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By-products, farm products

We offer many By-products to be used in the area of farming, fishing, and animal supplements.  Most of the products are supplied in bulk form but we can offer customized packaging.  We ship these products throughout the lower 48 states only.

Liquid Fish Soil Rescue   Click here to view label.

This is a by-product of fermentation of the fish livers.  The product is liquid and can flow through both residential and commercial sprayers.  It can be applied on the soil or directly on foliage.  It is most commonly sold in 2.5 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon drums, 250 gallon totes or tankers.  

Discussion:  It is run through a 100 mesh filter prior to shipping.  Most view products to apply to the soil in terms of N P K.  But the real secrete, in this living soil additive, is it stirs the discussion pot on the topic of true soil fertility.  is it NPK or is it bacteria.  

 A bio chemist, that specializes in the production of bio fertilizer, called me and provided the following description of soil and nutrients.  

fish-fertilizer-5' Soil has x lb's of bacteria in the top 6" .  Lets call it 3000 lb's per acre of bacteria for a starting value (soil will be different depending on the amount of chemical used, soil type and weather).  When bacteria die off they give  15% of their weight in nitrogen, 3% phosphorus and 1% potassium.  When conditions and food are perfect bacteria can double in count every 15 min.  It does not take much  to put out 200 lb's of nitrogen through bacteria if you feed your soils/bacteria.'

What is the perfect foods for bacteria?  They need protein, sugars, water.  For explosive bacterial growth vitamin B's and enzymes need to be considered.     Liquid Fish Soil rescue is an excellent living food for your soil.  We do not destroy the enzymes or change the product through any other heating / processing steps... it purely fermented. 

Visit the consulting page if you would like to broaden the discussion on possible ways to use  this product on your soil/plants.

Cod Liver Oil Cattle Lick Tubs.   Click here to view label.

Cod Liver oil has been used for centuries for both human and animal well being.

We offer 25 and 55 lb Cod Liver Oil livestock lick tubs.  I have been using these with my cows, chickens, sheep etc... for several years.  These tubs are low protein that offer good nutritional support.  They are perfect for stress management and over all good health and well being of your farm live stock. .

Feed Grade Fermented Cod Liver Oil  Click here to view label.

We offer feed grade fermented cod liver oil in 1/2 gallon, 5 gallon (currently not available) and 55 gallon drums.  This is unfiltered and strictly feed grade.  It is not for human consumption.  The 1/2 gallong size includes a pump dispenser. This product is easy to drizzle or blend in your feed ration.  It does not take much for great results.  It can be used in a group feeding or individualized to assist with a stressed pet or farm animal.


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NOTE: Select the TAB at the top of the Items list that says:
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NOTE: Select the TAB at the top of the Items list that says:  
"By-Products for Farm Use" to access the By-Products order list.


"Our dairy cows absolutely love their cod liver oil lick. After milking, the first thing they do when they go into a field is drink water, then they amble over to their cod liver oil lick. And the effects are obvious: cows with sleek coats that have good milk production. What a wonderful product for dairy cows!"

Sally Fallon Morell
P A Bowen Farmstead

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