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Part 2, Deeper discussion; Why FCLO and High Vitamin Butter Oil

July 15, 2010


The question about The Roles of Vitamin A, Hormone D, other hormones and quinones comes up from time to time.

FCLO's Role is high Levels of Fat soluble nutrients including A,D,E,K quinones, enzymes ,hormones and fatty acids. The Complex of these Nutrients will be totally different in the butter oil vs the fclo.

The Fatty Acid Complex is completely different as is the species collecting these nutrients. The Hormone/steroid/enzyme structure is directly related to the species and the fatty acid structure (diet).


Vitamin A.: The FCLO will have many different types at very high levels compared to the High Vitamin Butter Oil. One does not buy the butter oil for vitamin A. Typical butter oil vitamin A 45-90 iu's per ml vs FCLO 1500-5000 iu's per ml.

Vitamin or Hormone D: This nutrient as with most if not all hormones are altered and destroyed with heat early in the processing.

The FCLO will have many varieties of hormone D, not just D3. The Butter oil will be exclusively D3. Typical levels per ml in the Butter oil will be 200-300 iu's per ml vs 700-2000 iu's per ml (or much higher depending on measuring method). Keep in mind that we do not test all the different derivatives of D in the FCLO as this research is cost prohibitive

Quinones: I know many follow the theory that MK4 is the most important quinone but I do not. I do not think we have a good enough understanding of the whole food to pick and choose what to take and not take. If we did then i guess we could all take a pill rather than the whole food and live happily ever after.

The Quinone structure will be totally different in the fclo vs the butter oil. I suspect that the quinone, hormone, vitamin, fatty acid,steroid,enzyme comparative structures between the Butter Oil and the FCLO are complimentary just as Dr. Weston Price Discussed when he discovered the synergy between the two. The Total Quinone structure is very high in both the butter oil and the fclo. I suspect the FCLO will be higher in K2's than Butter Oil based on my observations on how the products are provided in nature, collected, prepared, and discssions noted in the Merck Index. The Butter oil will be highest in other quinones. Typical Total Quinone content of the FCLO will range from 30-90 mg per ml (note the unit of measures when comparing products), and the High Vitamin Butter Oil will range from 20-30 mg per ml total Quinione.

(Side bar on above paragraph, I do not know if Weston Price had access to Fermented CLO as by the 1930's most or some of the cod liver oil should have been rendered rather than fermented, this is only a guess based on my research. It is possible some cod liver oil produced was still made the old way during the early part of the 20th century)

Hormones/steroids/enzymes might be the most misunderstood nutrients but the most important to consider. Their are hundreds of these structures consolidated and tied within the fatty acid structures if the food is carefully collected and prepared. Vitamin D is a hormone. I have a book that shows 937 different structures of vitamin D (not all naturally occuring). It is not all about D3 as the media medicine discusses. We still do not understand how cartilage is formed. Just because we do not understand does not not make the picture any less whole. I think all we have to do is understand it is. The skate fish does know how to make cartilage, it does it without thinking about what to eat and not eat. The skate can not make bone. The skate does eat similar to other fish like the cod. So is it the nutrient that determines the outcome or something else?

What do you think? Is this statement highlighted startling to you as me? Which is it, the nutrient or what we do with the nutrient.. and I would assume what we do with the nutrient is most effected by steroids and hormones.

Dr. Weston Price described Activator X as a Vitamin enhancer or enabler found in highest quantities in High Vitamin Butter oil, some eggs, some insects, some fish species ect.... Dr. Royal Lee described Activator x as the key that opens the door for vitamin D and calcium to enter the cell (steroid like). Dr Richard (founder of the company Plant Stem Cells) says Activator X is Brassino steroid. Chris Masterjohns theory is that Activator X is within the quinone family most likely in the K class of nutrients.

If Activator X is a plant steroid, hormone or even quinone it makes sense that the highest levels of Activator X will be found in animals milk fat if they are eating these plants during the time period of the highest activity of the nutrient. My theory is that all these nutrients are important in their whole form and one should not attempt to isolate and identify this or that as being of most important. I think we will always miss the whole/real story. Dr. Price could not identify Activator X, nor did he understand the variety of nutrients in clo, such as a variety of forms of vitamin D, but this did not stop him from highlighting and using High Vitamin Butter Oil and clo in his work. He did not have to know what it was to make use of the whole food product or to write about it's effects.

I think in time, plant and animal hormones/steroids/enzymes will be viewed as the real deal as far as human nutrients. Scientists are starting to pick up on the concept of hormones as nutrients. I had a plant scientist tell me 'every time we study one of these plant hormones we find it is found to be important for human nutrition'. Hormones are very delicate and are easily altered/destroyed through industrial processing. The hormone structures change rapidly depending on feed, soil,light,species,processing ect...

Industrial processing methods change and alter the entire nutrient integrity of the product. We may not understand what we are measuring and their may be whole factors involved that we just do not have the ability/technology to have a comprehensive understanding. It is like a million pc jigsaw puzzle with no full picture to start with. We understand small fragments of the picture and might have ability to put some part of the picture together. The debate is centered on how much of the picture do we think we know. My contention is we don't have a clue other than the pc's are all their as long as we do not loose or disrupt any of them.

Our foods need to be as unprocessed as possible. Heat is the biggest sinner in the industrialized food model. Just because we do not understand does not make it real.

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