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Fermented Cod Liver Oil $15.00 Sale – Closed

We have a limited number of Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil in Cinnamon Tingle and Non-Flavored in 5.07 fluid ounce glass bottles to offer as a promotional item while supplies last!

Sale Details

The cost is 15.00 each, plus shipping.

No discounts will apply. This opportunity if offered for retail sales only and is limited to 2 of each variety per person.

The sale will continue while supplies last or through June, and can end without notice.

Please place your orders via the Fermented Cod Liver Oil product page, as an option in the Cinnamon Tingle and Non-Flavored sections. Scroll down to the word Sale in each section. You’ll also find the sale listed on the order form.

Where Does Our Cod Come From?

The Northern Leader, the vessel that catches all the cod that Green Pasture Products buys to make its cod liver oil, will be featured on The Discovery Channel’s Mighty Ship show. We’ll announce the airing date as soon as we know it! Read our press release.

See a preview below:

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