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Archive for 'Dave Wetzel'

New Product introduced at WAPF Conference

Thank you to all who help decide the New Product Flavors. Our community appreciates your willingnesss to try the products and provide your input on the flavor formulations.

New Product  introduced at WAPF Conference Nov 9th. Anyone who tried the product, please post comments...share with others

The New Product Flavors will be; Unflavored, Carmel, Carob/Banana, Cinnamon. All flavors are Organic.... Aiming to have available by years end or just after New Year



I can not contain my excitement any longer... I need to share with our community what will be introduced at the WAPF conference in a couple wks.

I anticipate this product will be the pinnacle product GPP offers within a year or two.

 It is a infused Organic Coconut Oil with a mixture of FCLO, HVBO, and /or Skate Liver Oil.

How to take FCLO... Did Grandma know best?

From old movies we can still pick up the essence of what it was like when the cod liver oil jar came out of the cupboard. Kids would scatter. We still have one of our 6 children that seems to go missing each morning.

Stories from the war years indicate that schools would ensure the children were well nourished by providing cod liver oil each day. This was often blended with orange juice to make it easier to take.

We did a quick taste testing experiment in our office and below is what we think are good product blending options to make it easier to take yourt FCLO each day. Here are our favorites.

Feds seek $7M in privately made 'Liberty Dollars'

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks), will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." Thomas Jefferson

“Great News” Pediatricians refuse to treat non-vaccinating patients

(NaturalNews) As though joining a noble cause, some pediatricians in the U.S. are making the decision not to see patients, who are unvaccinated, and are calling upon colleagues to do the same.
Ironically, one reason given, and feigning great heroism in its expression, is to keep waiting rooms free of "diseased patients".
The reality, however, is quite different.
Outbreaks of diseases commonly vaccinated against are most often found in individuals, who have received the vaccine.
Dr. William Atkinson, senior epidemiologist with the CDC confirmed this fact when he reported: "Measles transmission has been clearly documented among vaccinated persons.
In some large outbreaks...over 95% of cases have a history of vaccination
<> ." This is true with regards to other diseases as well.

Feed Back on the New Emulsified FCLO products..All will be posted for the next 30 days

Please continue to email feed back on the new emulsified FCLO products.  i will post 100% of the feed back for through May 1st on this post.  checdk back for new feed back as often as you would like. 

Dr. Huber and the Impact of Glyphosate in the Food Chain

Latter-Day Luther Nails Troubling Thesis to GM Farm & Food Citadels

Copyright 2011 – by Steven McFadden


After trucking across the high plains for five hours, and casting my eyes over perhaps 100,000 acres or more of winter’s still deathly gray industrial farmland, I came face to face with the newly famous Dr. Don M. Huber in the cave-dark meeting room of the Black Horse Inn just outside the American Heartland village of Creighton, Nebraska.

On the morning of March 24, along with about 80 farmers and Extension agents, I listened as Huber discoursed with erudition and eloquence upon industrial farming practices that may be impacting nearly every morsel of food produced on the planet, and that subsequently may also be having staggeringly serious health consequences for plants, animals, and human beings.

Huber is emeritus soil scientist of Purdue University, and a retired U.S. Army Colonel who served as an intelligence analyst, for 41 years, active and reserves. In Nebraska, he stood ramrod straight for three hours with no notes and spoke with an astonishing depth and range of knowledge on crucial, controversial matters of soil science, genetic engineering, and the profound impact of the widely used herbicide glyphosate upon soil and plants, and ultimately upon the health of animals and human beings.






Radio Host Cary Nosler Interviews Dave Wetzel

The Wide World of Health show host Cary Nosler talks with Dave Wetzel about Green Pastures Butter, Oil and Fermented Cod Liver Oil.

More on Glyphosate - Don Huber's Warning to Vilsack and his Cover Letter

Don M. Huber, Professor Emeritus of Purdue University writes a cover letter about his letter to Vilsack plus the text and images from his original letter regarding his concerns about glyphosate.

Paper by Huber and Haneklaus on Managing Nutrition to Control Plant Disease

Managing Nutrition to Control Plant Disease.

