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Wise Traditions Conference 2018 Giveaway: HAS ENDED

Again, we want to extend the opportunity for more of you attend the next Weston A. Price Foundation’s annual Wise Traditions Conference this year, which is focused on transforming our health! Conference topics will include nurturing therapies for chronic diseases, how to cure cravings, age gracefully, and survive in a toxic world. The conference will also include tracks on cancer, glyphosate, farming, dental health, gastrointestinal health, wellness and one on vaccines, autoimmunity and childhood diseases. As always, they’ll offer presentations on nourishing traditional diets and traditional food preparation. They have 43 speakers scheduled, 15 of whom are new. The others will present mainly on new topics! We think this will be another valuable educational experience, and are proud to sponsor the conference again this year.


We are giving away:

Once we randomly choose the 3 individuals who will receive the 3 registrations, we’ll pick the 3 live stream/on demand recipients, and notify everyone who entered the results via email.


Also, everyone has an opportunity to purchase the DVD, USB or electronic versions of the conference recordings since 2010 individually or as a bundle! They are all on sale at 50% off with coupon code GREENPASTURE50 until October 26! This is the first time archived presentations have been offered at a discount. The next conference presentations and live stream that will be recorded in November 2018 are also 50% off as a pre-order. Every option you see is 50% off. Take a look:


No purchase is necessary to win. In the comments below, please share on one or more of the following topics with at least 4 sentences!

  • Tell us about your interest in either attending or viewing/hearing the Wise Traditions Conference recordings.
  • What is/are your favorite Green Pasture products and why?

Qualified entries will be randomly chosen on October 22nd, 2018, and winners posted by 4PM Central.  


Please understand that once you submit a comment or a picture to us, it is ours to publish or not publish, and to modify if necessary in order to comply with legal requirements. We will not obtain your permission to make these modifications.  We will also respect your privacy and will not publish any more than your first name, middle or last initial, and the date you posted the comment or picture. Thank you for your interest in Green Pasture Products.

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