself a most powerful remedy in rheumatism and scrofula. Now, I have found, in my chemical analysis, a quantitative difference between this and the other sorts of Cod Liver Oil. The constituent parts, which exist in great proportions in the brown Cod Liver Oil, must, therefore, be considered as those which fulfill the most important indications. The neutral fat, the iodine,phosphorus, the inorganic salts, exist in the same proportions in the other kinds of oil, which are not supposed to be particularly efficacious in scrofula and rheumatism; it is, therefore, fair to assume tha the brown Cod Liver Oil owes its great power to the biliary matter and butyric acid, which exist in it in much larger proportions than in the lighter-coloured oils.

I like history and think it is special to note that in the mid 1800's the question of what Cod Liver Oil is best is replicated today. The conclusions/studies where completed in the 1800's without full knowledge on why the brown Cod Liver Oil is best and today we re-ask the question. What is cool is the conclusion is just as clear today as it was in the 1800's, the Brown Cod Liver Oil is best.

Maybe we don't have to know why. 100 years from now we will re-ask the same question and not realize the question has been answered many times in history with the same conclusion but using different reasoning. Will we ever learn to the point of not re-asking the same question? My guess is it is our nature to repeat history.


Comparison of Green Pasture CLO to virgin, minimally processed CLO from Norway.

Comparison of Green Pasture CLO to virgin, minimally processed CLO from Norway.

Purpose of the study: The study was designed to compare different cod liver oils from two different companies on patients using biofeedback equipment

Study was performed using Spectravision biofeedback equipment on acupuncture points pertaining to toxicity, allergy, circulation, brain, and hormones. It is electronic equipment that can measure responses of the body to different compounds including nutritional support.

Results of the test:

Blue Ice Infused now in stock at Green Pasture!

Sorry for the delay announcing the availability.

We think this new line of products will be the number one way to take fermented cod liver oil. It will aid many that require a non-capsule form but struggle taking the liquid form of our fermented cod liver oil plus the coconut oil will aid the digestibility and absorption of the nutrients found in the Blue Ice and X-factor Gold oils.

Currently we have the cinnamon and unflavored in stock. Both are good!

Blue Ice Infused facts:

+65% min Blue Breeze Organic Coconut Oil.

+Each serving has 1/2 tsp+ of infused oils. 75%+/- Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil..The balance being X-Factor Gold High Vitamin Butter Oil and/or Blue Ice Fermented Skate Liver Oil.

+About 100 each 1.5 teaspoon servings per jar.... economical

Organic Coconut Oil is one of the best known carrier oils. It is readily absorbed without going through full digestion and carries other nutrients consumed with the oil. Many will find this product easier to take than our straight FCLO products because the coconut oil will assist with digestibility and absorption of the infused oils.....and it is 'yummy' Laughing

What is Virgin fish/marine oil defined by EU document

These oils will definitely provide a better taste experience for many but this is where the comparison between FCLO and the oils from Norway end.

Here is a description of the processing of virgin fish oils outlined within the EU/Norway processing/quality control document.

Testing and efficacy

Below is a note from a customer and a post on random test data from this year. As most know, we do supply random test data on our website. The data does not pertain to any one jar and is for informational purposes only. I am tardy in keeping this list of data current. I'll will go sit in the corner for the next hour and promise to do a better job keeping this list updated. The Test data never changes as long as the lab/technician is constant. I don't put much faith into test data other than general information as I fully understand that labs and technicians can make a difference in a number, a number does not mean efficacy, and there are thousands of other molecular structures not discussed and not understood in these products.

The note from Diane below shows efficacy. It is the same type of efficacy identified through science earlier in the 20th century and it show the same type of results reported when we had our products tested using the traditional Vitamin D testing standard Rat Bio Assay. This type of test does not parallel counting molecules but rather the efficacy of Vitamin D as it relates to calcium absorption. This is real testing compared to molecule counting which is... well, i don't think it has deep meaning. I understand this view is contrary to typical societal view.


