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Epic Glow Vintage Tradition® Tallow Balm
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Epic Glow Vintage Tradition® Tallow Balm contain tallow from 100% grass-fed cows, Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Blue Ice™ Fermented Skate Liver Oil, and X-Factor™ Gold Concentrated Butter Oil, along with Therapeutic-grade essential oils.

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Product Information

Epic Glow’s aroma is mellow and lightly fragranced for a soft, comforting aura. The essential oils not only make the balm smell great and effectively neutralize the scent of the highly therapeutic tallow and fish oils, but they also stimulate the collagen to make the skin glow as well as aid the pores to relax.

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Shipping Weight: 5oz

No. They are for external use only.  Do not use by mouth or in eyes. Do not apply to wounds or damaged skin.

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