Don M. Huber1 and S. Haneklaus2

1Botany & Plant PathologyPurdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA
Institute of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, Braunschweig, Germany


Plant diseases are a major limitation to improved production efficiency and crop quality as they reduce nutrient availability, uptake, distribution, or utilization by the plant. Disease symptoms frequently reflect the altered nutritional status of the plant and it is frequently difficult to clearly distinguish between the biotic and abiotic factors involved.

Terry Gompert

Many in Green Pasture's community and beyond have been touched by Terry Gompert's work and life. I thought it would be appropriate to post on our blog the sad news that he passed away early Friday morning, March 25th.

Fake rice article and notes on D3 from Dr. Weber

Yes Americans are as dumb as They appear or they would not be taking FAKE vitamin D3 which flushes magnesium out ot their body causing diabetes among other things and they would stop puting gluten into their bodies which blocks vitamin D absorption (81% of the American population is gluten intolerant) and they would not have bought into the Cholesterol Con - I could fill volumes with how dumb Americans are but whats the point because the book would be out of date before it was published with all the new cons Americans are buying into on a daily basis.

Real voting every day... you can make a difference













Check the Can
















GMO's, Dr Huber

+Pathologist retired Purdue University. i think he worked in and around Monsanto paid work.
+ devoting his time to blowing the whistle on GMO's and Round up
+ 1/2 life of round-up is not a couple wks like Monsanto first suggested but rather 22 years in the soil. the second 1/2 life is even longer
+The GMO seed chelates minerals and makes them unavailable to both the plant and the consumer of the plant
+ round-up also chelates the minerals... Between The seed and roundup 60% of the minerals are bound and unusable..some minerals are completely chelated
+ round-up alfalfa will be the final pc.. to control all seed. It is a perennial and pollenates with just about everything

Stiring Raw Milk on the Land discussion

+the bacteria on the top 6 inches of soil can be about 3000-4000#’s per acre.
+ bacteria are 80-90% protein
+with proper food and 55 degree’s F bacteria can double every 15 minutes

Media Advisory: Researchers Expose Flaws in USDA Dietary Guidelines Nutrition Educators Return to Four Basic Food Groups

Media Advisory: Researchers Expose Flaws in USDA Dietary Guidelines Nutrition Educators Return to Four Basic Food Groups

FED EXP tracking is down

Please note: Fed Exp. tracking systems are down. They have been up and down all wk. We have several requests to track over the past wk and we are struggling to coordinate this work with fed exp. We hope fed exp will have issues resolved by the morning but no guarantee.

I appreciate new idea's on how to incorporate the oils into their family routine

One is only limited to ones creativeness. Above is only one method out of hundreds i have encounteredover the years. Most of our flavor options were  a result of families working with the products and sharing what works for them.

Phosphatidylcholine Life's Designer Molecule

Of the tens of thousands of molecules that make up the life of a cell, Phosphatidylcholine (PC) stands apart; it is possibly the most important of all.

Playing Our Song

Here are a couple of versions of the same song "Cod Liver Oil" by different artists.

Worth your time.... discussion i knew nothing about ... Government money flows

(The 1999 report) shows the populace of this country had gross income of 8.2 trillion dollars.

The public's income after deducting for taxation: Local Gov (1.6 trillion dollars - "Local Government's CAFR Data") Federal Gov (1.8 trillion dollars)

This left the population with: 4.8 trillion dollars net after taxation.

Local and Federal Government's "GROSS" income brought in 2X the money then the entire population of the USA did net after taxation!

3.4 TAX + 5.1 NONTAX = 8.5 Trillion Dollars


Get it? I hope so!

Creative way to take real Fermented Cod Liver oil.... Your imagination is the only limit of possibilities

Creative way to make a treat from the Blue Ice Royal Chocolate Cream

Hint on how you might deal with living FCLO changes

You will find many posts on the subject of odors, tastes, textures etc..... here is a refresher on how to deal with some inconveniences.

Order From the EU... contact Holomed

If you do not want to deal with custom issues and risks please call Holomed direct for all the Green Pasture Products...Wholesale and retail service

"4-Hour Body" Note on Muscle tone and Blue Ice Royal

For those customers that are taking the Blue Ice Royal based on The 4-Hour Body protocol please consider purchasing Blue Ice Royal gel products if you are interested in taking higher doses for muscle tone.

