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New Parents

“My favorite green pasture product is the cod liver oil/butter oil blend capsules. I have taken these for years now, and always double up during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It’s my favorite product because it benefits my babies developments in a way no other product can! This is super brain and developmental food for them, and that’s why it’s important for me to have it. Thank you, Green Pasture for making this awesome product!”

Mary R.

“My favorite products are the skate liver oil and cod liver oil. I can definitely feel a difference when I take them. And I took the skate oil while pregnant and my daughter has turned out healthy and smart!”

Kerry O.

“My favorite product so far is the cinnamon cod liver oil. My children love knowing they are helping their brain. I love knowing I can take this product while pregnant to receive the best of oils for the development of this new little addition on the way.”

Lynde B.

“Unflavored Blue Ice fermented cod liver oil is my favorite. I like to savor it like gold for my body. Pure brain food for my two girls and nourished me through carrying them both.”

Adinah D.

“I have used the butter/cod liver blend capsules through three pregnancies and have the largest, healthiest, most overall robust babies of anyone I know.”

Julia R.

“Though I have been a big fan of Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil for a long time, I just bought the Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil/ Butter Oil blend for the first time a few weeks ago to help support a healthy pregnancy. It is so popular in our household that now I need to order more for the rest of the family. I believe cod liver oil is the reason that both of my children have excellent eye sight despite being from a family that has many vision problems. When they aren’t feeling well, they often ask for more cod liver oil because they say it will help them feel better.”

Jessica H.

“My favorite Green Pasture products are the fermented cod liver oil, butter oil and coconut oil. These products are incredibly supportive to my immune system, along with offering a whole slew of wonderful health benefits. The first food given to my baby boys at 6 months was fermented cod liver oil mixed in a little bone broth…and now they take the cinnamon tingle cod liver oil like champs! current ages 3 and 5 now). We love this stuff!!!!!!”

Diana R.

“My favorite product is the Fermented Cod Liver Butter Oil blend in capsule form. I’ve been taking the capsules through both pregnancies and 3 years of breastfeeding with great success. My babies are healthy and my skin looks amazing. I didn’t get even one stretch mark!!”

Belinda U.

“I love the quality I can trust from green pasture! I use the coconut oil and cod live oil to make baby formula for my twins so it’s very important to me to know I’m getting an excellent quality!!”

Chris K.

“The cod liver/ butter oil is my absolute favorite!!! I took my entire pregnancy and post pregnancy because of the nutrient dense profile that includes Vitamin K.”

Ryli S.

“I’ve been a fan of this company for some years now. I was introduced to the fermented cod liver oils via WAPF blogs and information. We use the butter x and cod liver oil for our children and selves. It was important to me to use these products while I was pregnant and post partum. Now BF our second baby, he’s growing health and strong and developing a love of healthy fats! Thank you GP for the high-quality and reliable products.”

Jessica H.

“I love fermented cod liver oil. I took it throughout my pregnancy and gave it to my son almost from day one. He is now 7 and extremely healthy. Love your products!!!”

Corey M.


“My favorite product from Green Pastures has to be the chocolate butter oil/liver oil combo. It’s been an awesome way to have my 4 year old get the amazing health benefits of both. I make little chewy gummies with it and make them with grass-fed collagen and gelatin for more of a nutritional punch! Thanks for being such an amazing company!!”

Kristie J.

“My favorite GP product is the Oslo Orange fermented cod liver oil! My kiddos take it with ease! I love that I can keep them healthy and strong without too much of a fight!!”

Jessie C.

“We like the cinnamon flavored cod liver oil. My daughter likes it better than the chocolate flavor. We love the quality that green pasture provides. We use the supplements to boost my daughter’s nutrition.”

LaVonne L.

“I love the cinnamon fermented cod liver oil. It keeps my vitamin D levels up and I get sick less than all my coworkers. Great flavor! My kids enjoy the Mint fermented cod liver oil. They have all taken it since around the age of 18 months. It is great having ‘living food’ to raise them on — the way God intended it.”

Eric M.

“My kids love the cinnamon flavored cod liver oil … they call it their spicy shot :)”

Kate S.

“Best stuff ever! My 3 year old pulls fermented cod liver oil Chocolate tingle gel out of the fridge to eat and asks for seconds and thirds!!! Start them out as babies.”

Tiffany M.

“My product of choice is the cod liver/butter blend in the capsules. My kids use the Chocolate Cream Gel.”

Michele T.


“Our favorite Green Pasture product is the Blue Ice Royal Blend FCLO/butter oil blend in cinnamon tingle. We have been taking it for years, and double up in the winter months when we don’t receive as much sunlight. Everyone asks how my kids stay so healthy during cold/flu season. And best of all, my kids love it. They wait in line for their daily dose.”

