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In the comments below tell us what vegetables you grow in your garden!

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  1. I garden in a community garden so am more limited on space than I would like to be. I am thankful, though, that I am able to do anything at all. The past couple of years I have grown green beans, tomatoes, zucchini, beets, carrots, cucumbers, chard, jalapenos and onions. I also belong to a CSA so count on them to supply me with many other great spring, summer and fall veggies. I do herbs in pots on my patio. In my area I am able to forage for wild blackberries, bee balm, elderberries, and wild plums. That is all I’ve discovered so far. I have a packet of nettle seeds which I’d like try somewhere but have to figure that out . I drink it as a tea almost daily but would like to be able to consume the young leaves as I understand they are outstanding for bone health.

  2. I am just starting to learn to grow my own vegetables. But I am eager to learn.Last summer we grew tomatoes and green peppers. This season I want to add to it by also growing squash and cucumbers.

  3. We’ve been using Green Pastures products for years now! Our kids even like the cod liver oil! We grow a variety of fruits and vegetables in our garden. Some include bell pepper, jalapeños, strawberries, watermelon, mint, thyme, ghost peppers, tomatoes, and green beans, to name a few.

  4. I grow a lot of succulents, but none that are edible. They just make me happy 😆 I am starting to grow food, though. Right now, my kids and I have planted lettuce, potatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic, spearmint and oregano. We will see how it goes, I am just looking to learn and have fun with my kids.

  5. I grow fennel and flax in my garden-field.

  6. In my garden I grow my medicine in the form of vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers. Some of my favorites are calendula, thyme, Tulsi, cucumbers, blueberries, elderberries, aronia berries, asparagus, and lemon balm.

  7. I’ve been using the Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Concentrated Butter Oil for years now, and what a great benefit it is! In addition to a healthy diet including raw milk, those fermented saturated fats are essential in my body! I feel it in my knees, all joints, eyes, skin, and brain! I feel younger, and I’m 77 yrs young! Thank you for providing this great product!

  8. We grow a variety of herbs as well as tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, peas, beans, carrots, spinach, lettuce, summer squashes, and sometimes onions.

  9. I live in a condo so to be able to grow some food I joined a community gardening 4 years ago after gardening there for a few years the coordinator retired and gave the job of coordinating the plots to me. I grow what works and does well in my area if something gets attacked by a gazillion pests i just plant something else. if I get more then I can eat in a season I ferment.
    I have grown the common edibles but also some aromatic plants with some health benefits. For example, I have mint and wheat grass that I use for juicing.

  10. Recently moved from a mountainous 8 acres to a city plot of about 1/16 acre; so researching how some of the orientals grow vertically in small spaces utilizing 5 gallon buckets and igloo coolers. I have used the biointensive method of John Jeavons for more than 20 years but this will be my first attempt to add the verticality. You use a frame (or fence) to support the height, tying little hammocks for the squash and melons. I always start with the basics of herbs (the more the merrier) and then add tomato, peppers, potatoes. I have “mini” fruit trees in 20 gallon containers that I move outdoors, along with as many flowering attractants for the bees and their hives…it’s not the same as country but you try to do your best!

  11. After moving 4 years ago, we lost the yard space for our 2 raised beds. However, we have been able to harness the small stamp of sun in our back yard, and have now grown a few small watermelons along with fresh herbs – mostly LOTS of thyme and some basil – in containers that hang on our fence. My kids also enjoy planting a flower blend that provides lots of color all throughout the growing season! We try to be good stewards of whatever God provides!

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