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Report on Cod Liver Oil: Testing the Safety and Vitamin Content of our Number One Superfoo...
CHAMP Pro Plus
“Cod” taxonomy: Understanding scientific and common names...
Soil Rescue Spring Sale
Cure Tooth Decay Book Giveaway Closed...
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Report on Cod Liver Oil: Testing the Safety and Vitamin Content of our Number One Superfood
CHAMP Pro Plus
“Cod” taxonomy: Understanding scientific and common names
Soil Rescue Spring Sale
Cure Tooth Decay Book Giveaway Closed
The fermenting of fish and fish by-products: fish sauces in ancient medicine and cuisine.
Annual Christmas and New Year Holiday Sale
The Adventures of Andrew Price: Children's Book Giveaway Closed
Historical Perspectives of Cod Liver Oil
Scientific Analysis. Small amounts of trans fatty acids are naturally occurring in fish, including cod liver oil.
Hockey is in my blood.
Scientific Analysis of Dr. Jacob Friest
Historical Roots of Fish Liver Oil
Wise Traditions Conference Giveaway Closed
Cure Gum Disease Naturally Book Giveaway
Scientific Analysis of Oxidation Test Reports by Dr. Subramaniam Sathivel
Scientific Analysis of Oxidation Test Reports by Dr. Vicki Schlegel
Fermented Cod Liver Oil Label Clarification
Opinions of Craig Elding/ The Health Cloud. Report Analysis
My Thoughts In Looking Back Over Last Week’s Controversy
What Do the Scientists Say?
cGMP and Quality Statement from Final Product Manufacturing
REVISED - Response to Questions on Fermented Cod Liver Oil
Using the Sun's Energy
Other Traditional Fermented/Pickled Fish Products
The Eye-Brain Connection
Friday Fun.. Thought I would share personal family fun.. Our Daughters Team took State Basketball Title
Oxygen Discussion
Gone - "U.T.O.P.I.A.: Unified Theory of Oxygen Participation in Aerobiosis," PhD, Prof Randolph M. Howes MD
Friday Fun Video
Gum Disease and Nutrient-Dense Food Supplements: Results of my In-Office Study
Fermented Food Study And Taste Test Video
Dr. Randolph Howes "Free Radical Theory of Aging and Oxidative Stress"
Wkend fun…Looking for other stories of Daughters taller than Fathers, Share in comments area. It is rare for this to occur
Short Side bar to Short Video Clip Discussion on Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Fermentation
Short Video Clip Discussion on Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Fermentation
Historical Discussion on Cod Liver Oil
Safety of Cod Liver Oil
Thought I Would Share
Oxidative study
New FAQ posting...thought others might appreciate
A Few Funny Quotes on ANTIOXIDANTS for your enjoyment. Good way to start off your wkend.
Omega-3s: Fishing for a Mechanism
Vitamin D Discussion
Confusion on Fermented Cod Liver Oil and introducing Dr. Jie to our Staff and Customers
Fermented Cod Liver Oil - The One Supplement That Every Family Should Be Taking
Matrix Reflex Testing (MRT) The Self Testing Course, by Dr. Louisa Williams
Surprising New Vitamin D Research
The Vitamin D Epidemic and its Health Consequences
(Continued) The Vitamin D Epidemic and its Health Consequences
South Koreans crave Asia's smelliest fish
Grey hair disappears, just one positive effect from the use of FCLO..share your observations
Food Chain as Origin of Vitamin D in Fish
Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Capsules - The Verdict
Fudge with NEW Carmel Infused Oil
Two Testimonials. First one on our skin balm and the other on taste. Post your testimonial here if you would like to share with others
An Alternative Pathway Of Vitamin D2 Metabolism
Fermented Cod Liver Oil: A Traditional Food
Fermentation/Digestion of fats
Another 'first' account of cod liver oil being used for health
Customer Comment on Skin,Sun and Oils
Alternative Uses of FCLO and its by products, Farm, Home, Garden, lawns. Share your comments. Donna From MA Comments below
Fermenting of Cod Livers in to a Real Superfood
Green Pasture Products Customer Visit/Tour Observations
Problem solving and understanding our products
Amines...are they scary as some bloggers would have you believe or natural and abundant
The Three Kinds of Cod Liver Oil 1849
Testing and efficacy
Doctors discussion on comparing Fish Oils
Redox discussion: Heat, Chemical and Fermentation/digestion
Feed back on using Oils with pets and farm animals
Important Paper on Glyphosate - and discussion on the NEW pathogen effecting plant, animal and human fertility
How to take FCLO... Did Grandma know best?
