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The Ancient Condiment That Came Back from the Dead

An interesting short informative video about Garum!

This video was sent to us by Behrooz Tahririha, along with the following comment:

“I lived in the Philippine islands for 6 years and grew very fond of their seafood. One of their fermented delicacies is a fermented fish appetizer called “Bago-ong”, which is basically baby fish and sea salt piled up on the beach, and left under the hot sun for a few days, until fermentation is completed. They eat it like ketchup and mustard on their meals. This notion of fermentation of food, or drying of food, or preserving food in fats and oils used to be far more common. The advent of refrigerators and freezers have caused these ancient food art to be almost forgotten.” – Behrooz Tahririha, DNM, NHP, Clinical Herbalist

Click the picture or here to watch

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