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Back to School Sale Starts NOW! (Closed)

Powered by Blue IceTM

Back To School Sale Starts NOW!

With the new school year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to stock up on Blue Ice™ Royal Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil Blend Capsules and Minerals Plus!

Blue Ice™ Royal Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil Blend Capsules

and Minerals Plus are 30% off of retail prices


We would be delighted to hear how your children are Powered by Blue IceTM. There are 2 ways to share, and receive additional savings.

  1. Write a brief comment, 2 or more sentences, about how your child is powered by Blue IceTM. Feel free to share about your child’s favorite activities or sports. – Receive a $5 coupon!
  2. Write a comment, and post a picture – Receive a $10 coupon!
  • 1 coupon/family
  • 1 coupon/order
  • Coupon has to be received and used at time of purchase
    • A notification will be sent to the email used for the post
    • Please use the email associated with your account
    • If unsure please call 402-858-4818 for assistance
  • Coupons are good until September 15th, 2017

Here are some pictures to help you get an idea for what kind of picture to post. – Allowable file extensions are jpg, jpeg, gif and png. Maximum image size is 500 KB

We also want to introduce our newest product, Minerals Plus! The addition of Minerals Plus to our product line takes on a very personal note for Dave Wetzel.

We have 6 children. They all take our products, and yet one of them, Max, was unfortunate to have a few cavities at around the age of 5. He was taken to our practitioner, who found that Max needed kelp and Brewer’s yeast, in addition to the oils he was already taking. The improvement in his well-being was quickly apparent, and cross our fingers, he hasn’t had a cavity since, which is now 6 or 7 years. We knew that this was something we needed to share with our customers as a new product. – Dave Wetzel

Minerals Plus is a simple blend of organic kelp powder and unfortified Brewer’s yeast. It is an excellent way to add natural nutrients to your diet.

This year’s back to school sale will run until September 5th, 2017, or while supplies last. Please note that the sale can end without notice.


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