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So Thankful for YOU!

Share your favorite Thanksgiving Memory or Tradition with us below for a chance to win!
We will draw a winner on Giving Tuesday!


  1. My favorite Thanksgiving memory/tradition is getting together with my large extended family when we were younger. I have many cousins my age and we always had such a good time together. Cousin shenanigans was a must at holidays! Everything brought something to eat and the variety was so enjoyable.

  2. It would be hard to choose my favorite Thanksgiving because bits and pieces of various times float in my memory, each image holding a fond warmth within my heart. Like when I was a little girl, invited by my best friend to celebrate with her family. It was to be a very special occasion because we were traveling out of town to meet friends from her church and each person would be bringing something different for the holiday supper. The mess hall was located in a serene, green, pasture with plenty of trees and outside room for us kiddos to play. Even a magical little gazebo to wander in. We helped her Mom carry the yeast rolls and other goodies inside while exchanging greetings with the others. Once everyone arrived we found our seats, said a prayer of thankfulness and dug into the many, delicious dishes waiting to be devoured. I thought of everyone back at home and imagined they were enjoying Mamas’ five-star cooking, but not the luxury of a potluck buffet. Family has been heavy on my mind and I only wish now my Mother and Sister could have been there to share the excitement since we haven’t been able to share the last couple years together, but how thankful it makes me feel to at least be able to see them through the phone!

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