Diane J, Atlanta Georgia , January 23, 2013 at 3:09 PM | 

My 14-year-old granddaughter is a gymnast and competes at a very high level. At a practice at the gym she fell from the uneven bars and broke her elbow. Her parents and three doctors decided surgically inserting a screw to hold the elbow together was the only thing that would make her arm strong enough for her to return to such a high level of competition. And so it was done. At a five-week check up with the surgeon, an X-ray showed that the screw had come out and the elbow had not healed. The doctor was beside himself and asked the parents to get a second opinion, because the only thing he knew to do at that point was to surgically put a plate in her elbow. An appointment was made to see another doctor in 5 days. I had just received our first order of Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil capsules from Green Pasture the day they were told her elbow had not healed. I took them to her immediately and suggested at least 6 per day. When the second-opinion surgeon examined her arm after 5 days of BO/CLO, he told her the arm was healed and she could go do whatever she wanted, limited only by whatever hurts. She immediately went to the gym and experienced no pain during her light workout. All that is left to do is remove the screw! Yea Green Pasture!


These results are 5 random  FCLO lots from this year. We post random test data on our web site.. It has been awhile since I have done this but will do this today.

Lot C5101912 all units in iu’s per ml unless noted

Doctors discussion on comparing Fish Oils

I will Publish some different correspondence from Doctors on the subject of FCLO vs other 'Natural/fresh squeezed :) , raw etc... cod liver oils. I will delete names and product names as i don't think it is appropriate to discuss others products specifically......

Many want to test molecule by molecule but i don't think this says what it needs to say for a broad picture. Molecules can be manipulated for reading purposes but effect can not be fooled..

Here is some correspondence forwarded to me by Louisa Williams, Author of Radical Medicine...

Redox discussion: Heat, Chemical and Fermentation/digestion

Please feel free to comment.

How to take FCLO... Did Grandma know best?

From old movies we can still pick up the essence of what it was like when the cod liver oil jar came out of the cupboard. Kids would scatter. We still have one of our 6 children that seems to go missing each morning.

Stories from the war years indicate that schools would ensure the children were well nourished by providing cod liver oil each day. This was often blended with orange juice to make it easier to take.

We did a quick taste testing experiment in our office and below is what we think are good product blending options to make it easier to take yourt FCLO each day. Here are our favorites.

Notes .. Taste, Odor, Texture FCLO Questions

This is a quick note to highlight a few Web site upgrades. There are many new FAQ page updates. If you have not visited the FAQ page in the past few months please consider taking a few minutes to view the next time you visit our site. There are audio's, videos and more in depth discussions on specific topics of interest.

For those who do not know, the FCLO and related products we make 'taste horrible'.... or is it , 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' :).

We do not control what the fish eat. The fish are wild caught. As a result there are wide swings in taste, odor, color, texture.

What was cod liver oil like in the early 1800's? Was it brown? How did it taste?

I picked up a book that was originally published around 1840.  Here are a few quotes

Looking for feedback, comments, uses, reactions to the new Skin/Beauty and Muscle/Joint/Vapor balm products

Please add comments to this blog post if you wish to share how you use and other notes on the new Fermented Cod Liver Oil/ High Vitamin Butter Oil Skin/Beauty and Muscle/Joint/Vapor products. You can post comments by clicking the 'add a comment' icon .

New FCLO/HVBO skin cream and penetrating rub/ cream now available...Feed Your Body Through Your Skin

Finally, Real nutrinets for your skin, body/ bones joints in a form that can be directly applied through your skin.... Real food for your skin!!!

No medicine chest or natural cosmetic collection should be without these creams

Green Pastures Beauty Balm. Ingredients are Fermented Cod Liver Oil, High Vitamin Butter oil, Organic Coconut oil, Shea Butter and a couple essential oils to aid in presentation. No preservatives...Just real Foods to nourish your body and lips.

Possible Applications: Rashes, acne, wrinkles, spots, absorption of nutrients through the skin.


Green Pasture Calm Balm. Ingredients are Fermented Cod Liver Oil, High Vitamin Butter Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Some essential oils and Camphor. The applications are very similar as the Beauty Balm except we have added the Camphor for the immediate penetrating relief and the vapor like action some will appreciate under certain body circumstances including Muscle , joint issue and stuffyhead or chest.


These products were well received during testing phase and there is not a week that has gone buy after the testing that someone has not followed up on the availability.


Product is available for shipping October 1st... Order early


I conducted a laboratory experiment in 1989 in which I planned to discover how much, if any, mercury stored in animal's bodies when they ate raw and cooked swordfish. I chose swordfish because it is considered to contain highest levels of mercury, and because it is my favorite-tasting fish. I wanted to know if I had been contaminating myself with that delicious tasting fish.

