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Day 4!

Day 4 of The 12 Days of Christmas!

Nothing quite like cozying up by the Christmas tree with a good book is there? Day 4 we are back with books to giveaway! We have The Contagion Myth, Gut-Brain Secrets or Food as Medicine Everyday. 

One of these books will be up for grabs after the winner for Day 2 has chosen! To enter this giveaway today you’ll need to comment or tag with the name of three people that have influenced your health journey in the most positive way! This could be your mom, dad, naturopath, sister-in-law, coworker… whoever!  

You can comment on Facebook, Instagram or on our blog post below, for a total of 3 entries per day! We will pick one new winner per day! Winners will be drawn on January 4th.   

We are so excited to bring these 12 days of fun your way. Visit our page tomorrow to find out what you can enter to win next! 


  1. Travis Elliott, intuitive health consultant (and an amazing person!)
    Stephen Buhner, and his book Healing Lyme
    Sajah Popham of

  2. Dr. Berg
    Dr. Joel Wallach
    Ron Teeguarden

  3. Our Gaps Practitioner, Hollie B.
    My husband, Clement P.
    My chiropractors, Drs B & S

  4. Sally Fallon Morell, Dr. Hulda Clark, and Dr. Jack Wolfson.

  5. My husband of 43 years was into health and nutrition when he was 13 years old, back in 1963, learning from his wrestling coach in the 8th grade how to make healthy smoothies containing raw egg, wheat germ, etc. They were called health nuts at the time. From that point on was searching for years how to treat and heal our bodies/health with homeopathic/holistic supplements/powders made from Mother Nature. The others who have also influenced in changing my low-fat diet/SAT lifestyle along with being overweight was Dr. Mercola, Dr. Jason Fung (intermittent fasting), Dr. David Perlmutter and many others. As a result, I lost 80 lbs and never felt better.

  6. Sally Fallon Morell
    Tom Cowan
    Dianne Koehler

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