Beauty Balm and Calm balm feed back
Should We Avoid Fish Because of Mercury? Part 2
Breast Cancer and Heart Attacks: A Deadly Side Effect of Calcium Supplements OR Could It Be The The Synthetic Vitamin D3?
Notes .. Taste, Odor, Texture FCLO Questions
What was cod liver oil like in the early 1800's? Was it brown? How did it taste?
Mercury Fearmongers
Mercury Myths
Vitamin D and Chronic Rhinitis
Link to Bibliography on Cod-Liver Oil in Animal Feeding etc.
How Much Fermented Cod Liver Oil to Take
Looking for feedback, comments, uses, reactions to the new Skin/Beauty and Muscle/Joint/Vapor balm products
New FCLO/HVBO skin cream and penetrating rub/ cream now available...Feed Your Body Through Your Skin
Mercury in seafood discussion
Mercury Myths
Toddler Taking Raw Fermented Cod Liver Oil
The Marshall Protocol
Updates on New products and request for feed back
Hydrogen Peroxide - Curse or Cure?
The Purdue Vaccination Studies and Auto-antibodies
Answer to questions why some have digestive discomfort when taking FCLO
The dangerous fraud behind the forced use of Compact Fluorescent Lights
Farm loses organic certification due to contamination by Monsanto GM canola
Dr. Huber and the Impact of Glyphosate in the Food Chain
More on Glyphosate - Don Huber's Warning to Vilsack and his Cover Letter
Paper by Huber and Haneklaus on Managing Nutrition to Control Plant Disease
Fake rice article and notes on D3 from Dr. Weber
GMO's, Dr Huber
Dr. Don Huber Letter Sounds Alarm to USDA on Herbicide Roundup
Copy of Dr. Huber's Letter to the USDA
Phosphatidylcholine Life's Designer Molecule
Creative way to take real Fermented Cod Liver oil.... Your imagination is the only limit of possibilities
Order From the EU... contact Holomed
Skate Liver Oil on the Skin... Beauty Treatment...New Skin Cream Available Soon
Part 2, Vitamin D, To test or not to test.
Vitamin D testing...To test or not to test
Green Pasture Products In the EU... Passed All EU Testing and Compliance by EU Authorities ... Congratulations Holomed
PCB's, Dioxin, PBDE's in the enviroment and mirrored in breast milk at much higher levels than any fish oil
Discussion:roles of Vitamin A, Hormone D, other hormones, steroids, sterols etc
Storing Fermented Cod liver oil
I get a common Question, Raw Butter, Ghee, Butter Oil, Coconut Ghee
EPA/DHA/Omega 3 This is not the real story, The Cambridge International Institute for Medical Science
Reposting old information on clo and ear wax
Great idea. Make your FCLO in to a cool treat
Why Hydrogenated Oils Should be Avoided at All Costs submitted by Dr. Donald
Skepticism Mounts on Need for Vitamin D Supplementation
Observations from Dr. Kelling, anabolic/catabolic
Observations by Dr. Donald
Brassino Steroid, My guess is that some day our community will want to know more about this group of nutrients
Brassino Steroid - Part 2
Another way to take FCLO
Common sense blog I found on Fish Oil Suit Subject... 2nd post, read in order
Vitamin D2 is equally as effective as vitamin D3 in maintaining 25-hydroxyvitamin D status
Vitamin D and many metabolites not just D3
Vitamin D and transfats, plus other notes of interest
fish and vitamin D...One more
fish and vitamin D...One more - part 2
Vitamin D metabolism in fish-part 1
Vitamin D metabolism in fish-part 2
Vitamin D metabolism in fish-part 3
Vitamin D metabolism in fish-part 4
Vitamin D metabolism in fish-part 5
Vitamin D metabolism in fish-part 6
Lessons on how to take FCLO from our family
Real Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin D
Refrigerate or not to refrigerate, that is the question
How much Fclo to consume? Here is Dr. Rosann Volmerts observations
Update on Cod Liver Oil Manufacturing, Returning to Traditional Production Techniques for the Quintessential Sacred Food
Different ways to take 'Real' CLO and Butteroil
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