Mercury Myths

Mercury Myths

     1. The amount of mercury in our environment (and in the fish we eat) is dangerously increasing.

     2.  Mercury in fish presents a serious health risk to Americans.

     3.  The health risk from mercury outweighs the health benefits of eating fish.

     4.  You can get mercury poisoning from the amount of fish you might consume in a given week or month.

      5.   Every year in the United States, 630,000 children are born with mercury levels in their blood that put them "at risk" for neurological disorders later in life.

     6. Eight percent of American women of childbearing age have unsafe levels of mercury in their blood.          

Toddler Taking Raw Fermented Cod Liver Oil

From the Coconut Mamma. Video showing her toddler taking our cod liver oil.

Specific Emulsified FCLO customer feed back

Thank you to all that replied with your feed back. Your help is appreciated and will help others in their decision making.

Below are some specific feed back replies on the topic of Emulsified FCLO. I hope it helps you in your decision making process. My conclusion is all are different. Once one finds something they like they stick with it and anything new is sometimes difficult to appreciate/make a switch.

If you are a ‘mint’ person then mint will be the best flavor. If you are a person sensitive to textures then other this or that product will be your favorite. I crave the ginger emulsified FCLO but you will see below some agree but others appreciate alternative products.

Updates on New products and request for feed back

Updates on New products and request for feed back

The New Emulsified FCLO. The New products have been available for about 3 months and so far the limited feed back is good.

The answers to the most common questions are:

  1. The Emulsified has soluble fiber added to aid digestion, holds flavor better, easier feel in the mouth and throat.
  2. The FCLO is the same FCLO as in the other products we offer.
  3. You do have to mix well each time you take.
  4. We do not use the industrial manufacturing methods or typical ingredients when making the emulsified products as a typical emulsified product offered in general commerce. My bull headedness in offering products with ingredient and product integrity makes some products less convenient than typical commercial clo’s including the emulsified FCLO. The emulsified FCLO will separate. A commercial emulsified product will not.

PQQ New Vitamin identified and found in HVBO and FCLO

A quick note on PQQ testing.

PQQ is a Newly identified vitamin.. see below. More info on PQQ can be found on the WWW

PQQ is very high in the HVBO and even higher in the FCLO. Other unidentified peaks or related molecules are positioned just before or just after the HPLC PQQ peak in the HVBO/ Skate Liver oil and the FCLO. All Three Products show different peaks of interest . : Lab technicians doing the test were gushing all over the PQQ analysis including the other peaks on the graph.... below is a quick reference

Answer to questions why some have digestive discomfort when taking FCLO

Below note was so well thought out i thought i would share as i have had this question many times over the years. She is answering the question on why different types of digestive discomfort for some and not others when taking FCLO.

Cholesterol drug scam and now the Synthetic Vitamin D3 Scam

First the Cholesterol drug scam and now the Synthetic Vitamin D3 Scam

The Cholesterol drug scam nets them $60 Billion dollars in profits every year.

The Synthetic Vitamin D3 Scam will make that look like loose change.


Because Synthetic Vitamin D3 depletes Magnesium in your body.

New Product Promotion ...Free Give Away

Over the next few months you will see new product promotions for our New Emulsified FCLO products, Skin products and muscle rub products. The Skin and Muscle balms will be available within 4 wks and the new emulsified FCLO are in stock now.

We are going to give away several cases of books including:

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

Four Fold Path to Healing by Dr. Thomas Cowan

The Charting Booklet. Guide to Knowing your Fertility Signs. by Katie Singer

The books are free for the asking for those who qualify. I expect the giveaway will last for several wks as we are posting on the blog only. So only the Blog readers will know of the giveaway.

Rebuttal to an article on the negative side effects of cod liver oil

The below string is from a discussion I had with an acquaintance from the EU. He raised some questions based on an article he found. I thought the dialog was appropriate for all to enjoy.  

It used to be we would doctor generation by generation. Today’s media medicine attempts to reduce the art of doctoring to molecule by molecule.... I think this is a travesty to all humanity. Our existence is much more complex than this molecule or that molecule. .. But this style of doctoring does make drug companies plenty of $.

Here are a couple of the questions that were part of the dialog. 

Cod liver oil's effectiveness stems mainly from its large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 acids are fats, and like all fats they contain large amounts of calories. Following some of the recommended dosage guidelines would add 200 calories a day to a person's diet. People taking supplements rich in omega-3 fatty acids may need to change their diet to ensure they don't include too much fat, which could also cause health problems.

