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Curing Courtney

Curing Courtney

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Doctors Couldn’t Save Her…. So Her Mom Did

By Denise Otten

Triumph over a deadly disease using alternative remedies.

Curing Courtney

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Curing Courtney is the empowering true story of a mother and daughter’s triumph over the deadly autoimmune hepatitis that threatened to take the life of 7-year-old Courtney. After five years of treatment by some of the best pediatric hepatologists in New York City, the doctors told Courtney’s mom, “The meds aren’t working.” The next step for 12-year-old Courtney was a leukemia-type drug and a possible liver transplant. Frustrated and angry that the doctors had stolen Courtney’s childhood with their standard protocol that failed and the side-effects of high doses of prednisone which made little Courtney overweight and excessively hairy, Denise Otten took it upon herself to find an alternative treatment. Thanks to scientifically proven nutraceuticals and vitamins, plus a baseball autographed by Yankees star Derek Jeter, Courtney went into remission in a matter of months and is now a slim, beautiful, teenage athlete.

For help with reversing AIH naturally…. please contact Denise Otten, Holistic Health Counselor at

About the Author

DENISE GABAY OTTEN is the President and Founder of Elite Wealth Strategies. Previously, she was a Financial Advisor for a major Wall Street brokerage firm and a writer for CNBC. In addition to her financial planning work and out of gratitude for her daughter’s recovery, she created a children’s foundation which donates to children’s group homes and hospitals. A wife and the mother of three, she shares her passion for alternative and holistic remedies and the science that validates them. She wrote Curing Courtney in the hope that the book will empower readers to take nutritional control of their health and learn about alternative modalities that go beyond the standard medical treatments.

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