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Vitamin D Discussion
Confusion on Fermented Cod Liver Oil and introducing Dr. Jie to our Staff and Customers...
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Omega-3s: Fishing for a Mechanism

September 12, 2014


Omega-3s: Fishing for a Mechanism

Despite abundant evidence supporting their ability to help prevent and treat cardiovascular disease, the therapeutic effectiveness of fish oil–derived fatty acids remains controversial.

By | November 1, 2012


Four decades ago, Danish medical students Jørn Dyerberg and Hans Olaf Bang traveled west across the Greenland ice sheet on dogsleds to test a theory. For many years prior to their journey, there had been anecdotal reports that Greenland Eskimos had an extremely low incidence of heart disease, and Dyerberg and Bang speculated that this was linked to the high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) in the fish the native people consumed on a daily basis. After collecting and analyzing scores of blood samples, their hypothesis was borne out, and ever since, the medical and scientific community has been on a quest to determine exactly how PUFAs impart protective effects, and what amount must be ingested in order to achieve such benefits. Nearly 40 years and thousands of published studies later, however, these questions remain largely unanswered.

Cardiovascular disease continues to have an enormous impact on the world’s health and economy, making it all the more urgent that health-care practitioners find and implement low-cost prevention strategies. Dietary intake of PUFAs, specifically the n-3 PUFAs found in fish (commonly known as omega-3s), could serve as a perfect solution, but the lack of understanding of how PUFAs work—and continuing controversy over whether they really do work—has made it nearly impossible to properly implement their use in the clinic. Thus, a coordinated effort is needed to establish a mechanism for how n-3 PUFAs function in normal metabolism in order to develop proper therapeutic paradigms and to clarify their effectiveness in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Click here for the full text

Categories: Cod Liver Oil
Tags: fatty acids

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Vitamin D Discussion

September 10, 2014


Hello, over time we have shared studies and discussion on Vitamin D. Here are some bullet points to recap followed by a few new discussion points presented by Dr. Jie

+ Vitamin D is plentiful in the sea. Vitamin D originates at the base of the food chain as both D2 and D3 in zoo and phyto plankton. Discussion located in blog posted January 2014 titled Food Chain as Origin of Vitamin D in Fish

+We routinely test our fclo for D2/D3 but we also went through the expense to have our oils tested using the rat bio assay. The lab fed our fclo to rats and measured bone growth/density to confirm not only are there molecules floating around but they are active in fuction. Our products were very active with vitamin D affect. The scientist who did the work taught me much on the subject. One paraphrase I will not forget; 'All the vitamin D testing is meaningless. The only way to test vitamin D is to feed it to rats! Rats don't lie! ' In other words... count all the molecules you want. Counting molecules does not equate to results.

+As commonly known within the fishery industry and referenced to Fishery By-Products Technology "Fish oil, especially cod liver oil, is the best natural source of vitamin D2"..... click icon at bottom of artcile to continue



Below is short discussion provided by Dr. Jie on Vitamin D2 vs D3. He is working on a couple papers of interest to the group and this discussion will be part of his work but in much more detail.


Hi Dave,

I just quickly searched some scientific papers and found something interesting. The argument of "Vitamin D3 is better than Vitamin D2," is really meaningless. If they have different function, or if Vitamin D2 has not bio-activities, how can it be given a name as Vitamin D?

Here is something from USDA:

Major metabolic steps involved with the metabolism D2 are similar to those of the metabolism of D3. Vitamin D without a subscript represents either D2 or D3 or both and is biologically inert, requiring two obligate hydroxylations to form its biologically active hormone, 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D (1,25(OH)2D) (DeLuca, 1988; Reichel et al., 1989).

Since both Vitamin D will be converted into same bio-active hormone in your body, why we are still struggling with the form of them?

Okay, here is more: A research conducted by Dr. Michael F. Holick said,
Vitamin D2 Is as Effective as Vitamin D3 in Maintaining Circulating Concentrations of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D
(the abstract can be found in NIH database: and the fulltext can be accessed through

I think people would like to concentrate on Vitamin D3 is due to it can be synthesized in the skin. But remember, the bio-active hormone is 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D, which comes from both Vitamin D2 and D3.



Click here for the full text

Categories: By-Products  |  Dave's Rants  |  General Health Topics
Tags: agriculture

1 Comment     Comments

Amani OBEID, Canada , September 10, 2014 at 8:45 PM | Reply
I cannot thank you enough for posting this. I've been thinking about this for sooo long, and it made me doubt the vitamin D level in cod liver oil, because it was mainly D2, and it was made to appear that D2 is inferior. Wow, just wow. Thank you so much.