The new Licorice Emulsified FCLO just arrived

The New Licorice Emulsified is in. All three are good, and i think will be enjoyed by many. they are very easy to take. Usually i would mix the fclo liquids in warm water to take, but the emulsified's are not only easy to take but .. do i dare say, enjoyable.



Feed Back on the New Emulsified FCLO products..All will be posted for the next 30 days

Please continue to email feed back on the new emulsified FCLO products.  i will post 100% of the feed back for through May 1st on this post.  checdk back for new feed back as often as you would like. 

Radio Host Cary Nosler Interviews Dave Wetzel

The Wide World of Health show host Cary Nosler talks with Dave Wetzel about Green Pastures Butter, Oil and Fermented Cod Liver Oil.

I appreciate new idea's on how to incorporate the oils into their family routine

One is only limited to ones creativeness. Above is only one method out of hundreds i have encounteredover the years. Most of our flavor options were  a result of families working with the products and sharing what works for them.

Playing Our Song

Here are a couple of versions of the same song "Cod Liver Oil" by different artists.

Creative way to take real Fermented Cod Liver oil.... Your imagination is the only limit of possibilities

Creative way to make a treat from the Blue Ice Royal Chocolate Cream

Hint on how you might deal with living FCLO changes

You will find many posts on the subject of odors, tastes, textures etc..... here is a refresher on how to deal with some inconveniences.

"4-Hour Body" Note on Muscle tone and Blue Ice Royal

For those customers that are taking the Blue Ice Royal based on The 4-Hour Body protocol please consider purchasing Blue Ice Royal gel products if you are interested in taking higher doses for muscle tone.

Why does my FCLO product vary from order to order?

There are many differences in our FCLO products you will discover from jar to jar. When you buy the liquid product you will note these differences each time you receive a new shipment.

Note to New Users of Real Fermented Cod Liver Oil.

Our products are the real deal. There is a reason why Cod Liver oil has had a historical imprint in our memories as being something we needed but dreaded to take.

Note to New Users of Real Fermented Cod Liver Oil. 2

Our products are the real deal. There is a reason why Cod Liver oil has had a historical imprint in our memories as being something we needed but dreaded to take. If you choose to buy a liquid product please do so knowing that there is a discipline that some have to aquire to take the product. FCLO is not 'convenient' for some to take but rather necessary. Batches vary widly in taste, odor, texture etc...

Book discussion on topic of interest....Ocean Eco System, FCLO and HVBO

From time to time i catch wind of new books that discuss FCLO and HVBO. I should post this information... so I'll start today.

Two books released in December include:

The 4-Hour Body: An uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Super Human By Tim Ferris

Killing Cancer- Not People by Robert G. Wright.

Note to New Users of Real Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Our products are the real deal. There is a reason why Cod Liver oil has had a historical imprint in our memories as being something we needed but dreaded to take.

New Kid Friendly Emulsified flavors finalized

Thank you to all who participated at the WAPF conference taste testing.

The Flavors are: Mint, Ginger, Licorice

We are going to increase the % in FCLO compared to the original samples. This will decrease the thickness and decrease the stevia/sweetness.

Watch for the new Emulsified products within the next 30 days +/-

Part 2, Vitamin D, To test or not to test.

Below came from posting on another blog. It was posted by someone who i consider one of the best natural teachers i have ever met. I thought many would appreciate her insights and approach to the question

New Labels and Website by the end of the year

At GreenPasture Products we are continually improving how we operate, which includes makingour web site and product labeling more useful to you. Based on customerfeedback and new FDA labeling standards, we are making changes to our labels and our web site to work together to provide a complete picture of our product’s nutritional information.

Artesian Process to make the FCLO provides a wide range of Nutrients...colors, flavors, odors and textures

Most already understand the true benefit of FCLO and find ways to work with the variability in the products attributes such as color, odor, texture, flavor.

It is understood that nature does change the end product most notably by way of what the fish eats. We Think we finally have the answer to the variability of odor's in the different lots of FCLO. It looks to be the variability in an amine called Tyramine. This amine is most famous for causing the varability in different odors to strong cheeses.

