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NEW! Lemon Beauty Bar

              Introducing our new Lemon Beauty Bar for hair and skin!

  This beauty bar is handcrafted and specially formulated with our nutrient-rich oils for your hair                                                                             and skin.

                                                       Replenish your hair’s natural oils

                                                                Revitalize your skin

                                     Paraben, phthalate and sodium laurel sulfate free

                                No palm oil, petroleum products or synthetic dyes used

                                                              No harsh ingredients             

              Keeping it really simple and soapy with this shampoo and body bar all-in-one!

                                                       How to use as a shampoo bar:

  1. Wet both shampoo bar and your hair.
  2. Apply the bar directly to your wet hair. Swipe over hair as if you are combing it. A little goes a long way.
  3. Lay down bar and massage shampoo into scalp and hair until it forms a gentle lather.
  4. Rinse hair thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.



         Coconut oil, butter oil, sodium hydroxide, lemon essential oil, fermented cod liver oil

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