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Families have found that Green Pasture Products offer support for


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"My favorite Green Pasture product is the cod liver oil/butter oil capsules. They were perfect for my pregnancy - quick and easy to take!"
Amanda M.
Parent's Favorite
"My product of choice is the cod liver/butter blend in the capsules. My kids use the Chocolate Cream Gel."
Michele T.
Kid's Favorite
"Our family really enjoys the gel blend fermented cod liver oil. We believe that the cod liver oil provides our family necessary healthy fats and nutrients which this product is *loaded*! Our children look forward to their daily scoop of cod liver oil!"
Rozlynn R.
Family Favorite
"I have been using the Green Pastures cod liver/butter oil capsules for almost 5 years now. Came highly recommended by my nutritionist. I will graduate next month from IIN and will recommend them to my clients."
Carrie S.
Personal Favorite
"I love the cod liver oil capsules. All the benefits, not much taste to worry about. Stronger healthier teeth! Less dentistry!"
Robert C.
Oral Heath
"My favorite GP product is the cinnamon tingle cod liver butter oil because of all the benefits to my brain and body such as clearer thinking and support for pain free joints. The flavor makes it easy to take."
Diane D.
Overall Heath

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