Comment on why different reactions to taking oils

We have posted this previously but it has been some time. People do have a variety of reactions or observations taking oils. Here is one of my Email replies to this question. This person indicated that she feels sluggish or in general does not do as well taking the fclo.

"All are different, many get the opposite reaction. Strength stamina, euphoria etc...are common traits when taking FCLO.

Green Pasture Products In the EU... Passed All EU Testing and Compliance by EU Authorities ... Congratulations Holomed

Holomed in the Netherlands completed work with the EU Authorities including stringent testing and authentication of ALL Blue Ice and X-Factor Products. EU Approval is much more stringent than the rest of the world. There was never any doubt our products would pass as we have completed the same tests here is the US for 10 years without issue but the expense to work with the EU authorities is much more complex and costly than working with the US authorities.

Survey results on Listing Vitamin A and D on FCLO label

We sent out a survey to a random group of customers (doctors and other wholsale accounts). The survey was one question:

Would you have any concerns if Blue Ice CLO vitamin A/D was not on the the label but rather we list a wide range of test data on a regular basis on our depending website?

PCB's, Dioxin, PBDE's in the enviroment and mirrored in breast milk at much higher levels than any fish oil

Below is an article that i would like to share. A few important points that jump out are:

1. Breast milk has more PCB's than Prop 65 Allows in Fish oils. We have never seen high PCB's in our FCLO nor have i seen any reported PCB levels as high as in breask milk. I assume their are some reported cases but my intuition is it would have come from lake/river fish or fish caught near river outlets and coastal industrial centers.

Discussion:roles of Vitamin A, Hormone D, other hormones, steroids, sterols etc

The question about the roles of Vitamin A, Hormone D, other hormones and quinones comes up from time to time.

FCLO's role is high levels of fat-soluble nutrients including vitamins A, D, E, and K; quinones; enzymes; hormones; and fatty acids. The complex of these nutrients will be totally different in the butter oil versus the FCLO.

The Fatty Acid Complex is completely different as are the species collecting these nutrients. The hormone/steroid structure is directly related to the species and the fatty acid structure of the species’ diet.

Storing Fermented Cod liver oil

This is rehashing old info....

Fermented Cod Liver oil has not traditionally been in refrigerated. Only after the industrialization of the oil did cold storage become the norm.

If you refrigerate the FCLO it may cloud or solidify. This does not hurt the product itself but does change the texture.

I get a common Question, Raw Butter, Ghee, Butter Oil, Coconut Ghee

In My Opinion, I would never discount real raw 100% grass fed butter . Eat as much as you can. There is no need to heat the raw butter to make ghee. I think raw butter is truly one of our whole sacred foods. If you don't mind the flavor, raw cultured butter is even better.

Part 2, Deeper discussion; Why FCLO and High Vitamin Butter Oil

The question about The Roles of Vitamin A, Hormone D, other hormones and quinones comes up from time to time.

FCLO's Role is high Levels of Fat soluble nutrients including A,D,E,K quinones, enzymes ,hormones and fatty acids. The Complex of these Nutrients will be totally different in the butter oil vs the fclo.

The Fatty Acid Complex is completely different as is the species collecting these nutrients. The Hormone/steroid/enzyme structure is directly related to the species and the fatty acid structure (diet).

Part 1: Two most asked questions: Why Fermented Cod Liver oil, Why High Vitamin Butter Oil

Two most asked questions: Why Fermented Cod Liver oil, Why High Vitamin Butter Oil

Fermenting fish/fish livers to make oils is an ancient practice, and the resulting oils were considered a sacred food. Fermented cod liver oil (FCLO) has been an important part of a typical family’s home for several hundred years.

EPA/DHA/Omega 3 This is not the real story, The Cambridge International Institute for Medical Science

I will attempt to scan the document quoted for more tid bits, here is the beginning of the Paper that I think is pointed to the topic. I receive many calls on EPA/DHA and i struggle with the question. The struggle is not about how much EPA/DHA the FCLO andf Skate have as they will have the same levels as any other CLO. Approx 15% of the oil will be EPA and 10% DHA for the FCLO. The Skate will be higher in DHA than FCLO.

Saturated or Solidified FCLO

This is a repeat posting on this subject but a good reminder. The FCLO is a artisan processed product. The batches vary in texture, color, flavor and odor. Most customers understand this attribute as a 'good thing'.

