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Book review: The Real Truth About Vitamins and Anti-oxidants


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Judith De Cava believes that “Whole foods make whole people”. This is the theme behind her groundbreaking book “The Real Truth About Vitamins & Antioxidants”. This book is an in depth look at synthetic vitamins versus whole food vitamin complexes. It clearly explains the difference and how we have been misled by the nutritional supplement industry. Here is just a taste of what the book has to offer:

With whole foods and food concentrates – containing whole nutritional complexes – the body can choose its needs for assimilation and excrete what it does not need; this is called ‘selective absorption.’ On the other hand, with fractioned or isolated and/or synthetic vitamins, there is no choice; the body must handle the chemical in some manner and can suffer consequences of biochemical imbalances and toxic overdose.”(page 8)

Vitamins are inseparable as working nutrients from trace elements, minerals, proteins, and other elements……….It is only the whole food, intact and unaltered, that works as a nutritional source.” (page 203)

Laboratory manipulation or synthetic simulation of food substances- unnatural derivatives in counterfeit states – do not interact with the biochemistry and physiology of the body in the same way that real foods do. Administering such superfluous para-pharmaceuticals to malnourished people is tantamount to giving candy to a starving child.” (page 222)

Just as the body knows the difference between grape-flavored or artificial flavored grape candy and whole, real grapes, it knows the difference between a separated chemical or a synthetic imitation and a real, whole food.”(page 229)

All quotes from The Real Truth About Vitamins and Antioxidants, by Judith A. DeCava, Selene River Press, 2006.

Reading this book was definitely eye opening for me, and now that I know better, I want to do better. No more “candy”, just whole food vitamin complexes for me!

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