About Green Pasture Products

Green Pasture Products is a family business based in O’Neill, Nebraska, started by Dave and Barbara Wetzel. Our business was born after we decided to leave Dave’s high-powered career in the steel industry to raise our family closer to the land. After finding a suitable farm and conferring with a forward-thinking agricultural extension agent, we began the demanding work of running a grass-based dairy farm. Observing our labors, a local farmer commented that “he had never seen anyone work so hard”!

Shortly thereafter, Dave chanced to hear Sally Fallon Morell speak about Dr. Weston A. Price and high-vitamin butter oil. As documented in his landmark book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Dr. Price traveled the world in the 1920s and 1930s to study traditional diets. “High-vitamin butter oil” was the term that Price used to describe the vitamin-rich butter oil made possible when cows graze on rapidly growing green grass. Fascinated with Dr. Price’s carefully documented observations about butter oil’s numerous health benefits, we unhesitatingly decided in 2003 to dedicate our excellent pasture and entrepreneurial spirit to creating the product that we now call Concentrated Butter Oil.

One of Dr. Price’s central discoveries was that high-vitamin butter oil taken in combination with cod liver oil fosters a powerful nutritional synergy. When Dr. Price’s patients consumed both oils together, they experienced often dramatic improvements in dental and physical health. For this reason, we expanded our product line in 2007 to include fermented cod and skate liver oils.

Today, Green Pasture Products features over 25 nutrient-dense products, including the fermented cod and skate liver oils, concentrated butter oil, and more.

Our Commitment

Dr. Weston A. Price discovered that in every traditional culture, no matter the region, people carefully collected and prepared sacred foods to ensure strong minds, bodies, and spirits. With these special foods, people sought to ensure robust health in both present and future generations. Green Pasture Products is proud to offer sacred foods prepared with the same great care and concern.

Over time, our family business has made many improvements and further expanded our product line. We also never stop learning. One element of our business model has not changed, however. We retain an unwavering commitment to making healthful products and using high-integrity production techniques that preserve nutrients and quality. This devotion to quality means that we source the best “raw materials” available, maintain impeccable manufacturing practices in our Nebraska facility, proudly display Marine Stewardship Council certification for our fermented cod liver oil, and package our products in trusted nutraceutical facilities. In recognition of our dedication to these practices, we were honored to receive Nebraska’s Distinguished Entrepreneur Award in 2012.


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