Reposting old information on clo and ear wax

Dale Alexander (The King of Cod). discussed in one of his books ('How to End Dry Skin' i think is the name of the book) how ear wax production can be stimulated by taking clo. ' take 1 tablespoon of clo per day until your ear wax is flowing then stop or cut back'.

Great idea. Make your FCLO in to a cool treat

Take 1 cup Yogurt, 1 tsp FCLO ( or Blended FCLO/BO), and Fruit of your liking. Blend. Pour into ice cube trays and put sticks into each cube then Freeze.

You can mix stronger FCLO if the fruit selection has a stronger flavor.... Trial and error rule

Share this with others, Post on different blog sights. This is a great/easy way to take the FCLO.

Skepticism Mounts on Need for Vitamin D Supplementation

Great article... their is sooo much more to FCLO than vitamin D. Even the variety of forms of vitamin D is important.... keep in mind the below discussion of vitamin d supplementation is specifically discussing vitamin D3. real FCLO has some D3 but most of the measured D is D2.

Artisan FCLO process .. ramble

I had a discussion with a customer on this topic and i thought i would share a conclusion.

Observations from Dr. Kelling, anabolic/catabolic

Dr. Kelling shared a few points on the topic of anabolic and catabolic that I think are worth your consideration.
Each person is one type or another, this is why some do well being treated one way and others have to be treated totally opposite.

Observations by Dr. Donald

Dr. Donald contacted me as he has had a few patients not test strong for FCLO. I have blogged previous that not everyone is the same and some do better on skate rather than FCLO. I do not know why this is true but i have heard this from more than one doctor. Dr. Louisa Williams (Author of Radical Medicine) commented during her WAPF Conference presentation that many of her patients test stronger with Skate vs FCLO.

Another way to take FCLO

Wow, this one is a great idea. i just recvd this comment and have not asked for permission to display name so i will give as she has shared less the name. What a great idea.... Peanut Butter.

Nutrient test data For GPP products is/has been posted on the site for many months

I have listed nutrient test data on the web site for your viewing and general discussion. Click on products, then right column bottom. I did post comments on PCB's but their is not much to discuss on toxins as they are either not detectable or I would simply put ND or the levels are in the trillions/ to the point of not being part of the discussion such as with PCB's.

Vitamin D and many metabolites not just D3

here is a specific note from research paper below, i am highlighting as i think this concept will be important in future discussions on the vitamin D topic as we learn that todays knowledge is not the same as tomorrow's knowledge... vitamin D2 is just starting to be studied ect.....

Vitamin D and transfats, plus other notes of interest

I would like to share with your blog group some new information on the topic of Trans fats and enzyme P450 Cytochrome.

This Enzyme system is messed up by the trans fats in our diet. Sally Fallon shared with me that Dr. Mary Enig thesis focus was on this topic.
1. One of the key functions of this enzyme system is metabolism of Vitamin D in our bodies. Without this system functioning properly the vitamin D does not get to where it needs to go

fish and vitamin D...One more

In vitro hydroxylation of vitamin D3 and 25-hydroxy vitamin D3 in tissues of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar, Atlantic mackerel Scomber scombrus, Atlantic halibut Hippoglossus hippoglossus and Atlantic cod Gadus morhua

fish and vitamin D...One more - part 2

Part 2

Vitamin D metabolism in fish-part 1

if you can get through this article you will appreciate how complex the question is on vitamin D in Real CLO. there are many metabolites in play, even beyond the scope of this article. it mentions this fact several times. this is all new science. b4 today i was not aware any pathways were identified for vitamin D in fish. it is beyond irradiated mushrooms and lambs wool extract... real food is different that the imitators

Vitamin D metabolism in fish-part 2

Part 2

Vitamin D metabolism in fish-part 3

Part 3

Vitamin D metabolism in fish-part 4

Part 4 - References

Vitamin D metabolism in fish-part 5

Part 5 - References

Vitamin D metabolism in fish-part 6

Part 6 - References

Flavor reviews from the WAPF conference

Over 700 taste testers gave their opinions of the FCLO flavors and here are the results.

1. The new gummy fish (available later this month) 85% good to excellent

2. Blue Ice Royal Cinnamon 79% good to excellent

3. Blue Ice Cinnamon FCLO 77% good to excellent

4. Mediterranean FCLO 60 % good to excellent

5. Non-Flavored FCLO 51% good to excellent

Waxes, saturated fat in real Cod Liver Oil

All industrialized cod liver oils are processed to remove saturated fats and waxes. The FCLO we make is artisan processed and we leave the product in its whole form.