Why does my FCLO product vary from order to order?

There are many differences in our FCLO products you will discover from jar to jar. When you buy the liquid product you will note these differences each time you receive a new shipment.

Update-New Web Site work.- slowing shipping - response times.

We are in middle of installing a new Web site system.

Please enter your orders on line and limit the phone calls as much as your questions. We will be slow to respond to calls as we are re-learning how to service customers through our system. In time we will all appreciate the efforts to bring our new system/web site on line.

Skate Liver Oil on the Skin... Beauty Treatment...New Skin Cream Available Soon

Here is a post from a customer.... these oils on the skin are great. Other cultures use FCLO on the skin and or HVBO. The oils can stain cloth so be careful

Banks lose key foreclosure ruling in top Massachusetts court

I posted a couple months ago that it appeared many people with mortgages no longer owed the bank payments and the people/owners might own their properties without having to make another payment. and might be due back payments as the banks no longer can locate the notes they are collecting on. her is a story showing state courts are ruling in favor of the people.

Note to New Users of Real Fermented Cod Liver Oil. 2

Our products are the real deal. There is a reason why Cod Liver oil has had a historical imprint in our memories as being something we needed but dreaded to take. If you choose to buy a liquid product please do so knowing that there is a discipline that some have to aquire to take the product. FCLO is not 'convenient' for some to take but rather necessary. Batches vary widly in taste, odor, texture etc...

Book discussion on topic of interest....Ocean Eco System, FCLO and HVBO

From time to time i catch wind of new books that discuss FCLO and HVBO. I should post this information... so I'll start today.

Two books released in December include:

The 4-Hour Body: An uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Super Human By Tim Ferris

Killing Cancer- Not People by Robert G. Wright.

Great!!! a new Blood test to detect more people with cancer

This one burns me... most will view this new blood test technology as great science. The Blood test is supposed to detect even 1 part per x million of cells. i don't recall the exact statistic but in a nut shell it will make it easier to diagnose more and more people with cancer at lower and lower detection limits.

Bullet points to consider:

1. Our current insurance system could barely keep up with current medical costs and technology. This is why we are moving towards a tax payer and debt payment system.

USDA Certified Organic’s Dirty Little Secret: Neotame

USDA Certified Organic’s Dirty Little Secret: Neotame

By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Just when we thought that buying “Organic” was safe, we run headlong into the deliberate poisoning of our organic food supply by the FDA in collusion with none other than the folks who brought us Aspartame. NutraSweet, a former Monsanto asset, has developed a new and improved version of this neurotoxin called Neotame.

What in the World are they Spraying

One of the most important topics i have posted, take time to watch and share.

This brings me back a couple years to a conversation i had with a a ocean/fish scientist. One of the current topics of study/concern within the industry was the change of pH in ocean waters. Even a slight change (less than .1) will substantially change the food web, such as crustaceans die, they can not form shells etc...

Update on Raw Milk as fertilizer

I received a call from a bio-chemist who works in the filed of biotic fertilizers. He read the article on raw milk as fertilizer that circled the globe and called to offer his help in describing what we have in the raw milk as fertilizers.

Below are some bullet points to the discussion

1. Soil will have between 3-4,000# of bacteria per acre (this can vary depending on sprays, soil type, temps etc...)

2. Bacteria are 90% protein

Helpful raw-milk-drinking mom threatened with prosecution

I am sharing below as this type of freedom degenerations more than bothers me. Raw Milk Drinkers think it is just them. As others in other 'cause' area's think it is just them. We are all in the same boat and we all need to stand up and fight for one another. Maybe Raw Milk is not your issue. But maybe freedom to home school is?

Note to New Users of Real Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Our products are the real deal. There is a reason why Cod Liver oil has had a historical imprint in our memories as being something we needed but dreaded to take.

New Kid Friendly Emulsified flavors finalized

Thank you to all who participated at the WAPF conference taste testing.

The Flavors are: Mint, Ginger, Licorice

We are going to increase the % in FCLO compared to the original samples. This will decrease the thickness and decrease the stevia/sweetness.

