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Food as Medicine Everyday

Food as Medicine Everyday

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by Julie Briley, ND, and Courtney Jackson, ND

Reclaim your Health with Whole Foods

Food as Medicine Everyday

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Do you have questions about your health? Questions like:

What nutrients does the body need to be healthy?

What foods have those necessary nutrients?

How do I read a food label?

What is a balanced meal?

Right now, who isn’t concerned about their families and their own health? While staying at home, we are searching the web, trying to find the best ways to improve or boost our chances of staying healthy. It’s awesome to have all of this information so readily available, but most of us just end up feeling overwhelmed and confused. That’s where this book comes in. It is brimming with reliable nutritional information. Dr. Briley, and Dr. Jackson explain in plain English why the Internet, fad diets, and marketing can lead you astray. They give you the information you need to navigate the nutritional landscape, so that you can make the right decisions for you and your family. With this book you can transform your health, and leave the confusion behind.

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