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By Alvin H. Danenberg

Crazy-Good LIVING! takes a unique look at the human condition with an evolutionary perspective from the point of view of a periodontist (a dentist specializing in gum diseases). Almost everything that enters the body first goes through the mouth. And, almost everything that occurs in the body makes itself known in various tissues of the mouth.

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If you knew a train was coming toward you, would you get off the tracks? Your answer will affect your future health.

Our species evolved over the course of 2.5 million years. Nourishment and lifestyle allowed humans to excel. Our primal ancestors hardly ever experienced chronic diseases, gum disease, or tooth decay. Similarly, primal societies still in existence today rarely develop any of these diseases. But about 10,000 years ago, some things began to change with the food supply and lifestyle for the inhabitants of an increasingly civilized world.

Today, we are a society that is burdened with many chronic, degenerative diseases. These include gum disease, tooth decay, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and many others. Environmental factors are responsible for some ninety percent of these diseases.

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