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Cure Gum Disease Naturally

Cure Gum Disease Naturally

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Heal and Prevent Periodontal Disease and Gingivitis with Whole Foods

By Ramiel Nagel

Are Gum Disease Treatments Really Effective?

The CDC now reports that about half of all adult Americans suffer from periodontal disease, with 8.5 percent of all adults having severe gum disease. And even worse, 23 percent of all adults aged sixty-five and older have lost all of their teeth. Despite the prevalence of periodontal disease, dentistry has not found the “cure” as it continues to allow adults to lose their teeth only to primarily offer the expensive and often painful alternative of dental implants.

Cure Gum Disease Naturally is about you and your health. It begins with the story of how conventional dentistry no longer advocates and prescribes treatments based upon the agreed upon and proven cause of gum disease. You will learn how enlightened dentists Melvin Page and Harold Hawkins applied the research of esteemed dentist Weston Price in their practices to prevent the tragic loss of teeth by restoring gum health in their patients. You will then be led, step by step, through the evidence and the information that gives you a precise and detailed road map, using whole foods, to stop gum disease and to rebuild and repair your gums. Finally, you will be given essential information to navigate the dangerous waters of gum treatments, and find new ways to care for your teeth and gums that until now, few knew were even possible.

Cure Gum Disease Naturally

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What Dentists Say about Cure Gum Disease Naturally

“This is a book you must read. Pass it onto everyone you love and care about. “Alvin H. Danenberg, DDS- Periodontist of forty-one years specializing in evolutionary nutrition

“Cure Gum Disease brings into awareness the concept that gums can heal using the body’s own healing abilities. This is something that most people don’t realize and yet by learning such information provides the opportunity for many people’s lives to be significantly improved. Cure Gum Disease offers specific and practical advice about what can be done at home and is a book that should be happily welcomed by dentists and hygienists who want to offer help to their patients. As a dentist I know that a dental office is much too busy and impractical to offer the kind of in depth solutions detailed in Ramiel’s book, and yet so many people want guidance for what can be done at home to help themselves. Cure Gum Disease is the much needed answer.” – Judene Benoit, DDS author of How to Stop Cavities

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