Watch for the new Emulsified products within the next 30 days +/-

Bullet points on the Economy. Land Scape is changing. cyclicals will be making move.

Rapid development in the past two wks.

I wanted to put the below linked song on our call hold but Barb (my wife) nixed it.... enjoy

enjoy the linked Song on topic of TSA pat downs. Only listen if you can handle the subject plainly discussed to a musical tune.

Los Alamos scientists: TSA scanners will kill you!

Inside TSA scanners: How terahertz waves tear apart human DNA

by Terrence Aym

While the application of scientific knowledge creates technology, sometimes the technology is later redefined by science. Such is the case with terahertz (THz) radiation, the energy waves that drive the technology of the TSA: back scatter airport scanners.

Work Force...Dot to Dot

General notes on hot topic in American Economics.

Who is working for who? Bullet points, you connect the dots

* 1 out of 19 (5%) of american work force receives disability

* 10% of the work force is unemployed

* 5-10% of the work force is cronically unemployed and not part of the statistics for unemployement numbers

* anyone know the stat on under employed? i don't have this dot

* approx 43% of ALL employees are employed by non profit driven business (government employees....). or you can say 28% +/- of the eligible work force)

Part 2, Vitamin D, To test or not to test.

Below came from posting on another blog. It was posted by someone who i consider one of the best natural teachers i have ever met. I thought many would appreciate her insights and approach to the question

Vitamin D testing...To test or not to test

Below is a thread from one of the yahoo groups i belong. i thought the tread is worth a posting on my blog.
it starts off with someone questioning testing blood for vitamin D levels;

"At the 2009 Wise Traditions Conference Dr. Louisa Williams stated that Vitamin D testing only tells you what is circulating in the blood NOT what is actually getting into the tissues where it makes a difference."

New Labels and Website by the end of the year

At GreenPasture Products we are continually improving how we operate, which includes makingour web site and product labeling more useful to you. Based on customerfeedback and new FDA labeling standards, we are making changes to our labels and our web site to work together to provide a complete picture of our product’s nutritional information.

New Study Claims FDA Review of GM Salmon Is Incomplete

In addition to below, The FDA has not, nor will they, address the long term environmental and legal issues. Just as with GMO crops, once the gene is out the owners of the patent own the fish.

Artesian Process to make the FCLO provides a wide range of Nutrients...colors, flavors, odors and textures

Most already understand the true benefit of FCLO and find ways to work with the variability in the products attributes such as color, odor, texture, flavor.

It is understood that nature does change the end product most notably by way of what the fish eats. We Think we finally have the answer to the variability of odor's in the different lots of FCLO. It looks to be the variability in an amine called Tyramine. This amine is most famous for causing the varability in different odors to strong cheeses.

Comment on why different reactions to taking oils

We have posted this previously but it has been some time. People do have a variety of reactions or observations taking oils. Here is one of my Email replies to this question. This person indicated that she feels sluggish or in general does not do as well taking the fclo.

"All are different, many get the opposite reaction. Strength stamina, euphoria etc...are common traits when taking FCLO.

Green Pasture Products In the EU... Passed All EU Testing and Compliance by EU Authorities ... Congratulations Holomed

Holomed in the Netherlands completed work with the EU Authorities including stringent testing and authentication of ALL Blue Ice and X-Factor Products. EU Approval is much more stringent than the rest of the world. There was never any doubt our products would pass as we have completed the same tests here is the US for 10 years without issue but the expense to work with the EU authorities is much more complex and costly than working with the US authorities.

Nourishing our Children DVD campaign - Nice work Sandrine

The links below are a culmination of several years work on Sandrine Hahn's part. I think you will agree her dedication and work on the subject are truly important and deserve wide spread publicity and support. Please forward these links to as many as you can to share her work.

FDA to consider approval of modified salmon

There is more evil to the story that is being brushed but not discussed.

PCB's, Dioxin, PBDE's in the enviroment and mirrored in breast milk at much higher levels than any fish oil

Below is an article that i would like to share. A few important points that jump out are:

1. Breast milk has more PCB's than Prop 65 Allows in Fish oils. We have never seen high PCB's in our FCLO nor have i seen any reported PCB levels as high as in breask milk. I assume their are some reported cases but my intuition is it would have come from lake/river fish or fish caught near river outlets and coastal industrial centers.

