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“Cure Gum Disease Naturally” by Ramiel Nagel

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Comment to win, we want to get to know you!

In the comments below tell us about a favorite Halloween tradition or costume that you or a family member had!

On October 29th, we will draw a winner from all of the comments to win the book and ship it to you for FREE!

Our winner has been drawn! 

Congratulations Kelly H!

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  1. A favorite costume I had was homemade by my mom. She made me a pink “Cousin It” costume (character from the Adams Family) made out of cut up sheets and layered together. On my head I wore a sign which said:
    “Keep Our City Clean, Eat A Pigeon Today!”

    I still smile when I think of it, and remember how hot it was to wear it, even in the end of October!

  2. As a little girl, I looked forward to Halloween so I could be a “Gypsy”. I got to put on my lot’s of mother’s makeup and wear her old taffeta slip pulled up under my arms to become a dress. Then I wore lots of her costume jewelry like beaded necklaces and bracelets, clip on earrings (my ears were pierced as an 11th birthday present) and a bandana on my head. Mom even gave me a “birthmark”, using her black eye pencil to mark a dot on my lower cheek. It was an excuse to be allowed to wear makeup long before I was allowed.

  3. Favorite Costume was when I dressed up as Adam (from Beetlejuice) after he’s stretched his mouth and put his hand through the back of his head ^__^ My friend dressed as Barbara, complete with stretched mouth and eyes on tongue. She made the masks using paper mache, and we found vintage clothes. It was so much fun.
    Favorite tradition: Halloween Parade
    Thanks very much!!

  4. My family lives on a farm so we always had to go ‘to town’ for trick or treat. It was such a novelty for me growing up and then doing the same with my kids. So strange walking the sidewalks among the decorated homes in our homemade costumes. We were like ducks out of water! It all added to the surreal Halloween experience.

  5. One of my favorite memories of Halloween is when my grandmother, which I called MooMoo, made me a cow costume from scratch. A quant white sweatshirt with large black blobs and matching long ears on my headband. My all time favorite costume! We then headed to the city and got to trick or treat around the mall.

  6. i just gotta win!
    ill keep my roots crossed!

  7. My favorite costume combo was when my wife and I attended a party and I was dressed as a cigar-smoking, unshaven Catholic priest with lipstick on the collar. My wife dressed as the priest’s “date”–skimpy clothes, heavy makeup, fishnet stockings. Got lots of smiles from that!

  8. When the kids were little we would take them trick-or-treating in a friend’s neighborhood. Very family friendly neighborhood with lots of great Halloween spirit. One household had a zombie talent show. When you came to their door they would ask you in to participate. They had a big front window so you could watch the whole thing from the street as well. Super entertaining and memorable. Afterwards we would end up at my friends’ house laughing and sharing drinks while the kids sorted and traded their candy. Most of us had a tradition called “the Halloween witch” who would come while the kids were sleeping, take the candy and leave a present. This way we paired it down to one evening of debauchery instead of an ongoing sugar event. ♥️

  9. We actually do not celebrate Halloween, we celebrate Atticus finch day. We read to kill a mockingbird throughout the month of October and then on Halloween I cook a big southern meal complete with maple syrup and a lemon cake. Then we watch the movie to kill a mockingbird

  10. We’ve always had great fun making homemade costumes for Halloween. My kids have dressed up as a a cowboy, pirate, scarecrow, cat, dog, a mom, hula dancer, race car driver, elephant, army person, farmer, princess and more. They keep coming up with great ideas! Then we go door to door.

  11. My friends gave a Halloween party and invited me to come over dressed in a costume which I did not have. So I put on a black robe shaved my head put a lightbulb in my mouth. I was drinking my green smoothie before leaving and got some green smoothie on my nose , so I just added some more of my green smoothie to my face and neck. I won first prize as a green skinned Uncle Fester from the Addams family.

  12. Oh I would love to win this!! Since having babies my gums have gotten so much worse and I haven’t figured out what to do about it, but I’d love to be an example to the dentist in our family that natural methods are possible!

    Last year we dressed our little daughter Pippa up as “Pippa Mouse” from the old children’s books by the same name (circa 1970s). I managed to get the tail to curve upwards and stay there like the illustrations! So proud! This year we’re doing the film version characters of Fantastic Mr. Fox. My mom knitted and combed ears and tails for us all so they look like fur. My toddler will be Ash with the cape and pants tucked into socks, and new baby sister (since she’s the newcomer) will be cousin Kristofferson 😂

  13. If we’re talking Halloween costumes, my best is when I dressed up as a Rabbit. I glued “Cotton Balls” on my face and neck. Trust me, after a few drinks everyone thought I was “Harvey” from the famous movie of the same name.

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