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New Parents

“My favorite Green Pasture product is the cod liver oil/ butter oil capsules. I took them when trying to conceive our baby boy and the entire time I was pregnant. I feel better when I take them and feel like they give me important nutrients I can’t get in my usual diet.”

Jenny D.

“My favorite Green Pasture product is the cod liver oil/butter oil capsules. They were perfect for my pregnancy – quick and easy to take!”

Amanda M.



“Thank you for your wonderful products! Our family knows we can count on their high quality. We have used the coconut oil/ghee but our favorite one that we won’t be without is the Blue Royal fermented cod liver oil/butter oil capsules. The combo of these oils assure us we are getting the most benefit for our needs. Recommended to my husband by a doctor years ago when he was ill, we haven’t been without it since. Thanks again!”

Karen H.

“We are big fans of your fermented cod liver/butter oil blend capsules – easy to use and ready to go in the right ratio!”

Geral D.

“We love the cinnamon tingle fermented cod liver oil — keeps our whole family healthy and strong! Also just tried the virgin organic coconut oil, and it’s the best, smoothest coconut flavor my husband and I have ever tasted!”

Karyn L.

“Our family favorite Green Pasture product is the Skate Liver Oil. My children seem to enjoy the taste of the oil, whereas I enjoy it knowing that its one of the healthiest supplements you can find.”

Terence L.

“Our favorite product is the Fermented cod liver oil cinnamon tingle butter blend! This is the best tasting (in our opinion). Obviously we go with Green Pasture because of their attention to detail. They understand the importance of good fats, omegas & vitamins A/D. With that said, they also understand the finicky nature of the quality of these nutrients. In the confusing world of fish oil supplements, we have confidence in what Green Pasture brings to the table.”

Seth H.

“My family LOVES your coconut oil! It is healthy, and we love the taste! We use it in just about all of our cooking! We are at the bottom of the ‘barrel’ and need to order more.”

Catherine C.

“Our Favorite product is the Coconut Ghee. It works great for frying…..eggs, veggies, meat, mushrooms, everything. It also makes awesome popcorn!!!”

Guy S.

“My favorite Green Pastures product is the fermented cod liver oil/ butter oil gel! It is so easy to add it to my family’s diet (even my picky toddler)! We all know our bodies are doing so much better with our supplements!”

Kelly K.

“Our supplement of choice is the Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/Fermented cod liver oil Blend – Non-Gelatin Capsules. All six of us take it without fail. I am glad to be part of the Green Pasture family and we will be back for more!”

Karla F.

“Our favorite products are the cod liver oil capsules, ghee, and the coconut oil. We buy them by the case. Make sure our granddaughter gets her COD LIVER OIL.”

Art O.

“Our family prefers the fermented cod liver oil unflavored liquid and butter oil. Everyone in the family takes it from the baby on up. We like to chase it with a shot of OJ.”

Jen O.

“We love COD LIVER OIL!!!! Our family has been using it for 8 years and I see that we don’t get sick as often +++ so many more benefits!!!”

Pat M.


“I and my 2 friends have been taking Blue ice fermented cod liver oil and, Butter oil for 10 years. We have been very faithful in our ‘taking’ them and feel that they have been a great help to us. I would recommend them to any of your customers.”

Alice C.

“My favorite Green Pasture product is Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil capsules. The fish are caught in an ecologically friendly manner and does not disturb the ocean’s floor and ecosystem. Thank you for producing this wonderful product!”

Dell Ann J.

“My favorite product is Butter Oil/ Fermented Cod Liver Oil in the cinnamon tingle. It is my favorite because it tastes so good. Plus it is easy to take every morning.”

Daisy M.

“My favorite product is the cinnamon blue ice Royal. A natural way to get my oil based vitamins.”

Abraxas H.

“My favorite Green Pasture product is Fermented Cod Liver Oil and X-Factor Butter Oil Capsules for all of the good fats and vitamins (capsules to help with the taste!).”

Brian B.

“I love the Fermented cod liver oil and Butter Oil mix. I can focus more clearly and I have a lot of energy throughout the day! Thank you for making this product! I recommend this product to many of my friends and family!”

Daniel R.

“My favorite product is without a doubt the fermented cod liver oil and butter oil combo. The cinnamon tingle is divine! Mmm m… It is one of the few products that when taking it, I notice a considerable difference in my sense of well being.”

Polly B.

“I love the cod liver/skate oil, and butter oil!! So great for my brain, skin, hair, nervous system, and teeth!”

Wellah F.

“I love the Blue Ice fermented cod liver oil. It makes me feel good. My hair and skin also seem to look better. I love to give it to friends and family as a gift.”

Cindy Y.

“My favorite green pasture products are coconut oil and fermented cod liver oil. I love the coconut oil because it is cold pressed and very high quality. The cod liver oil is great because I love taking the oil and I live in the northern climate where it is hard to get outside in the winter and the cod liver oil is high in vitamin D which helps combat that.”

Jake S.

“I like the orange fermented cod liver oil. It’s a small amount to shoot down and I never taste it later. Been taking it for years.”

Ranae W.

“My Favorite product is your Organic Coconut Oil. It is the best coconut oil I have ever purchased. It is such a versatile product. I use it for cooking, cleaning, shaving, skin moisturizing, and many other ways. Thank you for selling this product.”

Michael B.

