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Spring is here! How will you help your garden grow? Try adding our Soil Rescue and Fish Compost to enrich your soil.
As low as $20.00

Replenish your soil with our natural, environmentally friendly Soil Rescue. Our Soil Rescue contains ample amounts of nutrients, micro-nutrients, minerals, and organic matter. It will feed your plants and nurture your soil's microbes, fungi, and earthworms. Your plants will thrive in the enriched soil. Sit back and enjoy the bounty!

  • Sku Soil Rescue

Product Information

This is a by-product of the fermentation of fish livers. The product is a liquid. It can flow through both residential and commercial sprayers. It can be applied on the soil or directly on foliage.

We ship this product throughout the lower 48 states only. We also offer Soil Rescue in bulk sizes of 55 gallons and 250 gallons. Please call for pricing.

Tips and Videos for Soil Rescue

Visit our blog post Liquid Fish Soil Rescue for Lawn, Pasture and Garden for videos and tips on how to boost your soil today!

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