My question is this, is cod liver oil sufficient for supplying all of one's needs for vitamin D for someone who is very dark skinned and living far from the equator? How do you know if you have enough vitamin D, without resorting to the blood test?


hello, i don't know for sure on blood test. i have heard so many conflicting discussions on the subject. even consuming vitamin D or sun does not ensure vitamin D in tissue. thyroid, enzymes systems, minerals etc... all play a role in how vitamin D works in the body

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Confusion on Fermented Cod Liver Oil and introducing Dr. Jie to our Staff and Customers

September 8, 2014


"I Don't know a more nutrient dense food than Fermented Cod Liver Oil...Hundreds of thousands of molecular structures. It is Beyond a label discussion"


I have had about 6 identical questions in the past wk so my guess is someone is blogging about our product from a perspective of not understanding the product or simply intentionally misleading. People do make mistakes so I hope it is such rather than misleading with intent to confuse people. In past, when we have seen this type of activity, it is usually tied to selling something else. Oh what a surprise :).

If you have someone questioning Fermented Cod Liver Oil it might be as simple as thinking it through. We are doing nothing more than your gut would do to digest the liver for you. IF you are afraid of your natural digestive system then, and only then, should you be concerned about fermented cod liver oil. We are predigesting the livers with similar process of your digestive system. This makes the oil an essence of the whole liver and more available and nutritive than eating/digesting the liver itself. In addition we are learning to age the Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Maybe some day we will label with vintage years :)

I had one wholesale customer who contacted me saying that another sales person selling other products told him our products had FFA (free fatty acid) in them. My reply was 'I hope so'. Most industrialized oils will prop their products up and make claim statements on how low the ffa is in their product. But in fact this is a weakness. Industrialized oils need to keep ffa as low as possible because the process itself creates a product that if ffa is not controlled the product will be in poor condition and have a horrible or pungent smell. Industrial produced oils are completely different than fermenting the liver and have a completely different set of defining parameters.  You can not look at both through the same eyes.  You will continually get the wrong answers because the question is wrong.  This might be how a blogger can make a honest mistake rather than intentionally misleading.

FFA is actually healthful for us. It is key for blood sugar management and other benefits........ click article to continue


Dr. Jie

Introducing Dr. Jie to our customers.

Over the years I have had a few trusted consultants within the scientific community. One of them is Dr. Jie. He has assisted in a variety of roles the past couple years including interning at our plant about 1 year ago.

Dr. Jie has a Doctorate Degree in Food Science Technology.

Some duties include:

Setting up lab for product and informational testing,

Quality control

Assisting / writing Scientific papers on our products


Refining the fermentation and aging process

He will head new product development, We have been looking at making a pet food for our beloved cats and dogs for several years using the protein section of the fermented livers. During Dr. Jie's PhD Program he did some pet food development work. We hope to introduce a pet food sometime in 2015.

All our products are packaged in pharmaceutical licensed facilities, Dr. Jie will take over the role of coordinating the product safety testing and meeting regulatory guidelines ... This area of food manufacturing is ever more tasking.


Click here for the full text

Categories: By-Products  |  Dave's Rants  |  General Health Topics
Tags: agriculture

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contest completed! Share your story for chance to receive free gift coupon. Applying Liquid fish/raw milk to fields, gardens and potted plants

September 6, 2014









Kent Fry

Would you like a gift coupon from Green Pastures… Just write your short story on how you used Raw Milk and / or our liquid fish products on your land, garden or potted plants. The First 10 even numbered posts receive a gift. If you include a picture I’ll boost the coupon value! When you post, each post is assigned a number within the system so I can quickly identify the first 10 even numbered replies.

Kent Fry; friend, neighbor and broad based successful multi generational farmer, had heard about applying raw milk to the soil but never gave it much thought. Conventional farming is low margin and high risk. There is no room for error.

His farm is broad based, milk cows, beef cows, row crops , pasture and hay fields.

About 2 months ago he had a milk compressor go down. The milk company would not take his milk as it did not cool properly. Rather than cry over warm milk (pun intended :)) he took the milk from the bulk tank and spread it on a large alfalfa field.

A few wks later he returned to the field to start the process for timing the chopping of the field. He was not sure what he was looking at. He had to get down from his 4-wheeler and look at the plants. He was not sure it was really alfalfa. He had never seen leaves so large. There were leaves larger than a quarter. And looking under the plant there were no leaves sloughing off. It was very thick from top to bottom of the plant.

