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We are having our annual Wise Traditions Conference sale, and as an add bonus, we have six copies of Sally Fallon Morrell’s newest book “Nourishing Diets: How Paleo, Ancestral and Traditional Peoples Really”.  When you leave a comment you will automatically receive a 25% coupon code, and be enter to win one of these books.  This sale is online only!

Here is a short book description:

In NOURISHING DIETS bestselling author Sally Fallon Morell explores the diets of our primitive ancestors from around the world--from Australian Aborigines and pre-industrialized Europeans to the inhabitants of "Blue Zones" where a high percentage of the populations live to 100 years or more. In looking to the recipes and foods of the past, Fallon Morell points readers to what they should actually be eating--the key principles of traditional diets from across cultures -- and offers recipes to help translate these ideas to the modern home cook.

Source: Nourishing Diets: How Paleo, Ancestral and Traditional Peoples Really Ate by Sally Fallon Morell sold on Amazon


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