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Liquid Fish Soil Rescue for Lawn, Pasture and Garden

Last Updated July 24, 2019

I’d like to start a discussion on how we use our Soil Rescue product for our lawn, pasture and gardens, with the intention to invite you to share as well. Once you’ve read this post, please see the discount opportunity at the bottom when you comment and/or post a photo!

Lawn and Garden

Please see this video below, as a way of introduction:

Daylillies without Soil Rescue:

Daylillies with Soil Rescue:

Strawberries leaves with Soil Rescue:


Please view the video below focused on how we use Liquid Fish Soil Rescue on pasture:

During the discussion, I talk about planting clover in our yard. In Europe planting clover in the lawn is much more common than in the United States. There are very few sources for specialty lawn clover in the United States, but here is one that I use: Prairie States Seed in Nebraska.

Prairie State Seeds, in their own words:

“Microclover is a unique clover plant developed by turf grass breeders. It is a very tiny white clover featuring all the benefits of traditional clover and more. Microclover is gaining in popularity around the world as a natural solution for a dense, healthy turf in areas requiring low maintenance. When used at a low rate in grass seed mixtures, Microclover will produce a beautiful self-sustaining lawn. The Microclover plants create a canopy within the grasses that prevents weeds such as dandelions from establishing.

It also fixes atmospheric nitrogen into a usable form of natural fertilizer for the grass. The Microclover plants are evenly dispersed via stolons resulting in an attractive blending of grasses and clover.

We also offer a wide array of Lawn/Turf, Forage, Pasture, Cover Crop, and Wildlife Food-plot products to fit most situations. Prairie States Seed, LLC, toll free 866-373-2514 or,


Please share your tips or ideas for natural lawn, pasture and garden care in at least 5 sentences. If you have used our Liquid Fish Soil Rescue, we’d love to read about your experience. Feel free to add a photograph to your comment!

Please respond by June 30,2016. On July 1, 2016, or thereabouts, those who comment will be emailed a coupon code to save $20.00 off of the 5 gallon Liquid Fish Soil Rescue.

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