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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Coconut Products / Organic Coconut Oil and Coconut Ghee
  • Organic Coconut Oil, Coconut Ghee... How are these made?

Fermented Cod Liver Oil / Dosage Questions
  • What is the recommended daly dosage of the fermented cod liver oil tablets!

  • How much should I take?

  • Is fermenting cod liver rotting?

  • Is fermented cod liver oil actually fermented oil?

  • Is the darker or lighter FCLO more healthful?

  • What was Cod Liver Oil like in the 1800's.. was it brown? Did it taste like todays FCLO?

  • Do you solar activate your oils as Dr. Price did early in the 20th century?

  • Are Cod Livers really a super food?  Are the livers rotted or fermented? Garum, Fetilizer, By Products?

  • What does history tell us about the different types of Cod Liver Oil?

  • How does Green Pasture Products Fermented Cod Liver oil Compare to other CLO's in function and toxicity?

  • What is the natural source of vitamin D in the sea?

General Information about products / Estimate the amount of EPA and DHA in FCLO
  • How Much EPA and DHA are in Fermented Cod Liver Oil?

  • Expiration dates vs. Manufacture dates

  • Why do our products not contain ADDED Anti-oxidants, rosemary oil or other preservatives

  • Hi, I just ordered the Blue Ice FCLO. Although I am a bit concerned of any toxins and heavy metals in the oil. Arn't livers the organ that the toxins can dwell in? Are there any contamination tests you do? Thank you so much!

  • What are the little gritty white crystalls in our oil.  This jar is not like our last jar.

  • We are only consuming the oil. What about the rest of the liver?

  • How is High Vitamin Butter Oil different from ghee and other butter oils?

  • Do we have a lab?

  • How do I take the oil? 

  • Vitamin A , D, E, K etc...

Health Concerns / General Information about products
  • Are scary as some bloggers would have you believe, or are they natural and abundant?

  • Contamination/ toxicity discussion tied to current discussion of the location fish are prepared for consumption.  

  • Radiation discussion

Service/Shipping/Returns/cancel/Change orders / Account Information
  • The address you have for me is incorrect. How do I change the address on my account?

  • How long does Domestic Shipping take once you have my order?

  • What are the International Buyer Terms and Conditions?

  • International orders;  Update on shipping, where to buy etc...

  • How to cancel an item?

  • How to return an item?

Taking FCLO and other products / Dosage Questions
  • Why do some experience digestive discomfort when they first start to take FCLO and others do not?

  • How Much Fermented Cod Liver Oil and High Vitamin Oil and how to take?

  • How much should I take for this condition?  Who should I ask for advice?

  • How much should I take for this condition?  Who should I ask for advice?

  • Why is the Fermented Cod Liver Oil taste, odor,color,texture change from jar to jar?

  • Why does the FCLO bother my throat but others do not experience the same.  Or sometimes the FCLO bothers me more than others.

Which Product to Take / Product Comparison
  • Should I take Fermented Skate Liver Oil or Fermented Cod Liver Oil?

Don't see your question? Please call Sales at 402-858-4818 Ext 1 or Customer Service 402-858-4818 Ext 2. We are available to assist you Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm Central Time.

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