Link to Cancer Cures Radio Program

Great radio interview thought i would share a link

Go to Coast to Coast AM  and click on the link for the show "Cancer Cures"

Discussion:roles of Vitamin A, Hormone D, other hormones, steroids, sterols etc

The question about the roles of Vitamin A, Hormone D, other hormones and quinones comes up from time to time.

FCLO's role is high levels of fat-soluble nutrients including vitamins A, D, E, and K; quinones; enzymes; hormones; and fatty acids. The complex of these nutrients will be totally different in the butter oil versus the FCLO.

The Fatty Acid Complex is completely different as are the species collecting these nutrients. The hormone/steroid structure is directly related to the species and the fatty acid structure of the species’ diet.

Storing Fermented Cod liver oil

This is rehashing old info....

Fermented Cod Liver oil has not traditionally been in refrigerated. Only after the industrialization of the oil did cold storage become the norm.

If you refrigerate the FCLO it may cloud or solidify. This does not hurt the product itself but does change the texture.

Why are you paying so much to fill your cars tank?

If you page back several posts you will find a blog on the history of our current energy paradigm. The below post is how I see our current price structure for gasoline and diesel.
I will start off by giving you the dots on the picture as I see it then I will connect the dots. If you see a different dot pattern please drop me a line.
* Diesel always used to be about 30% less expensive than gasoline until GW Bush took office.
* Gasoline is a by-product

Shipping to Green Pastures

Reposting old information.

Green Pastures has several shipping locations. Their are no ship locations associated with USPS. Any shipper must call to confirm what location, address to ship any product, order, delivery. This is to ensure the delivery goes to the correct address.

Truck deliveries, pickups: must call and speak with plant manager and have a confirmed delivery appointment.

I get a common Question, Raw Butter, Ghee, Butter Oil, Coconut Ghee

In My Opinion, I would never discount real raw 100% grass fed butter . Eat as much as you can. There is no need to heat the raw butter to make ghee. I think raw butter is truly one of our whole sacred foods. If you don't mind the flavor, raw cultured butter is even better.

Part 2, Deeper discussion; Why FCLO and High Vitamin Butter Oil

The question about The Roles of Vitamin A, Hormone D, other hormones and quinones comes up from time to time.

FCLO's Role is high Levels of Fat soluble nutrients including A,D,E,K quinones, enzymes ,hormones and fatty acids. The Complex of these Nutrients will be totally different in the butter oil vs the fclo.

The Fatty Acid Complex is completely different as is the species collecting these nutrients. The Hormone/steroid/enzyme structure is directly related to the species and the fatty acid structure (diet).

Part 1: Two most asked questions: Why Fermented Cod Liver oil, Why High Vitamin Butter Oil

Two most asked questions: Why Fermented Cod Liver oil, Why High Vitamin Butter Oil

Fermenting fish/fish livers to make oils is an ancient practice, and the resulting oils were considered a sacred food. Fermented cod liver oil (FCLO) has been an important part of a typical family’s home for several hundred years.

EPA/DHA/Omega 3 This is not the real story, The Cambridge International Institute for Medical Science

I will attempt to scan the document quoted for more tid bits, here is the beginning of the Paper that I think is pointed to the topic. I receive many calls on EPA/DHA and i struggle with the question. The struggle is not about how much EPA/DHA the FCLO andf Skate have as they will have the same levels as any other CLO. Approx 15% of the oil will be EPA and 10% DHA for the FCLO. The Skate will be higher in DHA than FCLO.

Raw Milk Study needs financing. UNL has agreed to do the work if we/our community can fund it

Below you will see a few articles on the use of Raw milk for soil and plants. UNL did a initial study back in 2004. Their needs to be a continuing study including broadening the scope of the work. The proposed study will take 2-3 years at a cost of about $30,000 per year.

