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Storing Fermented Cod liver oil

Storing Fermented Cod liver oil

By Dave Wetzel  November 14, 2010

This is rehashing old info....

Fermented Cod Liver oil has not traditionally been in refrigerated. Only after the industrialization of the oil did cold storage become the norm.

If you refrigerate the FCLO it may cloud or solidify. This does not hurt the product itself but does change the texture.


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amanda  December 18, 2015

Hi! I have just purchased this, and we are headed to south India shortly. I really want to take it with me, but it may be impossible to keep it cool. Is it ok if it stays warm? Thanks!


Ryan Finchum  March 30, 2011

i was curious if it was left out if the fermentation will continue and the flavor intensify?...we purchase and use the royal blend...
is this a miracle product that instead of going bad after being left out, it actually gets better?


yes... the enzymatic activity continues to digest the product


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