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Day 11!

Day 11 of The 12 Days of Christmas!

Hey Friends! Welcome to day 11 of our 12 days of our Christmas giveaways! We are almost there! For you beautiful people, we want to give you something that can emphasize that beauty a little more. So we are going to our beauty bundle giveaway which is going to include two tallow balms from Vintage Traditions, Oh Aches! And Epic Glow, both in the sample size as well as our Green Pasture Lemon Beauty Bar. These things all make excellent stocking stuffers and with that being said, that’s how we’re going to enter for today’s giveaway. So, comment below on what your favorite stocking stuffer has been or what’s your go-to stocking stuffer every single year. Tomorrow is the last day!! 


  1. Chocolate!

  2. I always put some lip balm, chewing gum, some kind of special pen, and candy favorites.

  3. coffee shop gift cards 🙂

  4. Christmas candy! As a kid receiving the big peppermint stick in my stocking was fun and memorable!

  5. We do not have stockings and we usually give money (Chanukah).

  6. I celebrate Chanukah and we do not have stocking stuffers. We usually give money for presents,

  7. One of my favorite stocking stuffers in the past is bubble gum. I like to chew bubble gum when I am outside working.

  8. Oh how fun! My favorite stocking stuffer was always my mom’s homemade scrabble mix and an orange- because that meant there was a huge box of oranges hidden away that we’d devour over the next couple weeks 🎄

  9. Reese’s Peanut Butter Trees 🙂

  10. Marshmallow Santa for sure. They are not great healthy options but my mom always put one in our stockings. I have carried on the tradition with my family.

  11. crystals

  12. As a child, loved getting the stocking stuffers – filled with Christmas candy, nuts, nail polish, make-up, socks, earrings, games and so much more. It was lots of fun opening each one!

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