Heather M.

“We love your coconut oil! Its quality is superior to all the others we have tried. It has a very mild taste. It is wonderful for cooking and oil pulling!”

Wendy M.

“We love Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil flavored with mint. Our whole family takes it everyday. It keeps us very healthy.”

Claire G.

“We love the fermented cod liver oil and how it has helped our two year old grow strong, smart, and healthy!”

David F.

“Our favorite product is the Fermented cod liver oil cinnamon tingle butter blend! This is the best tasting (in our opinion). Obviously we go with Green Pastures because of their attention to detail. They understand the importance of good fats, omegas & vitamins A/D. With that said, they also understand the finicky nature of the quality of these nutrients. In the confusing world of fish oil supplements, we have confidence in what Green Pastures brings to the table.”

Seth H.

“My favorite Green Pasture product is the Blue Ice Cod Liver oil liquid. We like many flavors, perhaps orange the best. It is easy to ingest with the provided syringe. My two elementary aged daughters and I take our doses dutifully with a mouthful of kombucha. We’ve been using these products for years.”

Joy M.

“My entire family takes a cod liver/butter oil supplement every day. We believe in the purity and sustainability of your products. Thank you for doing what you do with integrity.”

Elizabeth P.

“I like the Cod Liver/Butter Oil. My entire family of 6 takes it daily. I like that it’s a whole food, providing protection and support for so many body systems.”

Amy U.

“I love unflavored fermented cod liver oil – because my 5, 3, and 9 year olds agree to take it. I love the capsules because my 14 year old agrees to take them. I love the cinnamon because it makes me healthy! Thanks for all you do!”

Alison S.

“My whole family, including my 3 children, all take the cinnamon tingle flavored cod liver oil and love it!”

Jason D.

“I LOVE Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil in Arctic Mint. All 6 of my kids also take this daily. I truly believe that we are all healthier as a result!”

Melissa L.

“My family loves coconut ghee, it is a great value and we use it for frying, baking, & more!!”

Sarah S.


Green Pasture Cod liver oil is superior to other like products.  My dog, Sadie, is a bully breed and is prone to allergies.  Upon adopting her a year ago, our veterinarian recommended this product. Using this product daily has helped Sadie replace her “junk fur” (vet’s words) and she has a shiny, luxurious coat no with no excessive itching. Thank you for such an amazing product and helping my dog finally be comfortable in her fur ❤

Donna D.

“My favorite Green Pasture product is the Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil /Concentrated Butter Oil. I have been using it for about 5 years. Even as I age more and more it helps me feel better.”

Ray C.

“My favorite Green Pasture product is the Blue Ice- Royal Blend – Fermented Cod Liver Oil concentrated Butter Oil. This product keeps my inners happy at all times. Love it.”

Judi K.

“My favorite(s) Green Pastures product(s) are the gallon sized organic coconut oil and the cod liver oil/butter oil plain gel capsules. The coconut oil tastes great and lasts a long time and the combo oil capsules make taking the cod liver oil so much easier for me ^_^”

Jolette C.

“I love the fermented skate liver oil. I can feel it going into my joints almost immediately. What a great feeling.”

Michelle P.

“My favorite Green Pasture product is the Blue Ice Royal Fermented Cod Oil/Royal Butter Unflavored Gel. It provides the highest quality of nutrients for my health.”

Liz P.

“My favorite product is fermented cod liver oil Oslo orange flavor. The fish oil taste is so mild. I can finally take it in a liquid form and give it to children as well.”

Lina B.

“I love the fermented cod liver oil butter oil blend! The cinnamon tingle flavor is tasty and even my toddlers enjoy taking a daily dose. We are never sick and have super strong teeth! Thanks for all your hard work and such a great product!”

Katelyn D.

“My son got me onto your products. I can’t believe the difference in my health and vitality. I like the cinnamon tingle cod liver oil the best. It tastes wonderful.”

Patti B.

“I love the cinnamon flavored cod liver oil. It has a great taste and I know my body feels better after taking it. I can see the difference in how I feel everyday!”

Savannah T.

“My favorite is the spicy orange fermented skate liver oil. I take it daily along with the butter oil and I wouldn’t be without it. It tastes much better and fresher than other fish oils. Besides, it makes my body happy.”

Nancy T.

“I love your coconut oil. It’s the only oil I use. Thank you for making such a great product.”

Ronda Y.

Oral Health

“Of course we need healthy things all year so we use the butter oil and cod liver oil daily. These help our bodies in so many wonderful ways. Here’s to a healthy 2018!”

Robin G.

“We love the fermented cod liver oil/butter oil cinnamon blend! I mix it with applesauce and my boys ask for more:-). We started using it for my son’s cavities and his teeth are looking great so far. Excited for his next dentist appointment!”

