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GMO's, Dr Huber

February 22, 2011


Drop Me a line if you have seen Dr. Huber Speak on GMO's.  i want to make sure i post his work correctly

I am working on getting his paper and other info.  i will post some time in next few wks

+Pathologist retired Purdue University. i think he worked in and around Monsanto paid work.
+ devoting his time to blowing the whistle on GMO's and Round up
+ 1/2 life of round-up is not a couple wks like Monsanto first suggested but rather 22 years in the soil. the second 1/2 life is even longer
+The GMO seed chelates minerals and makes them unavailable to both the plant and the consumer of the plant
+ round-up also chelates the minerals... Between The seed and roundup 60% of the minerals are bound and unusable..some minerals are completely chelated
+ round-up alfalfa will be the final pc.. to control all seed. It is a perennial and pollenates with just about everything
+ today, if we decided to stop all round-up work we do not have enough alternative seed that is not contaminated to feed the world
+ it will take our soils 50+ years to recover from the damage that has been caused...assuming we stop now...a generation lost
+ our community understands how mineral imbalance can and i say will destroy who we are as people, our minds, reproductive ability, etc....
+ the worlds number 1 suicide method is by ingesting round-up
+he gives an example of a large dairy putting bred heifers out to pasture. farmer had enough pasture for 1000 and the other 1000 he put out on round-up wheat. The heifers came home in a few months and he noticed some of the cows open. he re-preg checked, 100% of the pastured heifers were bred but 475 of the heifers grazing round-up ready wheat were now open
+ Dr. Huber has the ability and information to make a presentation for 8 hours without repeating himself

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Galina, OHIO , February 23, 2011 at 8:13 AM | Reply
Scary.... I guess, we have to preserve our own seeds, may help for a while...

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