My Thoughts In Looking Back Over Last Week’s Controversy

By Green Pasture Products  August 17, 2015

My Thoughts In Looking Back Over Last Week’s Controversy


The following are my thoughts that I wish to share with each of you, our valued friends and customers. It is my way of being transparent and attempting to encourage healing from the recent controversy over fermented cod liver oil.

  • Several scientists and others evaluated the recent 111-page report on fermented cod liver oil and found it to be an opinion paper not a scientific paper.
  • Our cod liver oil is one of the most Google searched cod liver oils and it is not because of advertising efforts on our part. It is because of one mom sharing with another mom her experience; one doctor sharing with other doctors her/his successes. This is a sign of a good product, but is also something that some find a threat.
  • In looking up definitions of “rancid” my favorite found, (based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection. 2003-2012 Princeton University, Farlex Inc. Second Recording): “Smelling of fermentation or staleness.” Limburg and Roquefort cheeses are technically rancid cheeses to some, based on this definition, and yet to many they are treasured treats.
  • Between the talks I give and postings maybe 90% of the discussion points have been covered. Here are the links to some of the discussions
  • I wonder when the blogging world will launch an attack on other foods that are derived through fermentation? Or is this a single effort for a single purpose. But why discriminate?
  • In the production of all our Green Pasture products my priority is and always has been food and product safety, followed by nutrient-density. Our products are manufactured by pharmaceutical licensed facilities and are fully tested. I take seriously what I provide for my family, friends, and customers.
  • Along with overseeing production of our products, I personally spend 10-20 weekends annually speaking to small groups. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and sharing about our food-based products.
  • I am not a scientist but I do partner with scientists for their evaluation and advise. Our staff scientist, Dr. Jie, holds a Doctorate in Food Science Technology. While we may not have all the answers we endeavor to pursue truth and knowledge in an effort to bring the best food supplements to market for the benefit of all whom we serve.
  • My goal is to work together as a community to resolve concerns that have arisen and may arise in the future. I doubt any of us want industry, politicians nor ‘diet dictocrats’ (using term from Sally’s Nourishing Traditions) in our kitchens. Our fermented cod and skate liver oil product are not ‘politically correct.’ I understand that.
  • I’m not a blogger. I have not taken classes on how to blog, nor how to generate interest and Internet traffic. And it goes without saying that my written communication is not a God-given gift. As we grow I hope to hire a skilled communicator. Until then I offer my sincere thoughts.
  • I welcome your written opinions and stories of how our products have benefitted you and your family. Keep in mind that I will not post comments that slander individuals or their products. We are one community working together for the betterment and health of all, one person at a time. And part of achieving health involves maintaining a good and positive attitude.
  • For the many of you who have already reached out through calls and emails, we (my staff, family, and I) thank you and appreciate each and every one of you. Now let’s get on to answering the questions at hand and healing our community!

More to follow

- Dave


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