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Our 2019 Back to School sale has ended

More Than One Way to Save!

  • 20% OFF on Blue Ice™ Royal Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil Blend Capsules
  • 30% OFF Sale on all flavors of Blue Ice™ Royal Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil Blend Gels
  • 5% OFF* your whole order when you leave a post comment
  • $20 OFF** when you become a Weston A. Price Foundation member 

*coupon required **details below

Discounts on the Royal Blend products will automatically be applied, but wait! You can save even more!

We are all about nutrition and education! This year for our Back to School sale, we want to not only hear from you on how nutritional foods have empowered your and your family, but also encourage further education on nutrient dense foods. In that effort we have combined our Back to School sale with a Weston A. Price membership drive. 

What is the Weston A. Price Foundation you might ask? 

In short, the foundation is all about educating the public about nutrient dense foods. They conduct research, advocate for legislation that reflects their dietary recommendations, and provide educational content focused on wise traditions in food, farming and the healing arts. They share this information via weekly podcasts, and articles in their Wise Traditions journal. If you want to support them in their effort, join today and earn an additional $20 off your order with us!

Details on ways to save!

  1. We love hearing how you have empowered yourself and your family with nutritional food.  Share your success story and receive a 5% discount on your order! Simply post a comment below on one or more of the following topics, with 3 or more sentences. 
  • How has nutritional food improved you and your family’s life? 
  • What challenges has nutritional food helped you overcome?
  • How has your child been powered by Blue Ice? Feel free to share about your child’s favorite activities or sports.  
  1. Become a Weston A. Price member and receive a $20 discount on our products! 

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Join the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF)
  2. Forward your receipt to before September 15th, 2019
  3. A coupon for $20 will be added to your account, and you will be notified via email

Additional sale details

  • This year’s back to school sale will run until September 15th, 2019, or while supplies last. Please note that the sale can end without notice. 
  • Coupons are good until September 15th, 2019
  • 1 coupon/family
  • Retail and group buyers only
  • Please use the email associated with your account
  • If unsure please call 402-858-4818 for assistance


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