Lessons on how to take FCLO from our family

Our family includes 6 children from the age of 2 to 18. My oldest 3 girls take the Mediterranean and chase with water. They will take other flavors, as it is a requirement in our house, but the Mediterranean is the one they grumble the least.

The two year old boy (Basil) is the picky one. He is too young to discipline so we either hide the FCLO and Butter Oil in food or when we change his diaper we lube his buns with fclo/bo.

Real Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin D

Fact: Real Cod Liver oil is the most potent source of naturally occuring D2 in addition to the D3 in clo. Do we really think we know the whole story?

One more reason why real whole foods are important.

Feed Back From Diane,CA Children on the spectrum

Hi -the fclo is working great for our kids on the spectrum. This is the first CLO that has been without side effects - no stims or tics. Dr. McBride says that is because it does not create free radicals in our kids' bodies. Also after six weeks of nightly enemas with bifidus added into the h20 for chronic constipation with my son we began giving the fruit attack fclo with 2 oz of fresh pressed carrot juice sweetened with one apple as indicated in the GAPS book/site- Matt is stooling, formed twice a day now - wow. Thanks for your great product.

Take care. Diane CA

Refrigerate or not to refrigerate, that is the question

Many call on this topic.

Fermented clo products: The oil is very stable. In my opinion many can store OPENED jars either way. If you use the fclo regularly (within a few months) you can opt to leave in a cupboard after opening.

We do not overly process the oils so some lots tend to become thicker as the storage temps get colder. I have seen some really cold refrigerators make a fclo almost Gel.


Previous blogs have addressed the question, but i guess they are old posts and no longer active.

Yes, We test every batch of product. This is not only a good practive but it is mandated by law. Each Batch is tested several times and by several labs. Our batchs are very small compared to all other industrialized clo's.

Blue Ice Royal....The pinnacle product!

Finally, The product many of you have been waiting a couple years.

Blue Ice Royal is the pinnacle product. It combines a strong blend of 2/3 Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liv er Oil and 1/3 X-Factor Gold High Vitamin Butter Oil. Blue Ice Royal is a substantial improvement over the old therapeutic blended product.

We have it available in Non-Gelatin capsules, Flavor/anti-oxidant free, Chocolate Cream and Cinnamon tingle.

How much Fclo to consume? Here is Dr. Rosann Volmerts observations

Hi Dave,

As far as dosing goes, I have been asking patients to take 3ml or 3 capsules of fclo along with 2.5ml or 3 capsules of bo. What I have found is that for people in good health this works pretty well to raise vit D levels from the 10's-20's up to 40's-80's.

Update on Cod Liver Oil Manufacturing, Returning to Traditional Production Techniques for the Quintessential Sacred Food

SPRING 2009 Wise Traditions 26 When I began to import cod liver oil, in order to sell it along with the high-vitamin butter oil I was manufacturing, I felt it imperative to go to Iceland and Norway to visit the various cod liver oil factories there. At that time, most cod liver oil in America was imported from Scandinavia, with a small amount coming from China. What I learned is described in an article published in the Fall, 2005 issue of Wise Traditions and posted at "Update on Cod Liver Oil Manufacture Returning to Traditional Production Techniques for the Quintessential Sacred Food By David Wetzel"

Chef is adding new twist to nutrient dense dining

It was brought to my attention that a chef uses the fermented clo on salads. I think this is a great way to add deep nutrition to your family and guests dinning experience. Food should not only have a great taste experience but offer the connoisseur a deep and broad range of nutrients. There is not a better way to capture both taste and nutrition if you find the right application for the fermented clo.

You can try to use Fermented clo in place of anchovies on your favorite Caesar Salad or simply sprinkle over the top of any salad.

Different ways to take 'Real' CLO and Butteroil

Here is a collection both old and new ways to take 'Real' clo and bo. If you have some of your family's dosing success stories to share with the community please forward using the contact link on this web page and i will consider adding to the list.

1. Melt the butter oil in 1-2 ounces of warm water and mix with fermented clo and maybe a tea or lemon juice. down the hatch

2. take on a spoon with a little honey or maple syrup.

3. melt on oatmeal or similar

4. take straight up and enjoy the wake up energy the fermented clo provides to your senses

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