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Day 6!

Day 6 of The 12 Days of Christmas!

Nothing like the fresh smell of citrus to help wake you up! On the 6th day of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways enter to win our lemon beauty bar! Similar to the eucalyptus mint bar this will help perk you up and brighten your day with the fresh hint of lemon for your hair and skin! Want to win it? Comment on this post on our blog post on with your brightest & best Christmas memory!  

Each day up until Christmas we will have a different giveaway for you to try your luck at winning! You can enter these giveaways one of three ways….. You can comment on Facebook, Instagram or on our blog post below, for a total of 3 entries per day! We will pick one new winner per day! Winners will be drawn on January 4th.   

We are so excited to bring these 12 days of fun your way. Visit our page tomorrow to find out what you can enter to win next! 


  1. Eating a delicious traditional Slovak Christmas dinner of Sauerkraut soup with mushrooms and prunes, and opekance, a lightly sweetened poppyseed dish, and opening a few presents with my family when I was 8 years old.

  2. Being together with family, eating good food, laughing and joking around, and watching some football.

  3. The most memorable was attending our first Christmas Eve service at church. It was so lovely.

  4. The first Christmas I was engaged was very special 😊

  5. One Christmas my family sang Christmas songs together for a really long time, someone calling out a new song as the previous song ended. This was an impromptu event which was really fun, memorable, & a great way to spend time together at our Christmas Eve gathering!

  6. sitting in bed all day reading a book with my dog and cat

  7. Favorite memory was using a nutcracker to crack nuts while the aroma of chestnuts that were roasting filled the air and we awaited eating fig pudding and fruit cake for dessert.

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