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Glyphosate in Collagen: Widespread Consequences

Stephanie Seneff, PhD writes about Glyphosate in Collagen: Widespread Consequences in a recently published article in the Weston A. Price Foundation’s Wise Traditions Journal, which we have permission to republish.

Dr. Seneff explains how glyphosate, the active ingredient in the pervasive herbicide Roundup, is toxic to humans and can make its way into gelatin capsules commonly used for supplements.

Once you think of glyphosate insinuating itself into collagen, it’s an easy step to imagine that glyphosate would be a major contaminant in gelatin, a very common food additive and the main constituent of gelatin-based deserts. Gelatin is routinely added to marshmallows, pudding, gummy bears, yogurts, margarine, frosting, cream cheese, sour cream, non-dairy creamers and fat-reduced foods.

There are hundreds if not thousands of proteins that strongly depend on glycine at certain spots in their chain in order to adequately perform their job.

Gelatin is typically derived from the bones, joints and skin of pigs and cows. These animals are fed high doses of glyphosate in their GMO Roundup Ready corn and soy feed. The glyphosate that makes its way into their joints ends up in your gelatin dessert.

Gelatin is also the main constituent of gel caps, which have become a standard way of packaging both pharmaceutical drugs and nutritional supplements such as fish oil. I would predict that any nutritional supplement housed in a gel capsule is going to cause you much more harm than good, because whatever benefit the contents provides is more than offset by the damaging effects of the glyphosate.

Please read the rest of the article to read about the full impact of glyphosate.

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