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I have many passions in the area of soil and plant relationship to human health and will share my years of experience in farming, soil and natural soil care at no cost.  I offer this discussion because I enjoy the conversation and think it is the right thing to do.   As Dr. Price best said,  'you teach, you teach, you teach'.  I am committed to an open discussion on this topic as I think it is time to 'stir the pot'. We need to be open to a fresh way to look at our relationship with our soils and plants.  

My main area of interest, and invite a conversation, has to do exclusively with soil care, soil management, nutrient integrity relationship between the soil, plants, animals and humans.

The center of the discussion will involve raw milk as a fertilizer, pesticide and anti fungal (including on tall fescue).  In addition, we can discuss experiences adding liquid fish, molasses and other real foods to the soil and results from these practices.

' Soil has x lb's of bacteria in the top 6" . Lets call it 3000 lb's per acre of bacteria for a starting value (soil will be different depending on the amount of chemical used, soil type and weather). When bacteria die off they give 15% of their weight in nitrogen, 3% phosphorus and 1% potassium. When conditions and food are perfect bacteria can double in count every 15 min. It does not take much to to put out 200 lb's of nitrogen through bacteria if you feed your soils/bacteria.'

You can contact me on this topic via phone only.  Try to not broaden the discussion to other area's as the temptation will be present.  My office phone is 402-858-4818 ext 9

Please consider looking through the product list of by-products we make available for purchase as you might want to include these in your work and discussion.

If you have an article or experience to share with the broader community and would like to offer it for publication on the blog please use my email contact through the website contact page.  Please do not use this email contact for dialog on the topic as I already receive too many emails and do not want to add to this work.


David Wetzel

Owner Green Pasture Products

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