Farmer says spraying raw milk on field improves grass ...and observation on raw milks effect on fungus/Tall Fescue

Below is an article that was published/discussed in many printed news, TV, radio, blogs this past wk. I think the publics interest in the story is good news for dairy farmers. What the article does not discuss is an observation made during the Field Day comparing side by side fields of milk spray and se salt mineral spray. Not only did the milk field appear to have more growth but the field was loaded in Tall Fescue.

Saturated or Solidified FCLO

This is a repeat posting on this subject but a good reminder. The FCLO is a artisan processed product. The batches vary in texture, color, flavor and odor. Most customers understand this attribute as a 'good thing'.

Reposting old information on clo and ear wax

Dale Alexander (The King of Cod). discussed in one of his books ('How to End Dry Skin' i think is the name of the book) how ear wax production can be stimulated by taking clo. ' take 1 tablespoon of clo per day until your ear wax is flowing then stop or cut back'.

Great idea. Make your FCLO in to a cool treat

Take 1 cup Yogurt, 1 tsp FCLO ( or Blended FCLO/BO), and Fruit of your liking. Blend. Pour into ice cube trays and put sticks into each cube then Freeze.

You can mix stronger FCLO if the fruit selection has a stronger flavor.... Trial and error rule

Share this with others, Post on different blog sights. This is a great/easy way to take the FCLO.

Why Hydrogenated Oils Should be Avoided at All Costs submitted by Dr. Donald

(NaturalNews) If you're really concerned about getting healthy and staying that way, then you have to be very concerned about what you're putting into your body.
This means not only avoiding fast foods and other known junk foods, but it means that you have to be very aware of one of the worst of the more than 6000 chemicals that are added to foods today.

Skepticism Mounts on Need for Vitamin D Supplementation

Great article... their is sooo much more to FCLO than vitamin D. Even the variety of forms of vitamin D is important.... keep in mind the below discussion of vitamin d supplementation is specifically discussing vitamin D3. real FCLO has some D3 but most of the measured D is D2.

Artisan FCLO process .. ramble

I had a discussion with a customer on this topic and i thought i would share a conclusion.

Observations from Dr. Kelling, anabolic/catabolic

Dr. Kelling shared a few points on the topic of anabolic and catabolic that I think are worth your consideration.
Each person is one type or another, this is why some do well being treated one way and others have to be treated totally opposite.

Observations by Dr. Donald

Dr. Donald contacted me as he has had a few patients not test strong for FCLO. I have blogged previous that not everyone is the same and some do better on skate rather than FCLO. I do not know why this is true but i have heard this from more than one doctor. Dr. Louisa Williams (Author of Radical Medicine) commented during her WAPF Conference presentation that many of her patients test stronger with Skate vs FCLO.

Dr. Richard allowed below post. He is founder of PSC (Plant Stem Cells)

I think Dr. Richard and PSC is on to something. Included in my phone call with him he advised his theory that Activator X is BrassinoSteroid. This theroy and steroid is directly related to the below article. Another point he made is that Brassinosteroid in the grass has to be consumed by an animal that has ability to digest forage for it to be useful to man. We can not eat the plant and receive the benifits of Brassinosteroid, but rather we have to eat the cow, cow milk, fish etc.... to receive the benifit of Brassino Steroid

Finally, An article featuring the attributes/observations on applying raw milk to the soil

"This article appeared in the March 10, 2010, issue of the Unterrified Democrat, a weekly newspaper published in Linn, Mo., since 1866. In addition to writing for the paper, Voss raises registered South Poll cattle on pathetically poor grass that he is trying desperately to improve.”


Nebraska dairyman applies raw milk to pastures and watches the grass grow

Brassino Steroid, My guess is that some day our community will want to know more about this group of nutrients

Brassinosteroids and Plant Steroid Hormone Signaling
Gerard J. Bishop1a and Csaba Konczb
aInstitute of Biological Sciences, University of Wales Aberystwyth, Aberystwyth SY23 3DD, United Kingdom
bMax-Planck Institut für Züchtungsforschung, Carl-von-Linné-Weg 10, D-50829 Cologne, Germany

Brassino Steroid - Part 2

Part 2

Another way to take FCLO

Wow, this one is a great idea. i just recvd this comment and have not asked for permission to display name so i will give as she has shared less the name. What a great idea.... Peanut Butter.