Kendra J.

“This past year I started using Blue Ice Royal fermented cod liver oil blend for my overall well being and Vit D and am very pleased. I love hearing how much it helps my teeth also! Appreciate the good quality of your products and feel they make a difference!”

Fran P.

“Cod liver / butter oil. This product positively works. I’ve noticed improvements in oral health that hinge very heavily on the Green Pasture fermented cod liver / butter oil.”

Matthew B.

“My favorite Green Pastures product is the Fermented cod liver oil high vitamin butter oil blend. I love that it’s ready to take and how much healthier my teeth get since I’ve been taking it.”

Susie D.

“My favorite is Fermented cod liver oil and butter oil blend. It’s been a reliable source of vitamins and nutrition for my family’s overall health. It has done wonders for our dental health as well.”

Judith C.

“I am beginning to see definite benefit to taking your Fermented cod liver oil and Butter capsules. Even my dentist noticed.”

Nancy S.

“If I were allowed a single supplement on an isolated island it would be butter oil. Every time I go for gum and teeth checkup. I get congratulated by the dentist. Thanks to butter oil.”

Pierre M.

“Our favorite Green Pasture product is the fermented cod liver oil capsules. We too have noticed skin and oral health improve over the past 5 years since taking daily. We recommend it when we can.”

Matt S.

“My favorite Green Pasture Product is the Blue Ice Royal Fermented cod liver oil/Butter Oil Capsules. We have teenagers in our house and this product helps keep acne away and my husband and I use them to improve oral health.”

Stephanie F.

“I have been using the cod liver oil/ butter X for a few years now, and I have seen a visible improvement in my teeth and stronger hair. I trust this product because it has not been pasteurized to ruin the natural benefits. This is made the ‘old fashioned way’ nothing synthetic or lab created. I trust the freshness and am so thankful for this product and the sustainable practices of this company.”

Cheryl M.

“My favorite green Pasture product is fermented butter & cod liver oil in cinnamon tingle. It really helps the health of my teeth and I notice I have more energy when I take the oil.”

Kerry J.

Overall Health

“I love the Fermented cod liver oil/Butter Blend. I started taking this product many years ago (10+) after my nutritionist strongly suggested it. I was absolutely blown away by the results and have been taking it ever since. I have encouraged many others to try it, and, not surprisingly each person has thanked me for suggesting such an amazing product.”

Sandi E.

“Our favorite product from Green pastures is the fermented cod liver oil. We first started using it for our growing children’s health and nutrition. Now we all take it year round. My children have great health with no cavities so far. We’re grateful for such high quality nutrition to be able to take. Thanks for all that your company has done for us.”

Heather T.

“My favorite products are the fermented skate liver oil and the butter oil. I take these every morning. Definitely feel healthier while using these products.”

Jesse B.

“I love your Blue Ice Fermented cod liver oil. I’ve found it to be quite the immune booster, especially if I’m fighting a cold. Recently I started my dog on this product and have noticed it has helped him quite a bit with his seasonal allergies.”

Dawn B.

“I have been using Green Pasture fermented cod liver oil for several years. I appreciate the high standard and quality that Green Pastures has with their products and have noticed a difference in everything from my skin, to my hair, and even my immunity.”

Allison A.

“The butter oil and fermented cod liver oil gel and the capsules, my favorite flavor is the cinnamon! These have both made a huge improvement to my overall health and are part of my routine to keep my normally sensitive teeth feeling great!!”

Cassandra M.

“We appreciate the health benefits from taking Blue Ice Royal Fermented cod liver oil/Butter Oil Capsules. I experience an overall calming and feeling of wellbeing from taking them. My husband experiences a more balanced digestive system. Thank you Green Pastures for producing such high quality products.”

Layn R.

“My favorite product is Blue Ice Royal Fermented cod liver oil/Butter Oil Capsules. I’ve used it for several years and always feel healthier when I’m taking my two capsules each day. Thanks Green Pasture!!”

Charlie K.

“I follow a holistic doctor who recommends using your high quality Butter Oil and Blue Ice products and over the years I feel these products have made a difference for me.”

Evelyn S.

“My favorite Green Pasture products are the Cod and Skate Liver Oil capsules because of the many health benefits.”

Emily K.

“The Fermented cod liver oil and butter oil have a synergistic effect. My hair, nails, teeth, and attitude have all improved with their top quality products. From start to finish – From where and how their products are received from to the way they process their products insure the highest quality supplements that one can receive! Awesome, Keep up the good service.”

Daniel A.

“My favorite product is fermented cod liver oil–mint flavor. It agrees with me!! It also appears to help lubricate my joints.”

Alice E.

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