Click here for the full text

Categories: By-Products  |  Dave's Rants  |  General Health Topics
Tags: agriculture

17 Comments     Comments

Jen Gamble, ID , September 11, 2014 at 8:46 AM | Reply
<< Image of cherry tomatoes plants starting to dye back and blossoms still setting rare for my area this late ...
david wetzel, oneill ne , September 9, 2014 at 7:50 AM | Reply
Hello, i am in and out off office the balance of the wk so i am going to pull the contest now. We sold several hundred of the liquid fish when we had a sale this past spring. I was hoping that more of the farmers/gardeners would be watching the board. i wanted to hear how it went this summer. they must all be in their garden. What i will do is have jeannie issue a $30.00 coupons to each person who replied and give a $50.00 coupon for the people who posted a picture in the reply. If anyone wants to report how growing went this summer please continue to share with others within this blog


note, jeannies number is 402-858-4818 ext 3
Cynthia Hill, United States , September 12, 2014 at 12:56 PM | Reply
Thank you David! :-)
Ricky, , September 7, 2014 at 2:37 PM | Reply
We have had a garden now for several years and started using the liquid fish fertilizer two years ago. We grow exclusively in containers since our soil tested high for lead and both the flowers and vegetables are thriving. It's really helpful, considering that my soil is also not very rich, and we have never had so many blooms before. A week after I fed them for the first time, all of the tiny little plants grew like crazy. I couldn't believe it! The smell took a bit to get used to but it is the best stuff I ever used, and I have tried a lot of different products. It is convenient and also mild enough that you don`t have to worry about damaging or "burning" the plants. Best of all it is natural and organic!

post 8497 thank you for sharing
Jeanne Breiner, Oneill, NE, United States , September 12, 2014 at 1:13 PM | Reply
Please contact me and I will get a coupon issued to you I don't have your last name. My direct line is 402-858-4822.
Barbara Nekolite, O'Neill, NE, United States , September 12, 2014 at 12:59 PM | Reply
Cynthia Hill, United States , September 6, 2014 at 9:52 PM | Reply
Last Fall we laid out a new garden on a hill in our backyard. We turned over the grass and added organic composted manure, vegetable/yard compost and covered with food grade black plastic to cook over the winter. Being on a hill that gets full Sun & with the plastic cover we dug holes & planted 2 weeks early. It was a slow start with the cold/wet Midwest Spring & the plants/seedlings struggled to get a start but finally took hold. I started applying Green Pasture Liguid Fish Soil Rescue about 3 times a month and my garden took off and soon became a jungle! The tomato plants grew lush, full & tall as did beans,potatoes, peas, zucchini & everything I planted. We experienced very little bug damage to leaves and everything produced high yields with beautiful fruit as we have never experienced before and early too! This is a pic of the garden (I am in there if you can spot me)!

Thanks for a great product that I will definitely use every year and may try adding the raw milk too.

post 8491 thank you, good to hear from you

Annie, Annie Lam , September 6, 2014 at 9:42 PM | Reply
I use the fermented CLO for dental health. I have yet to see benefits but then again I haven't been taking it on a regular basis. I would say that the liquid kind is slightly easier to take than then the one you have to stir. A noticeable benefit for my mom who also takes it has found that it made her hair thicker that even her barber has noticed a difference.


jen, Idaho , September 6, 2014 at 9:36 PM | Reply
I have a surplus of cherry tomatoes this year ... Only thing I did different from friends and family was RAW MILK KEFIR ...

Most has a bad year for tomatoes also I have a lovely potted potato garden thriving :)

My picture wouldn't post but I have plants starting to dye back and blossoms still setting rare for my area this late ...



send picture to me and i'll see if i can get it to post

post number 8489
Jeanne Breiner, Oneill, NE, United States , September 12, 2014 at 1:15 PM | Reply
Please contact me so I will be able to issue a coupon to you. I don't have your last name to get one issued to you. My direct line is 402-858-4822.
dave, oneill ne , September 6, 2014 at 9:34 PM | Reply
for got to post the numbers next to the first 4 posts. the numbers are kind of in order but sometimes it skips a number...out of order