Nutrient test data For GPP products is/has been posted on the site for many months

I have listed nutrient test data on the web site for your viewing and general discussion. Click on products, then right column bottom. I did post comments on PCB's but their is not much to discuss on toxins as they are either not detectable or I would simply put ND or the levels are in the trillions/ to the point of not being part of the discussion such as with PCB's.

Common sense blog I found on Fish Oil Suit Subject... 2nd post, read in order

here is the entire blog

Propaganda based Fish Oil Law Suit , First in order

A prominent PCB testing scientist will forward a direct discussion on the topic to me later this wk. I will post it's complete content when it arrives.

Here is the link to the law suit press release or better said propaganda release.

Vitamin D2 is equally as effective as vitamin D3 in maintaining 25-hydroxyvitamin D status

just thought i would stir the pot further on the subject of vitamin d and how little we know..

ScienceDaily (Jan. 7, 2008) — Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) have found that vitamin D2 is equally as effective as vitamin D3 in maintaining 25-hydroxyvitamin D status.

Vitamin D and many metabolites not just D3

here is a specific note from research paper below, i am highlighting as i think this concept will be important in future discussions on the vitamin D topic as we learn that todays knowledge is not the same as tomorrow's knowledge... vitamin D2 is just starting to be studied ect.....

Vitamin D and transfats, plus other notes of interest

I would like to share with your blog group some new information on the topic of Trans fats and enzyme P450 Cytochrome.

This Enzyme system is messed up by the trans fats in our diet. Sally Fallon shared with me that Dr. Mary Enig thesis focus was on this topic.
1. One of the key functions of this enzyme system is metabolism of Vitamin D in our bodies. Without this system functioning properly the vitamin D does not get to where it needs to go

fish and vitamin D...One more

In vitro hydroxylation of vitamin D3 and 25-hydroxy vitamin D3 in tissues of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar, Atlantic mackerel Scomber scombrus, Atlantic halibut Hippoglossus hippoglossus and Atlantic cod Gadus morhua

fish and vitamin D...One more - part 2

Part 2

Vitamin D metabolism in fish-part 1

if you can get through this article you will appreciate how complex the question is on vitamin D in Real CLO. there are many metabolites in play, even beyond the scope of this article. it mentions this fact several times. this is all new science. b4 today i was not aware any pathways were identified for vitamin D in fish. it is beyond irradiated mushrooms and lambs wool extract... real food is different that the imitators

Vitamin D metabolism in fish-part 2

Part 2

Vitamin D metabolism in fish-part 3

Part 3

Vitamin D metabolism in fish-part 4

Part 4 - References

Vitamin D metabolism in fish-part 5

Part 5 - References

Vitamin D metabolism in fish-part 6

Part 6 - References

Flavor reviews from the WAPF conference

Over 700 taste testers gave their opinions of the FCLO flavors and here are the results.

1. The new gummy fish (available later this month) 85% good to excellent

2. Blue Ice Royal Cinnamon 79% good to excellent

3. Blue Ice Cinnamon FCLO 77% good to excellent

4. Mediterranean FCLO 60 % good to excellent

5. Non-Flavored FCLO 51% good to excellent

Waxes, saturated fat in real Cod Liver Oil

All industrialized cod liver oils are processed to remove saturated fats and waxes. The FCLO we make is artisan processed and we leave the product in its whole form.

Lessons on how to take FCLO from our family

Our family includes 6 children from the age of 2 to 18. My oldest 3 girls take the Mediterranean and chase with water. They will take other flavors, as it is a requirement in our house, but the Mediterranean is the one they grumble the least.

The two year old boy (Basil) is the picky one. He is too young to discipline so we either hide the FCLO and Butter Oil in food or when we change his diaper we lube his buns with fclo/bo.

Real Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin D

Fact: Real Cod Liver oil is the most potent source of naturally occuring D2 in addition to the D3 in clo. Do we really think we know the whole story?

One more reason why real whole foods are important.

Skate liver oil... Skates are members of the same family as Ratfish and Shark

Skates are members of the same family of fish as Ratfish and Sharks. They are bottom feeders and found in all oceans of the world. There is limited fishing of this fish as the market for their meat is limited to just a few cultures.