Oral Health

“My favorite Green Pasture product is the cinnamon Blue Ice Royal cod liver/butter oil. I have been taking it for many, many years. It has helped me to strengthen/clean my teeth so that I require fewer dental visits and have not had to have any dental work done since I started taking it. The dentist says ‘ whatever you are doing keep it up, it looks like you just had your teeth cleaned 6 months ago’. Try 3 years!”

Lia W.

“Blue Ice Royal Fermented cod liver oil/Butter Oil Capsules! Everything I read about this product has encouraged me to buy and TAKE FAITHFULLY these capsules in order to help my teeth and bones. Was having trouble with weak teeth and now that I have been buying these for a few years, my teeth have not chipped at all as they were. Do the research: this is a great way to keep bones and teeth healthy. And Green Pastures is an independent, honest company. Hard to find in these times of corporate take-over and the poor to bad quality products and service they offer. Yay! Green pastures thank you for these amazing products.”

Laura B.

“I take green pasture fermented cod liver oil every day. The orange kind is my favorite and I mix it with a little bit of apple cider. My kids take the butter oil capsules every day I believe it has contributed to their healthy teeth.”

Marble B.

“I regularly use and enjoy the cod liver oil/butter oil product. I prefer the pills for ease of use. I think using this product has helped my dental health and I’ll likely continue using it for years to come. I’ve been taking them for over a year now.”

Beth S.

“My favorite Green Pastures product is Fermented cod liver oil/Butter Oil Capsules! I take it to keep my teeth healthy and strong. I trust only Green Pasture to be of the highest quality of cod liver oil. The fact that the butter oil is included is sooooo convenient!”

Marlo W.

“I love the skate and cod liver oils for my dental health and mental clarity. I notice a big difference in my teeth when I take them, they are stronger and not as sensitive without the oils. Thank you for your wonderful products!”

Roxanne S.

“Keep up the good work! Your products have a profound effect on my dental health, and I no longer have sensitive teeth.”

Robert D.

“My favorite product is Blue Ice Royal Fermented cod liver oil/Butter Oil–I love knowing that am taking something that is great for my teeth and overall health. Thank you for your wonderful products!”

Nicholas R.

“My favorite Green Pastures product is fermented cod liver oil! I’ve always had dental issues, even with frequent cleanings, brushing, and flossing, but the cod liver oil has helped immensely. The cinnamon tingle flavor makes it easy to take each day!”

Kat F.

“You have been helping my child strengthen his teeth and I love telling people about your magic. Thank you!!”

Bre N.

“I give both my kids 3 & 1 the cinnamon fermented cod liver oil/butter blend. It has helped so much with their teeth!!! I take the capsules. I have been using these products for 4 years and love them.”

Nicole L.

“My favorite Green Pasture product is the Cinnamon Flavored Fermented cod liver oil. One cannot even taste the cod liver oil. It’s gloriously smooth and tasty and very healthy for growing strong teeth and bones. Thank you Green Pastures!”

Angel M.

Overall Health

“Our favorite Green Pasture product is the Fermented cod liver oil/Butter oil. My husband and I take it daily and firmly believe our good health is due to taking COD LIVER OIL/BO. We both feel better and are much more active since we started taking it. The quality of this product is outstanding.”

Kathy A.

“My favorite product is the X-factor butter oil/cod liver oil. We use it mainly for our children in terms of general health, especially in regards to their teeth and their mental/physical well being.”

Kim M.

“My overall health has improved since using Blue Ice Fermented cod liver oil (Orange). As I grow older I am trying to do everything I can to decrease inflammation. So glad I found this product.”

Terersa D.

“I have used the fermented cod liver oil capsules, liquid, and I am now using the complete oil blend. I think my favorite has been the been the complete oil blend since I am getting the benefits of so many things at one time when I use it. I love the health benefits of using your products!”

Danielle W.

“Our favorite Green Pasture product is the Fermented cod liver oil orange flavored capsules. We’ve been using them for years. Started for our daughter with autism and other health concerns; she experienced great results with the fermented cod liver oil. Thank you for making such a fine product!”

Sherry K.

“My favorite product is Blue Ice cod liver oil. It is by far the best on the market. Keeps my body feeling good!”

Sharom S.

“We love fermented cod liver oil. It helps us stay healthy during the winter season. The cinnamon one tastes the best!”

Russ A.

“I have been using the fermented skate fish oil for about 3 years. It really seems to work for my joints. I will continue to use this company because of their high quality products.”

Richard S.

“My favorite Green Pasture product is fermented cod liver oil concentrated butter oil. My dad and I love it! It keeps us both healthy. My dad is in great health, he’s almost 90. Thank you!”

Erin M.

“Our family loves the cinnamon tingle Cod liver oil! We have found it has really helped with digestion. We have recommended it to many families – thank you Green Pasture!”

Kathy S.

“I initially got the cinnamon cod/butter oil for my teeth and bone health and the side positive effect was it majorly decreased my hot flashes-almost to nothing! My skin and hair look great and I have a wonderful feeling of wellness! Best part-good taste and no fish burps!”

Jennifer B.

“I love green pastures!! Your cod liver oil helps me get through the winter with a smile on my face. The vitamin A and D combo really make the differences in beating back seasonal affective disorder. Thank you so Much for being the only company with truly raw, real, high vitamin liver oils!”

Michael M.

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