peter 8475
lynn 8476
em 8477 :) not sure if it was a comment?
8481 chelsie
Chelsie , Olympia, Wa , September 6, 2014 at 6:02 PM | Reply
Last year was my first year gardening, and although it was very enjoyable spending lots of time outside, my plants did not produce very much. I wanted to do things different this year, while also maintaining a true organic garden. My grandma recommended that I use liquid fish fertilizer this time around and so that is what I did. The transformation from last year to this year has been incredible! My garden has exploded and we have been enjoying LOTS of kale, lettuce, zucchini, carrots, chard, and tomatoes. They are all so flavorful, huge, and beautiful! I am going to be recommending liquid fish fertilizer to everyone! I already looking forward to an even bigger garden next year!
Jeanne Breiner, Oneill, NE, United States , September 12, 2014 at 1:16 PM | Reply
Please contact me and I will get a coupon issued to you, please give me a call at 402-858-4822 to get the coupon issued to you.
Em, , September 6, 2014 at 5:49 PM | Reply
So... who has the first story? :)
Lynn, MN , September 6, 2014 at 5:38 PM | Reply
One year I planted two cherry tomato plants near the house- one near the door and the other around the corner. We have several dairy goats and sometimes we have excess milk. I had recently heard about using milk as a fertilizer so when I had excess milk I gave it to my daughter and told her to put it on the tomato plants.

We had noticed that the plant near the door tasted sweeter and was MUCH larger. It grew so tall it started to peek into the window. Later we learned that our daughter had poured most of the milk on the closer plant, and didn't bother with the farther plant.
Jeanne Breiner, Oneill, NE, United States , September 12, 2014 at 1:17 PM | Reply
Please contact me and I will get a coupon issued to you. My direct line is 402-858-4822.
See all 11 Comments >>

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ALL BOOKS GONE "Antioxidants Link To Deadly Unintended Consequences," by Prof Randolf M. Howes M.D., Ph.D

September 4, 2014


Below is an important book/discussion. Years ago GPP used to add an anti-oxidant to our oils. I was continually challenged by practitioners and others from the perspective that anti-oxidants are harmful to us, they are industries pet preservative. Our oils should not need anti-oxidants, they have natural protections built in from the product and natural process.  ...... Read full blog article for complete discussion and how to win the book


Antioxidants Linked To Deadly Unintended Consequences: PhD, Prof Randolph M. Howes MD: 9781470008758: Books

Dr. Howes presents over 500 scientific reports showing the ineffectiveness of common antioxidants and of these, over 170 studies show harmful effects. This should not be surprising, since our very survival depends on imperative oxidative biochemical pathways. Dr. Howes discusses seven crucial oxidative pathways, including pathogen protection, cancer protection, wound healing, energy production, detoxification, immunity and cellular signaling, which can be blocked or interfered with by "antioxidant stacking or overkill." Thus, it is a no-brainer that antioxidant overload can cause inadvertent harmful maladies and also cause increased risk of death (overall mortality). Antioxidants can act as "dirty bombs" and non-specifically interfere with essential oxidative processes. Preservatives increase antioxidant exposure and this is rapidly contaminating our environment, due to the desire to prevent spoilage (rancidity, discoloration, foul odors, etc.) of common foods and preserve feed supplies of animals, such as cattle, pigs and fish. Antioxidant food fortification is commonplace and genetic modification to augment antioxidant content of foods is on the rise. This book is the world's largest selective collection of antioxidant reports and the cited studies include over 16 million human participants. Thirty two major medical/scientific organizations do not recommend the use of antioxidant supplements but suggest getting them for fresh fruits and vegetables. Dr. Howes has discovered that antioxidants can shield or protect 27 different cancer cell types in the laboratory and 9 murine (rodent) cancer cell types from being killed. Yet, millions of cancer survivors are encouraged to take potentially dangerous doses of antioxidant supplements on a daily basis. Please educate yourself to the inherent dangers of antioxidant overkill. Be smart. Be safe. Dr. Howes presents the downside of antioxidant overloading and exposes the mythology behind aggressive advertising campaigns pushing antioxidant overuse. Dr. Howes convincingly presents overwhelming data which clearly invalidates and nullifies the free radical theory and points out its failure to meet the requirements of the scientific method. The erroneous free radical theory lacks predictability and reproducibility. All antioxidant studies have been based on the flawed free radical theory. Hence, hundreds of studies have failed to show effectiveness or safety of antioxidant use in humans. It is time to move past the debunked free radical theory and to appreciate the many benefits of electronically modified oxygen derivatives (EMODs, previously called reactive oxygen species, ROS). EMODs are essential to normal homeostasis and human survival. Without them we would rapidly succumb, just as we would summarily die without a constant supply of ground state di-radical oxygen. We are, indeed, obligate aerobes. Please do not overlook this most essential fact.

Click here for the full text

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