Skate livers are very large and produce a very deep orange pigmented oil. I knew little of this fish species but was told by an old Russian fisherman that i needed to make this oil. He spoke broken English so the conversation on the subject was short and to the point.

Feed Back From Diane,CA Children on the spectrum

Hi -the fclo is working great for our kids on the spectrum. This is the first CLO that has been without side effects - no stims or tics. Dr. McBride says that is because it does not create free radicals in our kids' bodies. Also after six weeks of nightly enemas with bifidus added into the h20 for chronic constipation with my son we began giving the fruit attack fclo with 2 oz of fresh pressed carrot juice sweetened with one apple as indicated in the GAPS book/site- Matt is stooling, formed twice a day now - wow. Thanks for your great product.

Take care. Diane CA

Refrigerate or not to refrigerate, that is the question

Many call on this topic.

Fermented clo products: The oil is very stable. In my opinion many can store OPENED jars either way. If you use the fclo regularly (within a few months) you can opt to leave in a cupboard after opening.

We do not overly process the oils so some lots tend to become thicker as the storage temps get colder. I have seen some really cold refrigerators make a fclo almost Gel.


Previous blogs have addressed the question, but i guess they are old posts and no longer active.

Yes, We test every batch of product. This is not only a good practive but it is mandated by law. Each Batch is tested several times and by several labs. Our batchs are very small compared to all other industrialized clo's.

Blue Ice Royal....The pinnacle product!

Finally, The product many of you have been waiting a couple years.

Blue Ice Royal is the pinnacle product. It combines a strong blend of 2/3 Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liv er Oil and 1/3 X-Factor Gold High Vitamin Butter Oil. Blue Ice Royal is a substantial improvement over the old therapeutic blended product.

We have it available in Non-Gelatin capsules, Flavor/anti-oxidant free, Chocolate Cream and Cinnamon tingle.

Off Topic: Now you know the rest of the story, Why oil?

During the period the industrial revolution was shaping the infrastructure of our world today three key players had different views on how our world should work.

How much Fclo to consume? Here is Dr. Rosann Volmerts observations

Hi Dave,

As far as dosing goes, I have been asking patients to take 3ml or 3 capsules of fclo along with 2.5ml or 3 capsules of bo. What I have found is that for people in good health this works pretty well to raise vit D levels from the 10's-20's up to 40's-80's.

Update on Cod Liver Oil Manufacturing, Returning to Traditional Production Techniques for the Quintessential Sacred Food

SPRING 2009 Wise Traditions 26 When I began to import cod liver oil, in order to sell it along with the high-vitamin butter oil I was manufacturing, I felt it imperative to go to Iceland and Norway to visit the various cod liver oil factories there. At that time, most cod liver oil in America was imported from Scandinavia, with a small amount coming from China. What I learned is described in an article published in the Fall, 2005 issue of Wise Traditions and posted at "Update on Cod Liver Oil Manufacture Returning to Traditional Production Techniques for the Quintessential Sacred Food By David Wetzel"

Chef is adding new twist to nutrient dense dining

It was brought to my attention that a chef uses the fermented clo on salads. I think this is a great way to add deep nutrition to your family and guests dinning experience. Food should not only have a great taste experience but offer the connoisseur a deep and broad range of nutrients. There is not a better way to capture both taste and nutrition if you find the right application for the fermented clo.

You can try to use Fermented clo in place of anchovies on your favorite Caesar Salad or simply sprinkle over the top of any salad.


Great news, we have completed a international checkout system. You can now order direct from our web site with ease. In addition we have negotiated excellent air rates with Federal Express so please take advantage of the price and serivce we now offer.

Different ways to take 'Real' CLO and Butteroil

Here is a collection both old and new ways to take 'Real' clo and bo. If you have some of your family's dosing success stories to share with the community please forward using the contact link on this web page and i will consider adding to the list.

1. Melt the butter oil in 1-2 ounces of warm water and mix with fermented clo and maybe a tea or lemon juice. down the hatch

2. take on a spoon with a little honey or maple syrup.

3. melt on oatmeal or similar

4. take straight up and enjoy the wake up energy the fermented clo provides to your senses

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