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Cod Cash Rewards Program

Introducing the Green Pasture
 Cod Cash Rewards Program!

We’re thrilled to introduce our very own rewards program, Green Pasture Cod Cash, specially designed to enhance your journey to wellness while rewarding your loyalty. Now every purchase brings you not only high-quality, nutrient-dense products but also the chance to earn points you can redeem on future purchases.

Earning Cod Cash

Here’s how simple it is: For every dollar you spend on our nutritious range of products, you receive 1 Cod Cash. Credits may only be earned and redeemed on the purchases of Green Pasture Products.

Your Points = Your Savings

Each point you earn is a step towards more savings. Every 100 Cod Cash you accumulate equates to $5.00. The more you spend, the more you save. Whether you’re buying our Fermented Cod Liver Oil or Concentrated Butter Oil Blend capsules, every purchase contributes to your points, and more importantly, to your health and wellness.

Boost Your Health, Boost Your Savings

Imagine savoring the health benefits of our natural products while watching your savings grow! The Green Pasture Cod Cash program allows you to do just that. Spend on your wellness today and save on your health investment tomorrow. Your wellbeing is now linked with exclusive savings!

Start Earning Today!

There’s no better time to start your journey towards wellness with Green Pasture Cod Cash. Earn as you spend and save as you nourish your body with our nutrient-dense products. Sign up today and begin your rewarding journey towards a healthier, more vibrant you!
Your journey to wellness starts with Green Pasture. Get rewarded as you tread the path of wellbeing. Join the Green Pasture Cod Cash program and transform your health, one point at a time!

Earn 2 Points for every $1 spent with the Cod Cash Rewards Program. Now Available for All Registered Customers!

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