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Soil Rescue

Soil Rescue

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Replenish your soil with our natural, environmentally friendly Soil Rescue. Our Soil Rescue contains ample amounts of nutrients, micro-nutrients, minerals, and organic matter. It will feed your plants and nurture your soil’s microbes, fungi, and earthworms. Your plants will thrive in the enriched soil. Sit back and enjoy the bounty!

Soil Rescue

Product Information

This is a by-product of the fermentation of fish livers. The product is a liquid. It can flow through both residential and commercial sprayers. It can be applied on the soil or directly on foliage.

We ship this product throughout the lower 48 states only. We also offer Soil Rescue in bulk sizes of 55 gallons and 250 gallons. Please call for pricing.

Tips and Videos for Soil Rescue

Visit our blog post Liquid Fish Soil Rescue for Lawn, Pasture and Garden for videos and tips on how to boost your soil today!

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Soil Rescue

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12 reviews for Soil Rescue

  1. Inna K. (verified owner)

    Reordered and used it on our fruit trees and was NOT disappointed!
    Great product!

  2. Inna K. (verified owner)

    It helped our fruit trees a lot. Will reorder.

  3. Austin L. (verified owner)

    This stuff! The 2.5 gallon is so worth it, believe me! I think I will have enough for next year’s garden too before I have to repurchase. I don’t have a big sprawling space to garden like some do, so I need to maximize my yields and baby, this stuff does it! The plants love it and it doesn’t smell nearly as fishy as other brands you find at big box stores. I have so many buds and flowers on my veggies.. in a few weeks we are going to have an absolute explosion of fresh, organic goodness! I tried my hand at growing a watermelon plant this year and I just counted 24 buds on it. And it’s still going! Everything is so green and lush and teeming with buds. Thank you, Green Pasture! Keep making this great product.

  4. Jodi E. (verified owner)

    I have just started to use soil rescue so I cannot comment on its performance just yet. But I will say you receive a lot of product for the price! I bought the 2.5 gal and it will last me the growing season for my small home garden.

  5. Gail J. (verified owner)

    I am looking forward to trying this in my greenhouse this winter and look forward to wonderful results.

  6. Keene H.

    We are a garlic grower in Wisconsin, Keene Garlic, and one of our customers just called whom has a u pick farm in Idaho, Jack Towers, and he said he is using Soil Rescue and all his vegetables are going bonkers and growing like crazy with excellent yields. He said he only needs one cup for an acre. We soak our garlic in fish emulsion before planting to give it a boost and some food before planting in the fall. I’m so excited to try this product on our field and as a part of our pre-planting treatment. I know when other farmers have had success with a product and raves about it like Jack did, it needs to be tried. After reading that you use fish liver it sounds amazing. I can’t wait to show you our results. We also need help with our lawn, so I can’t wait to try it on there. Results will be coming!

  7. Keisha W.

    I believe gardening is the best way to heal the planet. The earth’s soil is in danger, by making sure the proper biology is in the soil, then feeding those creatures is our number one job. When the soil is healthy we are healthy, all of the food we eat is in some way born of the soil! My favorite Green Pastures products are the butter oil, fish oil, and soil rescue!

  8. Christopher G.

    I live in a new suburban area so much of the soil is not established and is a fine layer of soil/dirt and mostly limestone rock, so as we build up the soil it’s nice to watch the plants take hold and bloom. The soil rescue really helps give the yard and garden a much-needed boost especially as the wet season begins to approach here in South Florida. My favorite product is the butter oil/cod liver oil combo which I’ve been using for several years as part of a more holistic lifestyle.

  9. Amy S.

    Green Pastures, soil rescue brings new life to my garden and yard, trees, pasture, etc!!

  10. Roxane H.

    I have gardened since a young girl (even though I am a ‘city’ girl) my grandmother taught me. I love the way the food tastes, there is no comparison. Which is why everyone wants to come to my house and eat. I am always looking for new things to do with my garden. To pick a favorite product is sooooo hard. I have made all of my grandchildren’s formula from your fermented cod oil (they are thriving with no health issues because of it. But your fish soil rescue is not to be beat. I have clay for soil but the plants think they have wonderful soil because of your soil rescue and thrive like never before. Wish I had had it years ago.

  11. Larry K.

    I’ve been using the Soil Rescue for about 5 years and have tremendous yields in our garden. It works wonders on our winter squash, nearly 300 garlic plants, tomatoes, beans, greens, etc. I especially appreciate the ease with which one can apply the product. It’s much more efficient than mixes of dry ingredients in other fertilizers; plus it undoubtedly provides a more even coverage in the soil.

  12. Barb W.

    These beautiful hosta plants got a boost from Soil Rescue.

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